Planting Memories, Pinching Arms

H to T

I should preface this by saying that I don't really like turkey. Or, um, pie. To me pie is the ill-begotten pairing of bread and cake; not doughy enough to be toothsome, not sweet enough to bridge the moments between peppermint patties. So although I am as much of a traditionalist as the next corn muffin (Steve recently described me as sentimental) I was open to suggestions when it came to our Thanksgiving plans.

As it so happened the first person to suggest anything was Patrick, who is neither traditional nor sentimental, so




we're at a waterpark in the Dells.

Right now I am at the bar drinking (huh) Miller Lite and Patrick is on the ropes course and Caroline and Edward are doing laps in a habitrail for children [overlooked by the bar. the one thing our local indoor playground is missing.] Speaking of missing, I haven't seen Steve in twenty minutes. I hope he is not lost. On the plus side I am currently three for three in the football pool.

On the plus plus side... well, everything. 

So happy thanksgiving to you in the States and for the rest of the world I hope you enjoyed a day without America yapping at you.