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November 25, 2012


Yum. It makes me wonder what we have in the pantry that could make good soup. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Tortellini is disgusting. Ravioli is awesome. Patrick is completely right.

For whatever it's worth, I thought others were joking about the FB like button also.

I believe the point of your story was obvious, on a par with "Bernice Bobs Her Hair," and can only blame your children for distracting you to a point where you no longer recognized its clarity and brilliance (I am not kidding). But, since they also in effect provided the story, I suppose we can forgive them. Do you know how long Steve(2) is staying? Is Sassy(2) traveling with him, or did he arrange for one of his other friends to care for Sassy while he's away? I would imagine he (Sassy2) maybe something of a fixture amongst the hotel guests, so perhaps the staff simply include him in their routines, but one mustn't assume.

Ps - the pasta controversy has been bothering me since I just went to battle with my in-laws over the very same thing on Wednesday night. To me, nutmeg NEVER belongs near pasta, and even more so, nutmeg and Parmesan never belong together. And the hole in the tortellini throws off the perfect filling to pasta ratio, whereas ravioli hits the right balance. So now, because of your post, I have put into words something that has bothered me for twenty three years, since I was first forced to try tortellini. :)

Sadly, i don't know how to do your fb like button, you have to sign in and i tried and failed.

however. i CAN just copy/paste the link onto my fb page. which i did.

That looks very yummy and I have to side with you in the tortellini - ravioli debate. I find them pretty much equal.

Well, you just inspired me to get one of those buttons too, so thanks! Also, I love Edward.

Well speaking of things coming up in the comments...is anybody else having trouble with the Dominos ad at the top of your page? None of them other ones are a problem, but when I get Dominos, it puts a big blank box which covers the top of your post. So I just have to refresh until I get a different ad, then I can read the top lines.

We had a cat named Sassy, well Haile Sassy, She was an Abyssian of course. :-)

Did the title Purple Monkey Dishwasher have anything to do with the original point? Or am I showing my age with that question. Love Patrick's wry humor. Did he decide against keeping his blog?

Thanks for the recipe. I miss your old cooking blog. I still use some of the recipes from there! (the caprese salad and the Zingerman's chicken)

1. Tortellini is way better than ravioli.
2. LOVING the daily posts.
3. Miss Patrick's blog posts and give a little fowl when I click on his blg and there is no new post.

Thank you for that recipe. It looks great, and I think everyone in my family will eat it. Hooray!

Purple monkey dishwasher is a Simpsons reference. Yay!

LOVE November! Love your kiddos! Love your writing! Hate November is almost over- what would it take to get this to continue through December? :)

Thanks for the recipe. Our family still loves ALL the recipes you've posted. We eat your pancakes all the time--best pancakes in the world. Remember that time you started a food blog? Yeah, good times.

That soup looks fabulous! Hey, is your food blog out there somewhere, still hanging there in cyberspace? Because I have lost the recipe for that amazing Asian-esque chicken coconut soup, and I miss it very, very much.

I have really missed your recipes. More! More!!

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