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October 31, 2012


I, too, am enjoying my 40's, although I'm only a couple of months into them. I share your love of writing and tendency to put life's long term passions on hold in deference to attending to the short term drudgery.... And yet I am still not satisfied with my efforts and cannot keep on top of my daily and weekly chores (they are more like fortnightly and monthly much to my shame). Oh for effective time management skills!
That aside, your time spent sipping wine and watching your children run free is most effectively spent in my opinion.
Nice to see you back blogging!

Just wanted to let you know that I've followed your blog forever, and am always thrilled and charmed by the adventures of Patrick et al. I just had a D&C for the missed miscarriage of twins (4 losses total now), and people are frankly bewildered by how well I'm taking it. I just wanted to let you know that I think you and your trials (and humor) are a big part of that - a bench mark for survivorship. I have a toddler daughter, born after the first two losses, and I know that she made the first two bearable, and I know/hope that one day I'll have more children (my edward/carolines so to speak), that will make everything else make a little bit more sense.

Rambling. But thank you for the laughter.

I love the last two of Caroline. Somehow I sense she will be getting guys to do her bidding for many years to come.

As for writing, why not write for an hour the clean the kitchen? And if the writing groove is going well, don't stop!

All of a sudden, I'm struck by how BIG E & C are!!! Where has the time gone?!

Wishing you a very happy birthday from the burbs of NJ! And I love your writing, so any more of that would be awesome.

well.. you can write every day in november.. i forget what it is called but it starts tomorrow! and enjoy your 40's.. everything starts to fall in your 50's.. mostly in the facial area..
and thank you for not having one of those 'are you spam' detectors that makes you try to write letters smashed so close together that older eyes (even with glasses) can't read them in order to comment.

That Caroline....

Happy Birthday!

I am always so excited to see a new post from you! Forget the kitchen, it will still be there when you are done writing. I'm seven months into parenthood and have already accepted if I want any time for myself, I have to take it first - even though I am the original work-first-then-play girl. I thought the world would end if I worked on a sewing project before laundry, but my husband sincerely doesn't care so why should I?

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! :)

Penisula...that's awesome...and yes, I agree.

I'm thinking...get the kids to clean the kitchen, and you write stories. for us. every day in November! What do you say?

I LOVE the picture of Caroline where her eyes and body and clearly almost all of her is already moving to the right but her face is staying behind for her closeup, Mr. DeMille. She is such a character, as are all your kids! I still quote Patrick when he told you, years ago now, that he loved you but more he loved his Daddy. Your write about the funny, irritating, hilarious reality of life with kids and I'm so happy that you and Steve got where you are. This corner of the internets would be much poorer without you!

Happy Birthday Julia

Happy Birthday! Always love your posts.

Wait wait, what about a picture of Patrick's costume!

I grew up on a Penisula :)
And the name fits very well, thank you! My 40's have been FABULOUS! After 2 miscarriages (I am not nearly as strong as you and stopped trying) I am childless but incredibly happy. It is funny how it is possible to find our happy places no matter what life hands us- I think that is what my next day of my 30 days of thankfulness will be! Thankful that my mom showed me how to be happy, even if life hands you things for which you were NOT wishing.

Happy belated birthday!

And just FYI, I think you might be unaware that under Minnesota state law, children born in the state are NOT allowed to be Packers fans. I figure Steve must have taken the children trick-or-treating because otherwise you would surely have mentioned the involuntary hissing noises that occurred from startled Minnesotans when they opened their front doors.

Penisula... By Jove, yes! And happy birthday. A tad bit late. :)

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