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August 06, 2012


I may have some CA ones Patrick could have -but that seems like a popular state he may already have- we just moved to OR (loving it here thus far, if you ever decide to move to The Pacific Northwest like you have considered in the past).

I may have an Ohio plate for his collection if you would like it! Does it need to have the tags? Please email!

I have my old license plates from California and New York collecting dust in my garage and would be happy to part with them if Patrick is interested.

I have a Delaware he can have, and I'm fairly local (Lake Harriet). Email me if interested.

I believe I have an old Idaho plate, from the days when they were green and white. I can go thru my shed and see what I have. If this is something he may want I'd happily send it to Patrick. Please email me if he would like to have one.

I have some 2003/4 Texas Plates(set of 2) not doing anything that I would be happy to send to Patrick. Email me if Patrick wants them.

We have a Pennsylvania plate if he needs one!

You might as well just get a PO box that's big enough for license plates and post it here. I'm in.

I've got a uk plate he can have. Also a tx and ms.

We just moved to WI from MN (sigh - sadness) and I will gladly mail our old MN plates to Patrick, assuming he isn't filled to the brim with offers from the Land of 10,000 Small Ponds Some Strange People Call Lakes.

Just got a new car and I have my old NJ plates. I just need to check that I'm not required to turn them in ti the DMV or anything and, if I'm not, Patrick is welcome to them.

P.S. - Is Steve's brother in the white t-shirt Ryan Goslng? I'm just sayin'...lol

I have Missouri plates he can have.

Oh Shelburne Farm!

I fell in love with this tiny cow named Splenda there a couple years ago: http://www.flickr.com/photos/qatipay/5076856776/in/photostream/

If she is no longer there, I do not want to hear about it.

My family has a similar story of open arms for a half-sibling. It has only enriched our family.

As for Caroline, I can only assumed your mother has cursed you with "a daughter just like you" which begs the question, just how bad were you, you?

Would Patrick like overseas number plates? I second the PO Box idea! :)

I have a couple of Arkansas plates he's welcome to have. My son has decided to clear his room one eBay auction at a time so we're at the post office all the time anyway. Just let me know where to send it.

I have an older Alabama one he can have, email me your PO box :)

I've got a Maine plate he can have-I'll even pay the shipping.

I have a Michigan plate he can have. It's an older blue one. He's going to have a great collection. The overseas ones sound especially fun!

And I have a set of Virginia plates. I'll pay postage, just email an address.

i think i've got an arizona one for him too. will have to hunt for it but i don't think it got thrown away.

I have an Alberta plate that he can have. I'll pay the postage, only an address required. I'm curious how the collection will turn out.

I have an NJ plate he is welcome to.

I've got a Georgia one... where should I send it?

I found a book Patrick might like - it might be a little old for him, but if he liked Sabriel maybe not. Called Tangerine by Edward Bloor.

Is he interested in old and rusty ones? How about if they're from Prince Edward Island (likely rare!)? Let me know.

we adopted from vietnam.. i have a letter from connors mom as to why she could not keep him and that he could be adopted to foreigners. what i don't have are pictures of her.. i would love to have thse to share with him. hopefully we will be able to get in touch with her but who knows. it seemed like we would never want contact when we first started the adoption process.. but now.. i wish we had more info and i hope we can get some.

I have an Indiana plate or two I'd love to donate to Patrick's collection, just let me know where to send and they're his!

My father-in-law's birth family met him once. That was enough. I sympathize with them entirely. I wish I had the option not to know him too. But I am so glad that it has been a positive experience for both sides of the equation with Steve.

I have California, Nebraska farm or commercial, and a 1976 Kansas. They all come with the original dust and bugs. He's welcome to any or all. Does he really want us to send them to him? Sometimes the fun's in the hunt.

My husband's birth mother is capital C crazy, although his birth father is very nice. Everyone lives a few states away, so the drama is minimal, for the most part. He had some awful trouble with the Crazy One when he was in high school. I'm not sure he would embrace your utopian wish for across the board easy reunions, but time will heal many wounds, I am sure.

I am blessed with a delightful MIL and SIL, and am so grateful to have them.

I have 4 identical NJ plates - he is welcome to some or all of them. I do love your kids.

Everyone has offered CA already, but I have a pair of front and back CA plates, too, if needed.

I emailed a picture of all of ours... just let me know!

What do you tell your kids about their dad's birth parents giving him up?

Gabe isn't allowed to direct "stupid" at anyone so he tends to just yell at the top of his lungs "STUPID SING" (he can't say 'th' yet). But when he wants to say it to someone - or me, he gets that exact same look that Caroline has in that last picture.

I have an NC plate. Let me know if he's interested!

How about Iowa plates?

I might have Kansas and Missouri, but I need to check the garage. Just let me know!

Also, we have that wooden license plate game, and I am very excited to go on our road trip this Friday because of it. I might end up keeping it in the front seat so I can be in charge of it instead of the 5 1/2 year old. I also have an app on my phone for playing. It is a sickness. :-) When I was younger, we went to Yellowstone, and we drove through the parking lot, row by row, just to look for plates. That trip we got all 50 states, a good number of Canadian provinces and several Mexican states. It was an awesome trip. And Yellowstone was nice as well.

I am pretty sure I have an Iowa plate running around here to contribute :)

I believe I have Washington if you need it. just let me know where to send it.

I have our old IL plates I think.

My mother gave a baby up for adoption at the age of 19. She never sought out her daughter because she didn't feel she had any right to, although she badly wanted to. 30+ years later the adoptive mother found my mom by chance of some paperwork that mistakenly had the birth mother's last name listed and a relative's obituary in the local paper. Speaking from the side of the birth family, it's been great for us to be so embraced by the adoptive family as well. We are all grateful for the relationship we have and I wish more people's stories ended likewise.

I'm sure I have some old plates somewhere.

Lucy has taken to loud, exaggerated, exasperated sighs which I find awful and annoying but it's better than the dreaded "you". :)

As for you - I think it's wonderful you've been having too much actual fun to blog about it.

I have WA, but it is not an older one. If he doesn't mind the newest iteration, he is welcome to it.

Through some odd circumstance (that I don't totally understand) we found a half brother of mine. It has turned out great. We are both professors in scientific fields at prestigious universities (and our birth dad is a hippie artist, so this makes it even stranger). We have kids the same age and if I had my way, he would raise our kids in the case that my husband and I couldn't. I know he was reluctant to "go looking" since he's in such a good place, but it's been so great and by knowing my dad's health history he was able to get some much needed preventative tests and treatment!

I have at least 1 TX and 1 WV if he's interested. Just email me an address and I'll send them!

I have a personalized (SO ROTTN) NE one. Just e-mail me where to send it.

I have Alabama and Illinois plates just gathering dust in my garage.

How wonderful that Steve's family has embraced all of you. Sounds as if you're having your usual rollicking time of a road trip.

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