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November 23, 2012


Crazy...I haven't had a migraine in 5 (!) years and I just got one yesterday. You have my empathy.

Dude. That stinks. My dad would always seem to get them on the way to or from a vacation.

If you're Minecraft tech support, I need to talk to you. Mine wants a mod involving a character that doesn't exist and there are creepy black octopi everywhere. No wonder you got a migraine.

And you STILL posted! I've been so enjoying the daily posts. Thank you for all you do!

Hope it goes away soon. I've never had one but have heard that they are hellish.

My almost four year old sprawls on top of me to watch TV when I'm tired/sick/hurting.

What is it with kids and moms with migraines/moms who are sick? It's like they are all, "mom down! Invade space now!" at the first sign of maternal weakness. Obviously my kids are like yours, but since I have all girls it is less minecraft, more clothing. And mine have never put raisins between my toes. Caroline is nothing if not creative... Feel better soon!

Sorry about the migraine, but the comment about Caroline putting raisins between your toes made me laugh out loud! Get better soon.

And where was Steve? Why wasn't *he* kid-rustling so that you could recover undisturbed? This is the kind of thing that gets filed under "wait until you're sick mister..." :-)

I'd like to see what Patrick has built in Minecraft. I bet its amazing!

Next time, lock yourself in your bedroom where they can't bug you! (My kids would have pulled the same crap.)

I have suffered from Migraines for years now, so I have pnlety experience on this matter. (Too much if you ask me.) Taking three tablets of your Excedrine won't hurt. I've for years taken OTCs (over the counter) Medication to alieviate my Migraines, but unfortuanatly, they don't work on me. I would suggest that you go to your doctor, who might want to run some tests, MRI or Cat Scan to eliminate any other problem that might be causing your Migraines to occur. He can also perscribe you medication that can totally alieviate you pain. That is if Triptans will work for you. Right now I take Imitrex, it's a Migraine medication, and I can tell you from experience that for me, this is the only medication I have found that worked. Usually within 30 to an hour my migraine is gone. It is wonderful. The only slight problem with these drugs is their cost which I am sorry to say is expensive. I talked to my doctor about this, and luckly for me, he is nice enough to give me free samples of this medication every few months. Otherwise I couldn't afford it. I hope I helped you. Here is a good site to go to, it is a forum for people like you and me that suffer from constant headache/migraine pain.=GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

Taking 600mg of elemental magnesium daily helped me A LOT. I'd get headaches most days, and a doozy every month or so, but now....*crickets*.

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