No, really. Cape Breton.



















It is all just so beautiful.

PS I met a couple from Toronto in the hotel lounge this evening and when Steve joined us she asked, "Now, where are you from? I mean, where did you grow up?"

Steve said, "In the Washington DC area" and she said, "Ah ha, yes, I can hear it. The South. You two sound very different from each other. The accents."

Highly amused, seeing as how Steve and I grew up within ten miles of each other and he sounds like he swallowed a plum soaked in excellent brandy with no hint of Dixie anywhere; I asked, "And what is my accent?"

"You don't have one," she said, promptly.

From which we can conclude that my ambition to pass as a Canadian is coming along nicely. Also I think I have become that person who spent January term in London and returned sounding like a drag version of Princess Margaret being strangled by a tea cosy - but more Confederation.

Cahh-nuhh-duh, eh?

PPS After a week of totalitarian rule in which I have been The Total, it's been a little... odd to have another adult back in the picture. A Mary, if you will, to my William. I cannot tell you the number of times in the past two days that I have laid out a perfectly ironclad plan only to have a voice pipe out some ridiculous objection; like, "We cannot take the ferry to Newfoundland for a night. It's a twelve hour trip each way."

Four days ago I would have been able to say, "Silence, child! I will tell you what is or is not a twelve hour ferry ride" but when it is Steve making the objection I have to be more tactful. 

PPPS We saw another moose. This time much closer. It was quite thrilling. Also a seal - not totally confirmed, but likely. No whales but a few rocks that looked like they might have been whales and for several moments we were all a'twitterpated. 


Cape Breton. Cape Breton, Cape Breton, Cape Breton. Road signs in Gaelic that I can almost read, winding roads through sea and cliff, Edward ordered mussels twice in one meal, acoustic guitar, great singer-songwriter, glass of red wine, Steve has taken the kids back to the room, every inhalation brings the sea and roses.

Possibly the happiest I have ever been in my life.