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June 12, 2012


Oh, but there is a C25K app that lets you play your own music or podcasts! I have it! Here it is: http://easeinto5k.bluefinapps.com/

It's easy peasy to replace just tubes, recovery is just from the anesthesia and no real pain usually. Just groggy and tired, makes for a layabout day, but usually no more than just that day. (I'm an audiologist, not an ENT, but I do see enough of them).

You might like Carli's music selection better:

For my daughter's first birthday, she got tubes. Recovery was a snap - honestly, it was harder on us having to get her up to make a 6:15 appointment than the whole thing was on her. Oddly, she had a runny nose for a week after - I firmly believe it was because the ear tube acted like the 2nd hole in a pineapple juice can and everything started pouring better....

Have you guys got Junior Masterchef on tv in your neck of the woods? It's the (duh) kids version of Masterchef and over here kids of 9 and 10 were amazing me with their ability to cook things I can't even pronounce; one kid in last season said he spent a week making molten chocolate puddings until he worked out the perfect recipe. Who has that much chocolate on hand? (For cooking.) I was mesmerised and I've already got my 2yo slated for a couple of years time.

Those stickers annoy me. I saw some zombie ones, maybe on thinkgeek.com and I might be tempted with those.

Getting and recovering from tubes was fine. Dr told me that in teens/adults it's done as an in office procedure with only local anesthesia. Hardest part was my 16 mo was MAD when he started coming out of anesthesia. Once he was over that, he was fine. Dr warned me he would be groggy, but no. Acted just fine all day. So, good luck!

Still can't figure out the license plate. Help me before I go nuts!

Hey! You nver got back to the dairy!

Also, I get than 'than you', but I'm not quite catching whatever the first word is supposed to be

I have a C25K app from get running and just play my music in the background and I also have a Bridge to 10K program (and I believe they have a C25K app as well) that allows you to play your own playlist and has a GPS function too. I like them both. Good luck!

I keep giggling and disturbing my husband's very important watching of Star Trek Enterprise. You have to stop being so amusing. (No, please don't.)

A very slow two miles is exactly what I run, now that I've started running. I have run 5k exactly twice, once of which was in a race, but I got a water bottle, not a t-shirt. Sign up for one that's not a fundraiser and you'll probably get better swag.

I don't get the vanity plate joke. Will someone explain it to me? Let's assume it's because I'm a ferriner. Maybe?

"smarter than you" is that it? *pats self*

Yay, I puzzled it out! Hint: put the car name before the plate letters.

My son got tubes at 16ish months, and he went running errands with me that afternoon. He was under for less than 30 minutes - between the time they took him back and the time they came out to tell us he was done I barely had time to eat a granola bar and pee. The hardest part (assuming he doesn't have any negative reactions to anesthesia) will be not letting him eat beforehand.

Just for the record - my Smart car is awesomecakes but does not have a snazzy plate. I have had it for 4 years and here is the curbside FAQ that I desperately want to put on the windshield for lookey-loos.

1. It gets about 40mpg - it is actually not designed for fuel efficiency but for space efficiency.

2. Why yes, mine is a convertible but not all are. Also I can open the roof as I walk up just like van owners can open a door as they walk up - but with *cool*.

3. It is surprisingly big inside, and comfortable.

4. Not even a pretend back seat - it is for two people.

5. We have driven multi-thousand interstate miles in it. The only thing that feels dangerous about it is that people who stare tend to drift towards what they are looking at.

6. In some circumstances it gets better safety ratings than a Honda civic because the impact protection is designed in a completely different way.

I love it. You should buy one.

I'm on week 5 too! I am supposed to do my 20 min run tomorrow, but i'm a bit anxious.

I got the best gas mileage in my 2002 honda civic (not hybrid) I got 39.6 mpg on a regular basis. I'm still mad hubby traded it in for a jeep.

My son's ear tube surgery took about 15 minutes and was no big deal.
I'm so glad you're back!

Missed you. That is all... I would not have recognized Edward in the second photo without Caroline. They no longer look like toddlers... when did that happen??

I saw a set of those stickers once & they included a goldfish in a fishbowl. A fish! Officially too far people.

