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November 26, 2012


This! Was awesome! And Patrick! He's smiling! AT the camera!

So love November.

I love your children so much!

The little one says "Good Night!"

Nice bum Jules!

Oh how I needed at good laugh and you just gave me one!

Snort! I love your children.

Agree here and there... Little One absolutely says "Good night!" And hereto, I must add: nice bum, Jules... and that is AFTER those 15 lbs you gained. Ahem. They look most fabulous on you.

I started out thinking "all three home? Oh no!". And then it occurred to me that it's probably better to have them all there to entertain each other, because just Caroline could be a loooong day for Mama.

These pictures say, "I'm Patrick and these are my twins." It's really adorable.

Your kids are awesome.

NO, NO, the little one says "I'm lonely"! where on earth did the rest of you go to camp?

You have the funniest kids and they got you GOOD!

The photos of them giggling about it are awesome.

I learned the song with the last one singing, in a long, drawn-out phrase, "I'm all alone." And you do have Patrick use distilled water in the neti pot, right? Or maybe boiled water would be okay too. I saw that episode of House....

I agree...the little one says, "I'm lonely". At least in our version.

And, I too like your bum. :)

The little one sings, "I've got the whole bed to myself (to the tune of "I've got the whole world in my hands"), I've got the whole bed to myself..., V2 I've got the pillows and the blankets to myself... V3 I've got the sheets and the mattress to myself..."

I love how amused they are by what they've done. Sometimes that is the best part!

Poop! Hah - soooo funny.

The little one says "I'm lonely, come back now" and you get to start again. I'm with LMM and ivfcycler above. :)

The little one says "good night, sleep tight."

You're not seriously working seated in a fold away chair??

YES!!!!: "But you know what? Sometimes, even if you just know that wherever they are the children are using permanent marker on the walls or dying the cat purple, sometimes you don't care. It's like those few minutes of silence are worth having to replace all of the dry wall on the main floor."

this doesn't have much at all to do with your post, but i just saw this quiz on cool tools and it made me think of patrick. he may already have advanced far beyond questions like these, but just in case he hasn't, i thought he'd like it: The Big Here Quiz

Love your posts as ever, but I wondered something. With Edward's skin conditions, might the stickers cause irritation? When I was growing up I had a problem with stickers causing a rash directly underneath the adhesive when placed on my skin, and I didn't have anywhere near the sensitivity that he seems to. Just a thought.

"carry on", excellent

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