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November 29, 2012


Yes but didn't you ask the sales person at Party city about Hannukah decor and they told you they didn't carry it?

Yea for a dry night! We went through a very similar situation with one of our kiddos at about the same age as Edward. The thing that finally helped his little sleeping conscious make it through the night was having him do the laundry if he had an accident. He actually liked doing the laundry - pushing buttons and all - so it wasn't meant to be a punishment, but a natural consequence. After months of fights about diapers and wet sheets, it was just a few morning-afters of doing the stinky laundry and he was dry from then on. I would note, also, that after the laundry intervention he did not get up to pee in the toilet during the night, but rather slept through without peeing at all. Good luck!

Okay, I missed yesterday's post and maybe someone suggested this already, but here's what worked for my boy who wore pull-ups til he was six. I bought one of those underwear alarms and attached it to his undies that he wore inside the pull-up. When the alarm would go off he wouldn't wake up, but we would. We'd run in and get him to the potty, sometimes too late. This lasted about a week. I thought he'd eventually start waking on his own and go potty - but he didn't. He just started waking up, which was even better.

We have had years of working on this issue, followed by years of not worrying about it, thinking they'll grow out of it, but shelling out $100 for a case of XL Goodnights on a regular basis. BOTH my 8 yr old twins still wet the bed. They doubly do not have genetics on their side because BOTH husband and I wet the bed.
I was reminded of how long we've been working on this, when at Halloween we dug out the costumes and found the Batman and Spiderman outfits they earned for 30 (non-consecutive) dry nights. Auden put his on, and it looked ridiculous. I then realized it was THREE YEARS ago we considered them almost there, and here we are with two boys still wetting 75% of nights.
Your post was timely because the night before we ran out of them and both boys chose to stick one of their two year old sisters diapers between their legs inside of a underwear rather than try to not wet (this was their dad's idea). I thought really?! This worked, by the way, and they did wet them.
The next day a (close) co-worker was heading out to get lunch at the grocery store deli and asked if wanted anything. I said, actually, well, uh, could you get me some giant diapers? He kindly did. Anyway, this of course is not anything helpful, just our struggle. I do think we need to pursue some solutions soon. I just keep hoping it will correct itself...

hi It's a good post.

I wouldn't worry yet about having to get up every night -- remember that was just the first night of the new regime! Things have already changed in one night, there's no reason to think they won't continue to change for the better over the next couple of weeks!

It's funny how the first one sets the bar.

Our older son (now 8) only stopped having routine accidents last year. Many of his male same aged friends were the same. We mostly tried to make sure we took him to sleep pee when we went to bed.

The twins (aged 3) are still wearing pull ups to sleep. We could probably transition our daughter out of them easily, but our son is going along his older brother's route.

My oldest daughter is nine (ten in January.) She consistently wet the bed until just this past summer, when I decided we were going pull up free, wetness be damned. She had an accident a week for about a month and since June, she's been dry except for the occasional, perhaps once a month, accident.

Like so many, she has heredity against her. I was a bedwetter until I was 8 years old and my husbands older son from a previous marriage wet the bed until he was almost 14, so...I actually felt like nine was early for her.

But just deciding to get rid of the pulls worked, this time. We'd tried it before as well as the medicine, and limiting drinks and blah blah blah. I too wonder if it's just her being ready when we did it this last time.

Good luck.

"Yuke. there is no try."

*snort* This makes my morning. I am so sad to see November coming to an end!

I am with you on considering one of your kids your baby. I routinely carry around my four-year-old when he wants up. He's the cuddliest little thing, but he's also very small for his age (32.5 lbs) and I figure "How much longer will I be able to carry him? One growth spurt and he'll probably be too heavy." And I so figure I'll enjoy him cuddling into my neck and rubbing his cheek against mine when I pick him up for as long as I can.

Not sure why I wrote "I so" when I meant "so I". How embarrassing.

My four-year-old is still wetting (a LOT) at night, so thanks for this post. Our almost two-year-old is starting to potty train, so I'm hoping we can get him out of pull-ups all together while we try to get her mostly dry during the day. Which is to say, all the comments you got are helpful to other readings, too!

Hi, I met you a few years ago at that local happy hour in St Paul and then never commented again because I'm a creep or something. Just wanted to say that I have been loving all these posts this month!

