For Every Purpose

I don't even.

As Edward would say, quoting the Lego Movie, "O. M. G-o-s-h".

That was a... that was a *fireworks* *jazz hands* spectacular *trumpet solo* umpteen minutes of football and I suspect for the rest of our lives we will add, whenever anyone does anything in sports that seems remotely historic; right, yeah, true... and remember when Lloyd completed her World Cup hat trick by scoring from Nunavut before the twenty minute mark?

And I was all set to be all excited about how exciting the excitement was; but I discovered on the drive home from seeing the match that our baby horse has died and... you know how you sometimes viscerally understand how words came to have their meaning? I feel depressed. Not in the clinical sense, but as if something sad is pressing down upon me.

So that is all I have right now.

No, wait.

I also have a picture of Caroline from yesterday that makes me smile. It's so very witchy. Witchy, in bohemian tunic paired with an ever appropriate a pearl choker, I mean.


Plot On

While driving back from a neighboring town's Fourth of July activities the children began to plot against me. No, really. Before you think I am developing paranoid tendencies I should mention that they were pretty brazen about it.

For my refusal to turn on our audiobook and my suggestion that, instead, we could enjoy the scenery in blessed, blessed, the farmhouse is so small silence, Edward said I was a Betrayer. Caroline asserted that I never want them to do anything fun, ever.

Patrick said, "Let us join forces, my dummydope minions, and plot against Mom."

Whereupon all three of them put their hands together palms down and did that go! us! thing.

Patrick continued, "OK. I know Mom's weakness as well as her likes. Caroline, you're good at being annoying and making noises like a cat. Edward, you always get your own way. We'll meet on top of the hay bales and figure out how to use these things to our advantage."

I rolled my eyes. Not exactly the A-Team, are they.

Steve said, "Should I make this afternoon's berry picking death march mandatory?"

I nodded, "I think that would be for the best."

So I am, happily, alone for a few moments and decided to check in with you before my inevitable downfall. I hope you are enjoying your holiday or your Saturday, wherever you are.