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November 23, 2011


I swear I typed something... But apparently I'm losing my mind. It's not far to go, to lose it, and well, life has been... life.

Never fun to deal with unknowns. I hope all the knowns are soon known, and rendered big, fat zeros on the scary scale.

Thinking good thoughts, Julia.

Hope you all are feeling better soon! I need to get a move on on my Christmas gift planning. I also need to get a move on ordering winter coats and snow pants for my kids. Your snow pics reminded me, LOL! We haven't had any snow here except on Halloween!

Thinking good thoughts for you as you navigate the Mayo Maze today!

The main gift I am buying is a children's digital camera for my 2.5 yr old. Hoping it satisfies her burgeoning photographer desires enough to keep her away from our camera.

Those handbags are awesome. I'm a bag person myself. I have tried for a few years to quell my needs for new purses, but it doesn't work. I have found the "perfect" bag many times and yet still get tired of it after a few months. Finding the perfect diaper bag just about sent me over the edge. I did buy a Kangaroo Keeper and that helps with the frequent bag changes, though the pocket layout is not the best.

My nearly-4-year old has her iXL and loves it. My BFF recommends the Leapster thing for kids. Her boys both love theirs. I sort of wish we'd gone that route since the iXL doesn't have as much software. Gonna have to try loading Mp3s with audio books on them - that's brilliant!

For Steve: Pocket knife? My husband is often losing his and has always loved getting them for Christmas or his birthday. This year he has asked for dress pants (he's too practical) so I'm in search of other good presents for a man, as well. He's also getting a frame with pics of the kids holding signs that say "We" "Love" "You" and "Daddy" to put up at his office.

4 weeks? Oh, HELL no! My hypchondria would be in FULL SWING over a 4 week time span. By the time I went in there for a repeat chest x-ray I would barely be able to speak, I would be wheezing so badly. I would have completed my living trust documents, called long lost friends, LOL ... Can't you go get a second opinion? I am sure that it is nothing, but I would want some kind of closure before Christmas, gheesh!

p.s.: I second the recommendation for Scribblenauts/Super Scribblenauts

My son will be three in February... I'm doing a little dress-up organizer filled with hats, costumes, etc. He's also getting a boy's version of a dollhouse (it's by Kidcraft, some kind of rescue station? something with police/fire vehicles). My husband is always difficult... probably new shoes/jeans. And he wants a remote-controlled helicopter.

Sending good vibes for lung health to the entire family! [*fingers crossed*]

This is more of an adult-type present idea, but I am presently enamored of this etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Acookblog?ref=pr_shop_more

And then there's this: http://peterdeseve.blogspot.com/2011/11/go-ahead-open-it.html

Have a very guy-named-Peter holiday shopping experience, is my point...

I don't have any suggestions for holiday gifts but I do have a suggestion for stain remover, for the snowcone cones (super cute idea :)). Anyway, I have had good luck with Resolve In Wash Stain remover, I put a little right on the stain and throw it in the wash. It is pretty amazing and it even works when you find a stain that is set in. I have a 2 year old and it has worked on a variety of stains. Thanks for the entertaining blog!! Love reading about your Family.

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