Just a Hanukkah tidbit - do you know the reasoning behind using "poh" or "sham" on the dreidel?

Diaspora Jews are supposed to use "sham" because a miracle happened "there." Israeli Jews are to use "poh" because a miracle happened "here [in Israel]." Since you are not Jewish I was surprised and kind of gobsmacked that you used "poh" and I think you meant it and I agree that it was a nes gadol that Edward woke up dry. Go for eight nights straight and make it an annual holiday.

"Yuke, there is no try" And a happy Friday to you too :)
As for the nocturnal enuresis, my girl was a Caroline in that department (it seems that a lot of girls are), but I have a friend whose son inherited his father's condition (which the father kindly failed to mention while she was pulling her hair out trying to figure out what was happening) and was in overnights till the age of 7 or so and is now out of them. There, that's my story: nothing new there.
As for dreidels: funny story, my Muslim friend brought over a cake pan as a tray under something and told me it was kind of weird because it had indentations on it, she got in on clearance and didn't use it much. Upon examining it, I determined that it was a dreidel pattern cake pan and told her that a dreidel was a spinning toy that Jewish kids played with around Hanukkah time. She was a bit embarrassed and told me to keep the pan and now that you've reminded me that I, too, am a secular humanist, I wish I had. Secular humanism is not just an idea, it needs to be put in practice!

I've raised 4 kids with the mantra "Brush, wash, and SQUEEZE" before bed. 3/4 kids were late trainers. 2/4 peed the beds pretty regularily. Oldest boy (7) has accidents - wakes up, cleans up, and changes shorts, and heads into a dry bed (mine). Youngest is totally dry. I learned my lesson with the girls - I used rubberized flannel ( 1 yard usually) for pee zones. I've done this since they were babies as I co-slept and nursed them. Someone was ALWAYS peeing on me. I just strip the sheet and the "pee-pad" and we go back to sleep.

I have often wished I could have a menorah....I think it's cool how there are so many different kinds. I guess if a Jewish person can have a Christmas tree, though, I could have a menorah, right?

once again, not really related, but these are cool t-shirts and maybe Patrick would like them: http://www.thesocialdept.com/collections/the-city-series/products/city-of-hotdish-green

Hotdish vs. casserole?

I have not used it myself, but a friend of mine's sons had *very* good results with the nasal spray. I'm offering this more for your commenters with older kids that still wet, because I think Edward is still pretty young to worry about. I mean, I get that he's the one driving this, but I'm just offering my (increasingly stammering) reassurances that I think night wet at 4 is totally in the range of normal.
My daughter wet until age six, and when I was juuuust starting to despair, she stopped. My son is still hard at it with the pullups at age 4. We started using "Pure 'n Gentle Youth Pajama Pants" from Amazon because the regular ones just leaked like crazy. These are a little better and fit much bigger kids.

Julia - Thank you for this early Christmas / Hanukkah / Secular Humanist gift of posting during November.

OK, and wow... did you really use "poh" knowingly. My daughter gave me that lesson on Monday as we drove home from her Hebrew class. But you know, she's in training and I (the lapsed Catholic) get to expand my knowledge base along the way. But Julia... really... you never cease to amaze, amuse, and entertain. Thanks again. I do not expect a better gift under the tree this year.

Twingles, why can't you get a menorah? They are so beautiful. And there is nothing more peaceful than stopping, gathering, lighting candles, saying prayers (or secular humanist mantras), and together watching the candles burn. I don't think it would be least bit disrespectful.

I was one who commented about having a kid who peed in the pull-up every night and then one time when we went without she started waking up dry.

What I realize from this post is that I forgot to say we had previously tried this about 7 times over a 9 month period and failed every time. Except the last one!

I will spare you the sadness of knowing how old my daughter was when she finally stayed all night.Suffice it to say I was foolish not buy stock in Kimberly-Clark.

Loved your Chanukah reference. The holiday starts on Saturday night, Dec. 8 this year.

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Probably nothing new in terms of advice but mine were 4, 5, and 4 when they potty trained and a few more years to be dry at night. Only one ever complained about the pull ups, my response was similar to yours, when you stay dry all night for a week we will get rid of them.

Mine didn't question beyond that, though he was a bit older than Edward.

Interestingly once he stayed dry at night he never had another accident. Both his brothers had occasional looses at night for a couple more years. By occasional I mean 3-4 times a year.

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