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November 22, 2012


Is it indoors? You live in the North for heavens sake.

I had to google. The concept of water play in November was too alien, and I live in Florida! I'm very jealous, though -- I was wishing I could go swimming today. My son and niece went swimming last weekend and I thought they were insane (which they were) but it's only gotten colder since, so there will be no swimming here for another four months or so. But what a great way to spend Thanksgiving!

Which one - I am eyeballing a mid-winter trip and I want one with a bar overlooking the habitrail?

Really? Indoor waterparks? Very cool.

Awesome! Which one did you go to? We've been to Chula Vista a couple of times. We broke from tradition today as well. Still had Thanksgiving dinner, but we let a restaurant do the cooking and clean-up this year. Would be interested in hearing how you liked the waterpark you picked.

Our upstairs neighbors have an... issue... that might involve us being forced out of our home for a weekend while my in-laws who own the building apply various large amounts of poison. I'm hoping they'll pop for a hotel for us, preferably in the Dells because it's the off season. The alternative is sleeping on their couch. Cross your fingers for us, ok? (I'm looking specifically at the Olympus themed one because it looks delightfully whack.)

I love Thanksgiving but when I was in 8th grade we went on a South Caribbean cruise and when we spent Thanksgiving Day on a beach in Aruba and then had a giant turkey feast on the ship, I didn't miss Minnesota too much.

Kalahari? We did that last year, followed up with a trip to Cracker Barrel. I have to say, I was happy this year to be living closer to family, so that we weren't faced with the annual question of what to do with ourselves while our friends and neighbors in Madison were off with their own extended families...

Yaaay for having fun together and not spending the day slaving in the kitchen (especially not slaving over something you don't even like)!

Just Awesome!

The Wilderness? What a great idea! Too bad I have way too much grading to plow through to risk taking an entire weekend off.

Excellent! Happy Thanksgiving to you too :) Signaling the end of November but, I hope, not the end of this lovely sharing with us you've been doing all month.

not sweet enough to bridge the moments between peppermint patties

Oh, Julia, Julia, Julia...someone needs to make for you my mother's Chocolate Orange Buttercream Pie. (Alright it was originally the Chocolate Almond Buttercream Pie but I don't like almond flavoring and I love chocolate and orange together.) It is heaven in a pie shell.

Of course, it won't help anyone lose weight, alas.

Julia, try this.


I hate cheesecake, it's the one dessert I just don't 'get' (and trust me, I 'get' dessert way too well). But this was a revelation. Make it.

I was going to guess Wilderness too! We were just there a few weeks ago :)

Love the Dells for short trips (as the saying goes, there are no vacations with small children, only trips).

I was going to guess Wilderness too!

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