No tube experience, but two of my three have had general anesthesia for dental work (both before the age of two! rotten teeth.) Anyway, it's absolutely true that they will wake up angry and very difficult to console. With the first we waited it out - we were in the children's hospital and they were waiting for him to be more normal before checking us out. The second was in a surgical center (practically in a strip mall! But fine on the inside, I swear). They didn't want to keep us, so we left with a yelling kid. Turns out when we got out into the sunlight he was distracted and calmed right down.

Best of luck to you and Edward! They can't *actually* yell forever.

I've always wanted the grandmother sticker and 6-12 cat stickers for my rear window. No, I have just one cat, but I think it would be funny.

Tubes is nothing compared to the other surgeries. You won't have time to drink a cup of coffee before they're done, although coming out from anesthesia, as some have noted, is hard on many little kids (including mine). Other than that, there is no recovery.

Congrats on Couch to 5K. I started it and my knees said Hell No, and my doctor, the one who wants me to exercise, had the nerve to agree with my knees and so I stopped. But the app is good and the program is surprisingly do-able considering it's exercise (which I hate).

So, I'm morbid, I own that. But I wonder if Mom died?

Natalie, I thought the same. In either case, I would have removed them all, I think. I hope.

I loved that you said trousers.
That is all.

Oh, and they make zombie family stickers. My husband finds those amusing.

connor plays minecraft all the time.. he would play it 24 hours a day if i let him. i don't let him but sometimes i want to!

Better a blank space than what I see on a car on the outer limits of our neighborhood: "mommy" is crossed out with a big, unmistakable, bright red X. Soooo klasseigh. :/

My god your husband is hot. You are one lucky woman. Are there any good men left in the world?

I won't do those stickers because I don't think we'd fit (now at 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 5 (!) cats, and the hamster), but mostly because I'm afraid of what happens when we have an unfortunate event. I don't want to have to scrape someone off. And let's be realistic; the way things look, the last one standing is going to be that stupid zombie hamster.

Today I saw a SmartCar with the following plate:


which I thought was cute.

There's an NHS C25K podcast with non-techno music and an English accent.
I think this is known as virtual running...

Oh, yes! I did like the NHS C25K podcast for the lady who narrated and the music wasn't too bad. I also greatly enjoyed the kiss my black ass c25k mostly because there is something wildly liberating about listening to music I absolutely Could Not listen to with my children. It turned the whole thing into some sort of existential exercise of reclamation of self from motherhood.

Anyway, I also wanted to mention the wonder that is bike shorts for little girls who are active and like dresses. The only place I find decent ones in normal colors is Old Navy. I didn't ogle. I just have a daughter about the same age and am in the habit of doing an undie check with pictures much like I used to do a nipple check when I was being photographed with babies that seemed to always be nursing. But maybe those are the attached bloomers or maybe (like several of my friends but thankfully not an issue for me at present) you are just happy she's just wearing underwear!

Ah, just good to hear from you. And dream about the days when my little baby might be a mini-chef (but he can stay little and cute awhile longer, thank you very much).

Tubes are super-easy. We did them 4x.

Still holding for more info on the dairy reference??

Loved this. Recovery from just tubes = snap.

On etsy you can get lots of versions of those stickers. My husband has been tempted by the Star Wars Atats. (I think that's how you spell it?)

Also, thank goodness someone explained the bumper sticker!

I hate those stickers too - they perpetuate false gender roles (mom's always shopping, dad has the briefcase, etc, etc).

