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November 24, 2012


Best. Story. Ever.

The last line SLAYS me!

Laughing hysterically at apr├Ęs. But only because I feel Patrick's pain.

This. Made me laugh.

I am dying over this story. Hysterical.

Thats one way to get the pool to yourself for a little while!

Bu hao, pronounced boo how: not good.

Crying from laughing so hard. I agree with Priscilla... one of your best stories ever... and I have oh so many favorites.

Awe. Some.

That was great. I bet she won't make a comment like that to anyone again!

I'm posting this on my facebook page.

I'm sorry.

It's just too good to NOT share.

and it's your fault for not supplying me with that damn like button. or two. or six.

Hahahahahaha!!! I love November :)

You have the best family ever. :)

Absolutely the best story ever. Give Edward a high five for me (and you better give Caroline one, too, lest she feel slighted. Also Patrick. And Steve? Is that going too far?)

I love Caroline. I mean, I'm glad I don't have to raise her and I bow at your feet for doing so with such aplomb, but I really love that kid. I'd like to be her next door neighbor or something... Want to move to Florida?

OMG, you're good with a punchline. As a writer, envy, envy, envy. As a reader, I'm too busy dragging my kid in so I can read to him to be envious. He's sixteen. He's not amused. But every mother on the planet would be. Really, write a book. Like, yesterday.

Haha! I giggle to myself on a lot of your posts, but this one made me bust out laughing! I'm starting to love November too, which is saying a lot, brr!

Oh. My. God. Don't think I have ever commented before, but this literally has me laughing out loud. Hysterical. Thank you for sharing.

Love it. Absolutely love it. :)

SNORK!!! Made my day! :-)

That is just AWESOME.

Like someone else said. Best. Story. Ever.

oh thank you so much for this....

As a child I would have had exactly Patrick's reaction. As a 40-something mom? Laughing my ass off.

Your children are delightful and your writing is, too!

That is hysterical!!! (as I wipe tears of laughter from my eyes ...)

How I wish I would have had Caroline with me on Thanksgiving day to protect me from the inlaws. She is awesome.

I love every part of this story. Any way we could continue this on through December? You know, a little holiday gift to us all?

Your kids will jointly rule the world. And I'm OK with that! Caroline is the best big sister ever!

Too funny - your stories crack me up, thanks!

The writers of Modern Family need you on their staff. I die.


HAHAHAHAHA! Ha... (wiping eyes...)

Goooo Eddiebear!

His siblings are so good for him. :)

I get tired of people telling me my face is red. Now I know what the right response is! Thanks Edward!

Yes, indeed, you have a way with plot development, building tension, introducing obstacles, and holding that punchline to just the right moment. Brava, woman! Great story.


Laughing so hard!!

Delurking to laugh with everyone here. Hilarious!

I'm lovin' it, but I want to know the 7-year-old's reaction!


This sounds like a chapter from Shirley Jackson's collection of autobiographical stories "Life with Savages". You are kindred spirits- and I totally mean that as a compliment.

Gasping for breath, that was absolutely hysterical!

This has got to be the BEST post EVER in all of blog world!

Dying over here! So funny.

That Eddybear may be just a leetle bit cleverer and less innocent than we give him credit for. He found a perfectly logical and reasonable way to moon his enemy! :D

Priceless - thankyouthankyouthankyou! xx

omg, your kids are the absolute best ever.

I had been dutifully following along day to day as you post (again, hooray for that!), but fell behind thanks to the great turkey genocide. Now I'm playing catch up and this is even better than pumpkin pie/apple crisp/leftover stuffing. Seriously. Laughed so loud my cube-mates harumphed at me.

Oh. My. Hell. That is the funniest thing ever!

Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

That is good. Thanks so much for sharing and I add my vote to continuing in December as a present to us all.

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