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November 30, 2012


I'm gonna miss November so so much.

Any way that we can collectively vote and decide your New Years resolution for you?

I am also going to miss everyday posts.

Yes, let every day be November day! Like Christmas year round, but with more wit and wine, and less overhyped commercialism.

i love project runway.. but i do miss heidi when it is all stars but i miss tim more. i love tim. who does patrick think should win? i don't remember anthony ryan being so good last time.. but he sure is this time.. emilio is good but annoys me somehow.. i love joshua just because.. do you guys watch top chef??

My son uses a laptop in some of his classes to type up his class work. Earlier this week he needed to print an assignment and his teacher told him it wasn't possible to connect to the school's printers to print assignments. So, my son, my first born who has inherited his dad's technical genius walked over to the printer found the ip address added the printer to his laptop, typed up, printed and then handed in a paper that read 'my name is . . . . and i proved you wrong.' He and Patrick must have a similar sense of humor.

I'm going to miss November.

What? You signed up for Holidailies? o gosh too bad...

Ack! Comic Sans!

Comic sans for a child's schoolwork is entirely appropriate. It is the blight the font was born for, as Hopkins would tell you.

A D in a Chinese house would be a bomb, the dinner would have been ruined, so would be the "runway" show, and the coming birthday parties...then when one day he became a multi millionaire somewhere at Silicon Vally, he would blame you, the "tiger mother" being so cruel when he was little. Now, he lost interest to live like a human being...a fine line indeed, parenting indeed makes us humble. However, I think you know what you are on the top of things, b/c you are willing to learn from the ones that outsmart you daily. Btw, I totally should not be here reading and commenting, thus, here is to the end of nov.! Happy Dec.!

Oh Julia, I don't care about the post that was lost, -this- post is perfect.

Patrick is wonderful, and you are wonderful, and November has been wonderful. Thank you for writing so beautifully all month.

And now that you've settled so comfortably into the routine of daily writing, you're going to continue, right?


Just wanted to add to the chorus of please please please please keep blogging. It doesn't have to be every day but OH how I enjoy reading you. I started reading you back in the GetUp Grrrl days, BTW.

Just FYI, I'm a university professor, and I LOVE it when students put comics, funny notes, or other personal touches on their work. Grading is boring drudgework (with extra added pain when the students do badly), and anything that gives me a chuckle is welcome. It doesn't affect their grades, but it makes me enjoy my job more.

I woke up in the middle of the night saying, oh no! NaNoWriMo is over. Julia won't be posting every day. You have significantly improved the month of November. Thank you!

That last sentence, the one before the P.S., is the best description of parenthood I have EVER heard. My kids are all old enough to vote and own property, and yup, still don't know what's coming next.

That thing about "the beautiful Georgina Chapman" bugs me every. single. week.

Mother of the Bride - Oh my gosh…..The first minute had me in tears. I can’t wait for the rest. This is amnazig!!! Thank you Rob and Diane Page for a wedding gift that will last a lifetime.

Ali Harkness - I'm so happy to see that first picture again. I love it! I can't wait to live coselr hopefully sometime we'll get to meet our friend Owen!February 8, 2010 7:59 PM

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