Julia, not sure if you've ever seen this 30 second YouTube video of those car stickers, but it always cracks me up, so I'll share. :)


I hate those stick figure families. Glad to see from the comments I'm not the only one! I figured that Mom didn't die, that she and Dad got divorced. Idk, still odd to just scrape her off, but funny! Glad to hear from you Julia! Please keep your promise to post again tomorrow! I do enjoy your posts so much! :)

I LOVED the Couch to 5K program!!! i had tried and tried to start running for YEARS and could never do it. Until I found this program last May. I have been running at least 2x per week since... longer than I've ever stuck to something like this. I suggest signing up for a few 5K's to keep you training. It is great motivation knowing you have something coming up. I did about 5 of them last summer/fall. I am doing the Warrior Dash in July (I'm in MN too) and then I believe I'm going to do the Autumn Woods 10K. I wanted to see if I could get into the TC 10 mile (it's a lottery) but I work that weekend so this 10K is cheaper and in Oct (bonus - cool weather). If you are training for an actual 5K race, I would run outside as much as possible. the elements (heat, hills, wind) make a big difference. I used my kids' ipods for the app, so I could play my music. Now I usually just run 3 miles 2-3 times a week. I need to push it a little more, but I'm happy that I'm sticking to it. Although I have yet to lose even 1 lb. I guess it isn't enough calorie burn. However, I'm sure my heart and lungs are in better shape.

THank you to all for the C25K podcasts. I downloaded one a few years ago, but couldn't stand the techno. Yay for Carly!

First I'm hearing of the C25K podcast/app, so, yes, this post did have a point! DH just did a half-marathon in under 2 hrs, so I'm feeling a bit jealous/competitive/inadequate/fat. A friend last year resolved to do a 5K every month, rain or shine, and actually succeeded. But, alas, everytime I run I'm reminded that I should have done more kegels in my twenties. But getting the podcast may help? Let's see. Also, my god, but your family is gorgeous. And it's summer in Minnesota. Not so much in Seattle. You left us hanging with the dairy. Regardless, I do love when you check in.:)

i saw a nice Lexus with two stick figure guys holding hands and two cats. It made me laugh out loud! Gay Pride for sure.

WTH is going on with all my favorite bloggers taking up running? (First Jo, then Tertia, now you!) Stop it, people. I do not want to start considering running. I want to keep hating it.

Even when you're writing at top speed, you are hilarious. Your passage about the truck had me snickering from beginning to end.

I have recently found myself spending more time in Eden Prairie. (My formerly-of-Colorado sister has moved there.) I've discovered that there are some really nice city parks for hiking -- and running, I suppose, if one likes that sort of thing. ;) Check out Bryant Lake Park (http://www.threeriversparks.org/parks/bryant-lake-park.aspx) and Riley Lake and Staring Lake parks (http://www.edenprairie.org/index.aspx?page=205).

Our experience with ear tubes was that it was unbelievably easy. Younger daughter had them put in two Julys ago -- after about an hour of recovery at the hospital and a long nap in the afternoon, you'd never know she had surgery in the wee hours of the morning. No recovery at all.

Wow, I didn't think anybody on the planet besides me used a Creative Zen mp3 player! I love it too. I figure someday it will die and I'll upgrade, but that thing is a workhorse! It's lasted me several years so far.

I love the Ease into 5K app! And welcome back, missed your posts!

I also hate those little family stickers on cars in an irrational kind of way. But I like the idea of seeing a car with mom scraped off. Hopefully it was divorce and not death (!!)

Eh, I am weirdly facinated by the stickers. I ad them all planned out when the baby was a baby - but you know, they don't stay that way. And my husband rolls his eyes when I mention them, so I guess we'll stay all hip and cool.

I did not know those stickers were worldwide!! We have them here in SA and I really can't stand them. I saw a pic of a big stick figure smashing lots of little ones and thought that was quite funny!

My sone of 13 is also into Minecraft in a big way. He plays online with his friends and they talk while they are playing on Skype! I don't know what I am going to do with him in the holidays!

I used the Run 5k app by Felt Tip (for the iPhone). I have used it several times, first when I worked up to my first 5k (totally worked!) and then I did it again to get some friends started.

Good luck!

OK, the truck sharing is giving me palpatations. But I am an accountant so maybe it is just me. So many questions are running through my mind...who's name is on the title as owner, are both parties on the insurance, is there any liability to an owner if the other owner has a major accident and is sued? Is it too early for a margarita or even a shot of tequila? I've heard of people sharing 2nd homes but then there is an agreement in force that covers all this. Maybe it's all good & I've just never heard about this happening. Btw, Steve has a farm and truck in his column. What do you have in yours? I think you need to think bigger than running shoes.

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