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December 25, 2012


Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us!

Was EddyBear's Redskins jersey a present today too? Is it #10? Merry Griffmas!

Wonderful! Yay, everything except sickness and especially the end table. Thus wraps up the best Christmas I have ever spent with my ILs. A really good day. And this a cherry on top. Merry Christmas everyone!

Please tell me where you got your doll house + helipad + basketball court - I've been searching for a dollhouse for my son and he would love one with all those extras!

Thanks for the post and best to all of you.

Boy doll house fire station. KidKraft available at Costco & amazon.

And a very merry to you & yours.

Yay you got the end table!

Merry merry awesomeness! I love that your tree has letter ornaments (of course) and especially the look on Patrick's face as he hugs that unique end table. Also glad Edward could at least manage to look at his toys. And I'd always wondered what happened when the u.f. met the i.o.... too funny!

I have ferretS. Three of them.

and i babysat to gorgeous ones over the week end. Ferret joy overdose.

just. sayin.

Looks like a merry Christmas, despite the sickness (get well wishes for Edward). So glad you bought that end table :)

Oh, you got Patrick the end table!!! I'm so glad. I wondered if you would. I really sympathized with Patrick and his mad love for a completely unsuitable object. He'll remember forever that you GOT him the ridiculous table and all that implies. (Good parents, you!! :o)

And ferrets are great. Anything that wiggles like a cross between a kitten and a rat and smells like cinnamon is awesome.

I'm glad Eddybear was well enough to enjoy the new toys! And as for Caroline ... as I've said before, in Texas we'd just say, "What a little pistol!" LOL!

End table! Congrats on your lovely chair, and I adore Patrick's Slinky t-shirt. I LAUGHED. Happy happy Christmas to all the HIppogriffs.

PS I meant to comment on the last post - I was amazed when I scrolled down through the photos and... good Lord, your yard is covered in SNOW! Obviously my second thought was how ridiculous I was for not realizing winter in MN means snow snow snow... But it's been sweltering the last few days in Melbourne; and when we lived in Boston it was so urban that there weren't those huge swathes of clean snow. So I know Northern Hemisphere is winter but just didn't twig that it was WINTER. Ahem. Carry on.

You. got. him. the. table.

That is awesome. He will remember this Christmas forever.

Oh merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family, Julia. I'm so happy it was a happy one and I hope all our children's immune systems benefit from all this nonstop viral action. You are hands down my favorite blog out there for the last 6 or so years, and reading a daily entry of yours has been like my own personal advent calendar of little presents.

Oh Julia! Dang gnabbly-it. I **meant** to tell you about the cast iron skillets that are made in the shape of each state for a gift for Patrick! Here is the link:: http://felionstudios.com/pans/ the (local [i mean, to me]) woman who makes them is truly amazing. Perhaps for his birthday??

Merry Christmas :-)

(So glad you got a chair. Not sure how well a ferret would go with the cats?! Two of my kids want ferrets. I keep saying no. I realize that life is short but ... No).

Oh, the Everyday Heroes Play Set was a hit for MY little guy, who is one month younger than the twins. (And I kinda like playing with it too.) For the person who asked, it is also available at yoyo.com, which is a division of diapers.com and totally rocks for mail ordering toys with free delivery. Or you can check it out Kidkraft.com.

I asked for a rat but alas, I coo over a yogurt maker. A rat won't support my Greek yogurt habit but someday I would like to have someone to talk at over my morning coffee while my husband is asleep.

No one's commented on Caroline's Eva Peron pose? There, I just did. I can practically hear her belt out "Don't Cry for Me ARgentinaaa". Love the endtable and those skillets up there? Wow! Merry merry :)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Yay.. I am sure he'll remember that end table all his life!

I'm so glad you got the table. I oftentimes wonder what will be the ONE THING, the ONE YEAR my kids will remember. I hope this one ranks up high for Patrick. Caroline deserves castanets (is that what they're called? I'm too lazy and midday tipsy to check.) I hope Edward is on the mend and Black Beauty makes me smile. Mmmmm arm support.

The sick-on-the-couch picture of Edward is too pathetic and sad to look at! Poor boy! Hope he's doing better by now.

Patrick's shirt is great.

Silly end table and very reasonable chair - holiday well celebrated.

Isn't there some kind of law against getting sick on Christmas? Poor Edward. :(

Glad you all had a merry one.

And a nice chair... Very nice!

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