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August 26, 2012


Dammit, I used to have a really cool polar bear licence plate from Yellowknife, Canada, but I inexplicably threw it out during my last move. THIS is why I am turning into a hoarder!

(sorry Patrick)

I have AK, VT, and MI in my basement. I will send them to you, Patrick, and I can't wait to see your installation.

God, I love your family.

And the thing about Steve and his pony and his pool? Is the funniest damn thing I've ever read. I sort of want to say that to MY husband when he is being unreasonable but he's an artist and so simultaneously always and never unreasonable and also he grew up poor and the reference would be so completely lost on him. Still. Just see if I don't say it at least once.

Patrick is the best! I wish I had old license plates... I would send them all. Good luck, P!

I will mail license plates TOMORROW if it means the possibility of a Patrick blog! That's all you needed to say to sell me on doing it!


Your post makes me want to run out and buy you a rusty plate just because. You're extremely creative, as you must already know, and I look forward to seeing your art.

I recommend tumblr.com for your blog platform as it's super easy and authors/artists like Neil Gaiman and Wil Wheaton hang their hats there.

Good luck,


Can I support Patrick's project in some non-license plate way? Chip in for the PO box? How are they being attached--perhaps I could have some super glue or twine or whatever sent to help out?

No plates to send unfortunately, but Patrick with his own blog? About time.

Any interest in plates from South Africa? I have a couple of old plates in the garage (some of them were in a piece of art that I had as a teenager)if you would like them.

I don't have a licence plate - but I wonder if Patrick would object from a postcard (or two)

"Come and go like Gandalf." I love it.

Does he have any plates from Alaska?? I have my old set that I can send!

Hi Patrick,

I think I can track down a NWT (polar bear shaped) license place for you - it might be a demo/touristy version,but I'll do my best!

I can't imagine the license collection to date has any dearth of California plates, but mine is a really corny vanity plate that I was kind of embarrassed about like five minutes after I got it. But that's a story I'll tell along with the plate itself!

I can probably find some Florida ones (both regular + specialty)

Will he accept non-American plates? I may have a Greek one to send in the next month when we get new Netherlands plates for our car.

I want to take my family to Tyler Place someday.

my husband (the hoarder) will notice the loss of his california and new york plates in about a year. I am hopeful that Patrick will have blog so i can explain the reason they got sent away. :)

Within a month or so I will be able to send Patrick my CA plate, since we are moving to WI next week! :-)

I have a bunch of old British license plates, would you be interested in those?

Omgoodness Caroline is just beautiful in those pictures! She's always been cute but now she's all easy breezy beautiful covergirl. And I can't wait for a Patrick blog!

I have definitely not been stalking your blog for two weeks to hear about TP. That was somebody else. We leave on Saturday and I am beside myself!

Agree it is about time for Patrick to have his own blog. My "bookmark" finger is itching.

I came, I saw, I ate bacon. Love your titles.

I may have an Ontario plate for you Patrick and I will canvass my friends for more from different areas! Cant wait for your blog!

We have gone to Tyler Place the last two years (opening weekend) purely due to your glowing recommendation. Thank you for sharing this wonderful place with us.

Dearest Patrick, you've got some Mississippi plates coming your way, bud!!! Do whatever you wish with them. I hope you enjoy doing your project & look forward (with your parents permission) to seeing and reading your blog. YOU, my sweet little friend, are quite an ingenious young man! Good luck!

Julie, do we need a last name to mail the plates or will just his first name work? I found 6 old MS plates. One is a NASCAR plate, one is a wildlife plate, a couple are the old style with a magnolia in the middle, one is a new plate with the Biloxi lighthouse and one is a temporary plate that I have no idea where it came from. I'm mailing them tomorrow!

If I had my old plates I would send them, but they are part of my mother's collection (hung around the garage in chronological order, at the tops of the walls). I second someone else's request for any other needs -- do you need twine? glue? some other supplies?

One more thing, Julie. I have friends on fb from all over the US so I posted in my status update asking anyone outside MS to let me know so we can get Patrick more. As for mine, they're all addressed & there's a note for Patrick with a PS for you. I can't to see the finished.

Your Tyler Place experience sounds like our Half Moon (in Montego Bay, Jamaica) experience. We go every other year, stay in villas, travel with other families (usually involving friends and their new-to-us friends so we are always making new friends on the trip) and have a blast.

I think I have Ohio in the garage.

If I can find the darn things in my basement clutter, I'll send an old set of Alberta plates -- still well-seasoned with Fort McMurray tar-sand & muskeg!

Patrick, do you want Canadian plates?

Julia, "kissing his fingers into a peace sign" - is that the goodby gesture people make in the Hunger Games series?

I can't tell you how happy I am that you posted again. I have been checking compulsively to find out how the trip went. I can't even imagine 5 in a car.

You have convinced me...I need to take my family to Tyler Place. It sounds divine.

Patrick - old plates on their way! I think three - have to check the garage for more. :)

Just mailed mine!

I already miss Tyler Place. It was so great to meet you and your family after "knowing" you on-line for years!

Alas, the only license plates I have are on my cars. I wonder if they sell them on eBay?

Julia forgive me for this long comment. I attempted to shoot you an email but it bounced back. Here it is:

I had to thank you immensely for your review/recommendation of Tyler Place! We got home on Saturday and immediately went into withdrawal. Truly I cannot think of a better way to spend 7 days with a 2 1/2 and 4 3/4 (I love how TP fractions the children's ages) year old. I want to poach every counselor, and have Chad and Charlotte host my next barbeque. Did you all participate in the adult Lawn Games? Hysterical. Not only did my kids love it (despite my son's dramatic displays at drop-off), but my husband did -- that is like a miracle, as his standard reaction to most things is a shrug and, "it's ok". He already wants to book next year. I've spent the last 10 days or so patting myself on the back.

In terms of next summer -- we probably will end up going in June to take advantage of the off-peak rate. We've brainwashed another couple (er, I mean, talked another family into trying it out) and are thinking about staying together with them somehow. I wondered if you could share which accommodations you stayed in with Julie? It sounded like a great set up that was both communal and private.

Also, you should get some kind of kick back for all your referrals.

Take care!

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