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August 28, 2012


I believe this makes you a blog network!

Well, as long as you're moderating comments I say you've done your due diligence. GO PATRICK GO! He's great.

Love it! I've put it in my reader

Into my reader it goes!

Way to go Patrick :)

I think it's awesome!

I think it's even funnier that he is going to have a bunch of women commenting like crazy on his stuff but I bet he loves it like we all do :)

+1 on moderating comments.

and also moderating posts - cause it's the internet..

+1 on awesome.

Oh! That reminds me to go grab the license plate I'm sending.

Wow. What an amazing kid! Not sure if it is more likely to be him or Caroline to take over the world.

Your kid is awesome. truly. Go, Patrick!

Chronic make me think of street drugs

Wow, very impressive! I have a recommendation for him - www.codeacademy.com. They have pretty cool interactive courses for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Seems right up his alley.

Dear mom, you are awesome to be so loving and supportive of your son's new blogging adventure. I love hearing about you kids and it will be great hearing FROM your kids too. His creativity is truly wonderful. Some kids are so busy being bored that they totally lose out on the creativity and thinking involved in learning to be great people. I think you have no worries with Patrick on that one!

BTW second awesome mom on the letting him go "public" so to speak. as long as you know what's going on in his blog and comments you really don't have to worry.

That's fantastic! I think he's done a great job of it.

Patrick never ceases to amaze! I love his header.

I'm hooked already! Bookmarked. Go Patrick!

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I know that there are pitfalls and potential peril but, having read the first three entries, if you pull the plug I'll be so sad. Patrick is awesome.

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I am so excited about Patrick's blog! I can't wait to be able to do some of his projects with my kids.

Julia, I'm going to apologize in advance for the tags he'll be receiving from me on Tuesday. I dug them out of our shed & went right then to mail them so I wouldn't forget & they're incredibly dusty. So here's my I'm sorry ahead of time! PLEASE let me know what he thinks of them along with the note I put in explaining why the tags are different even tho they're from the same state & I tried to put a little "history" lesson on the note as well. ;)

I used to search for these sort of information always.Thanks for sharing your creative writing abilities.I make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information.

"i thought the little shrimps might like the pop of color" He cracks me up! I've been reading faithfully.

OMG - so awesome all around!

(Btw, I sent off a reservation request to Tyler Place today - look at what you have done!... er... to my wallet.... )

I love this so so much! I shared it with my husband, Jon, and he said the droll humor in the comics is "very Peanuts". High praise in my (and his) book!

I am loving Patrick's blog! You are raising a very thoughtful young man. I wish I could meet him in person, he is so entertaining!

Love Patrick's Blog! :)

His comics are very XKCD which I bet he would love. Mostly PG but an occasional swear.

his blog is EXCELLENT and I'm bookmarking it for my 7 yr old... go Patrick!

very very cool. :-)

Your Patrick and my Ladybug are the same age and I recently allowed her to set up a blog, too. I feel protective, but don't want to squash her creativity (heavens no! Tragic!) ;)

Julia, I've looked all over your site for your email addy but can't find it. Will you let me know via email if/when Patrick receives his plates I sent? The USPS guaranteed they'd arrive today but I can't find the slip of paper they gave me to track the package. I want to make sure they arrived AND apologize for the dust and cobwebs that are on them. I dragged them out of our shed rather quickly to take with me as I was leaving that morning and didn't have time to clean them up. So I'm sorry they're so dirty. But could you shoot me an email and let me know they arrived? Thanks!

If Patrick starts a company, I want to buy stock!!! That kid is fairly amazing; but of course you know that.

Way to go, Patrick! Sierra (fellow Born In June 2002'er) makes awesome video "vlogs." Perhaps she could do a guest post one day? :)

So sorry that Patrick is still battling his sinus infections. After many years of suffering and two surgeries, I am finally mostly infection free.

My sinus surgeon had me using the NeilMed sinus rinse bottles instead of a neti pot. Instead of the packets of saline, he had me mix my own by the gallon -- One gallon of distilled water, 4 tsp baking soda, 4 tsp kosher or sea salt. Then, there are the magic ingredients that have changed over time with the research of his colleagues.

At first, he instructed me to add one ounce of Johnson's baby shampoo to the gallon mixture. The theory was that it would help to disrupt the biofilm that develops over the bacterial colonies and enable the antibiotics to penetrate more fully. This worked great for awhile, and Patrick might like blowing bubbles through his nose. I still have friends that swear by this formula.

The second formula was the same basic saline recipe, but I added approximately 1/8th teaspoon of clorox bleach. The theory with this one was that the clorox would kill germs. The net result was something with a very mild bleach scent that didn't do much.

The final step was to add a few drops of Listerine (traditional gold stuff)to each NeilMed bottle of saline. Again the theory was that it would kill the germs. Depending on how much Listerine you add, it can burn like a son of a b*)%@. That said, it always makes me feel like it is doing something. And I continue to use this formula every time that I feel a sinus infection coming on.

Maybe one of these formulas will work for Patrick.

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