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Planting Memories, Pinching Arms

The day after I failed to convince anyone to plant daffodils with me it snowed. And I thought, oh well, to hell with any chance of color next Spring; once it snows in Minnesota you can pretty much just pack it up until April. This year, however, we have had a unexpected burst of late warm weather and I was able to get some couple many dozens of bulbs into the ground. I knew, by the way, that the actual leaves and flowers of the daffodil are supposed to be shunned by deer but I had no idea that the bulbs are rejected by squirrels and gophers and moles and meerkat and... and I don't know what else lives underground in our yard. Miners, maybe. Anyway, you inspired me with this observation and when I thought my arms were about to fall off as I made all those holes I remembered your comments and persevered in the hopes that next spring I will be enjoying something more efflorescent than two inches of chewed off tulip stem.  

I asked Caroline to help and she squealed in anticipation and ran off to get her work gloves.



I asked Edward, "Do you want to help me plant bulbs outside?" and he said, "I want to watch TV." Then we blinked at each other.

You know, I doubt anyone is ever going to keep their roommate awake late into the night trying to puzzle out just what Edward meant by something. An enigma he is not.

Since watching television wasn't, acshuwee, one of his options he decided to join us. Caroline immediately assumed a supervisory role; acting as if she herself hadn't just learned five seconds earlier which end of a bulb is up, calling him "Buddy" and lavishing him with praise.




Personally I would find her a little condescending for someone only forty'ish minutes older (note to self: I never remember when Edward was born; check with Steve) and two inches shorter but he laps it up.


[In a similar vein the other day Caroline and Edward sat on the same chair and colored. Caroline made birthday cards for herself (no. really) and Edward practiced writing numbers.



When he announced that he had successfully written the number 100 she flung her arms around him and gushed, "Oh EDWARD! I'm so proud of you!"


I guess I can see her appeal. I wish someone did that to me every time I finished a blog post or unloaded the dishwasher.]

Anyway, we put in the bulbs and as we worked I asked, "What do you think Daddy will say when he sees all of these beautiful flowers next Spring?"

Caroline said, "He'll say 'Caroline! My dearest daughter! You are my only child.'"

Edward said "Hey! What about me?"

Caroline said, "We're twins, Edward. They had to have you."

So Edward pinched her and said "Shut up, you idiot"* and Caroline squawked and I went further up the hill pretending not to notice any of it.

PS CeraVe has been great and the Sarna seems to really help Edward with the itching. I also did a few days of 1% hydrocortisone on his cheeks.

This was a week ago


And this was yesterday. You can see that his cheeks are still a little rough and red (oh and he has the remnants of his black eye) but, you know, much better. I am in your debt.


PPS A couple of you mentioned essential oils as a way to make things smell nice without poisoning anybody. Patrick and I are quite into the idea - we like smells (in moderation) - and both of us have been trapped with Scentfree Steve for, like, ever. I was going to order some oils online but... where do we go so that we can actually smell them? Who sells essential oils?

* Yes. Yes, they do watch programs that are more appropriate for older children. Why do you ask?