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December 28, 2012


Happy Birthday Edward and Caroline!

Happy Birthday to the twins!!! Adorable as always.

happy birthday caroline and edward!

Happy Birthday to Caroline and Edward!

Happy birthday Caroline and Edward!!

Happy Birthday, Caroline and Edward!

You are a delight to read about.

my nephew turned 5 today, too. Happy birthday to all!

Happy birthday, Twinkles. Edward & Caroline, I so much enjoy reading about your lives!

Happy Birthday!!! Reading your archives recently, I remember when they were the 13s. All hail Edward and Caroline five years later!! So happy for you all.

Happy Birthday to Caroline and Edward!

Happy birthday to them! Here in New Zealand you start school the day after you turn 5 (no idea why I guess we just like to be different!) so I now think of it as being huge for that reason, but it's kind of a milestone anyways isn't it! Looks like they had a blast :)

Happy Birthday to 13a and 13b. Best twins I've ever read

Happy Birthday Edward & Caroline! I was pregnant right along with you Julia. My guy turns 5 on 1/25. I was anxious for you and grateful for my uneventful 42 weeks (yeah he was that late). You (and I) are truly blessed.

Somehow, I've managed to read your blog through the twins' last 4 birthdays without realizing it's the same as mine! Happy birthday, twins!

Happy happy happy day, to all your wonderful family! Thank you for writing, Julia, all these hard and lovely years.

They are darling, and gifts to the world. Lucky, blessed 13s! Thank you for "sharing" them with us!

Happy Birthday to the twins!!

Can't believe they are five. I've been following you since iParenting (when I only had Ella). Where has the time gone? Happy birthday to Caroline and Edwards, and happiness to the whole family.

Caroline and Edward are six months older than my daughter, so I've used your blog as a resource ever since they were born for milestones, issues, general hilarity. Because of that, I've always thought of them as so much older than my kid. But five! And four and a half! They're all really the same age now. Sigh. Passage of time. Older, wiser, etc. Thank you for all of your writing over the past five years-- you and your Panel of Experts/ commenters have been most helpful. And happy birthday to C and E.

they cannot possibly be five. I refuse to believe it. But just in case it is in fact true, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLINE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWARD!

Happy birthday, Edward and Caroline!

As far as twins go, they are pretty awesome!

Happy happy birthday marvelous twins!

I was pregnant along with you too, reading for a year or so before that - my boy is five in January. Congratulations to those great twins!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest twins I virtually know! Just realized, my daughter is six months and a week older than these two. Sweet day to your sweeties!

Julia- do you ever re-read novels? I can't remember if you do or not, but I like to revisit my favorites. This is relevant because in anticipation of the twins' birthday, I went back and started reading your archives from the beginning of 2007. Just like re-reading a novel, I love knowing ahead of time how awesome everything is going to turn out for you. Paging through the old REDBOOK posts (I had to capitalize for old time's sake) is a bit of a pain but it's still worth it to get the whole story. Right now I just read about Caroline's trip to the ER after her 1-month "well baby" visit. I suppose I'll have to stop soon since I won't be on vacation forever, but it's been fun. Sorry if this sounds creepy - I just like your writing and your family's story is compelling, even the second time through.

Happy Birthday to the twins! Someone once told me that every year with your kids is better than the last. I have to agree. Enjoy your family!

Happy birthday! They are ackshuwee awfully cute.

Sheila, you're not alone! I've just spent time going back to Julia's first post here and reading forward through the twins' birth. I love your writing Julia, and have been through my own heartache with multiple losses, and was reading your blog at the time. It was fun to go back through it all again, knowing about the happy outcome ...

Is it easy to find the redbook posts, though? (I can't navigate the internet as easily since my brain tumor) Your archives here suddenly run a bit thin, once you started writing there, is all. I suppose it's not a huge thing, as I say, I was there for the ride when it was happening ... Still, it would be nice to be able to reread. Anyhow. Help with a link would be fabulous, if possible. Thank you :-)

Ellie - happy to help. Glad I'm not the only Julia stalker here. :) Julia started writing for the REDBOOK infertility blog in April 2007. Since she was there at the beginning, I think it's easiest to click on the "start at the beginning" link, which is here: http://www.redbookmag.com/archives/health-wellness/blogs/infertility-getting-pregnant/asc/15;1

Then after it looked like she was definitely bringing home two more babies, they switched her over to the Mom Moment and she wrote there until early 2009 I think. On that one there are multiple bloggers, so it's easiest to search by author. Start with this link and then keep clicking on "newer": http://www.redbookmag.com/archives/kids-family/blogs/mom-blog/by_author/3347/25;6

I warn you, REDBOOK's site is annoying, and sometimes you randomly get posts skipped or they take forever to load. You sort of have to go back and forth, sometimes linking from the main page and sometimes going straight from one post to the next, but it's worth it to have the Complete Works of Julia. :)

Sheila, thank you so much! That'll make it much easier (but yes, that site is irksome, I remember now, it always was!).

Happy Birthday Caroline and Edward! It seems impossible that you are 5 already.

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