Did I mention we're having a party tonight? We are. And have I also mentioned that over the years I have managed to ratchet down my (admittedly looney tunes) hostessing standards such that I made a couple of things things this morning but really the only thing we have left to do is assemble platters with the stuff I bought (smoked trout+cucumber+dill+greek yogurt+vinegared red onion+lemon slices+rye bread or sopressoto+cotto+pancetta+olives+ricotta+olive oil+Italian bread or... whatever else it was. cheeses, I think. definitely some vegetables. oh! and ham! ham and peppered jelly and I made a Cajun mayonnaise to go with that.) Finally, I have realized that having houseguests in situ while you're hosting a party is pure genius. Three, four, five extra adults picking up toys and slapping down salami? What could be better?  

5:50 pm - Pizza for children delivered.

11:21 pm - Huh. This is ackshuwee a pretty good party.

Happy New Year to you and yours.