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December 24, 2012


'Tis the season for sickness, apparently. My side of the family's Christmas was Saturday, and Joel missed it to spend the day holed up in bed throwing up regularly. Gwen kicked off the puke fest in the morning but was feeling better, only to throw up again in the car on the way to my cousin's house (where the festivities were being held). Thank goodness, *knock on wood*, both are doing better and should be well enough for his side of the family's Christmas tomorrow.

Wow. Those are seriously cool stockings. Merry Christmas and get well soon Edward, ackshuwee!

Tylenol suppositories...it seems so unpleasant, but they don't throw them back up!

I had noticed the stockings and wondered if they were really as lovely as they looked. So I clicked on the picture and they are lovelier.

Husband and I still have our originals. Mine is a lovely boot shaped thing, made lovingly by someone in the 60s. Poor husband has a wee tiny one without his name and with pom-poms. We all feel badly for him.

The boys have a lovely aunt who has knit each of them a lovely stocking. Lovely and enormous and stretchy. We could likely get half their actual presents in one of them. They like that.

Is Steve's stocking contrary?

I received gorgeous handmade needlepoint stockings from my best friend's aunt as baby gifts when my boys were born, I can't imagine a better present. Merry everything to you and yours.

Bless poor little Edward's heart. We are sick at our house too, the boy can't get rid of an ear infection from earlier in the month, and I woke up yesterday with a flamingly sore throat, and awful sinus pressure/congestion. My sister-in-law is also sick as is my dad. Fun is what we are having here in KY!
In the case of the flaming hot fevers like poor Eddie-bear has, our pediatrician always recommended alternating the children's tylenol with the children's motrin. And it really works!
Merry Christmas to you and yours! God bless!

Oh, wow, the stockings are gorgeous! I used to do embroidery but I never got around to stockings. Maybe next year...

I hope he feels better soon; I've got a wee stomach bug tonight, too. Crossing toes that I'll be well enough to go to dinner tomorrow.

I really hope Edward feels better, really fast! I really love your blog. Merry Christmas.

Bet wishes for a speedy recovery for Edward and no one else getting it. And the stockings are gorgeous. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all! Hoping sweet Edward feels better and no one else gets sick! I have loved how much you have been posting. A Christmas miracle:))) many blessings Julia.

We just got over the stomach flu here. Poor kid finally fell asleep cuddled up with her barf pot which I had to wash a lot. Luckily no fever but she was miserable. And now a day later was at urgent care for a possible bladder infection that turned out to be a bad rash. Good times ;) hope Edward is feeling better tomorrow. Everything here was 24 hours.

And the stockings are amazing!!

Poor guy! My nephew spewed while we were celebrating earlier. I'm just hoping my kiddos don't pick it up from him. Merry Christmas!

It's just not really Christmas if someone isn't sick. It was that way when I was a kid (I was one of 9 so the odds were really high) and the same w my two. We have done it all-fevers, up chucking, step, congestion.., I even spent one year sick in bed. That year is a blur. It just confirms it's the holiday season. Thanks for letting us have a
Ittle glimpse of your life. You are the best!

Merry Christmas to you and yours and I sincerely hope poor Edward feels MUCH better very soon.

(Please tell your mother that a random blog reader in Melbourne thinks that those stockings are BEAUTIFUL!)

Love the stockings! Especially love the different fonts for each family member ... which seem to accurately reflect said family member's personality. Hm, did your mom think that out in advance or was she going on instinct there? ;o)

BTW, I also find that "piggybacking" Tylenol & Motrin (alternating the doses - but makes sure you keep a written log as it gets confusing) is highly effective with children's whatevers. Hope Eddybear feels well enough to enjoy his Christmas!!! And merry Christmas to all your delightful family!

Is there some sort of message there for Steve? Like, you're such a special snowflake that your stocking needs to go the other way? Regardless of back-forward-whatever, they are works of art.

And I'll never forget the Xmas when my entire family woke up with a stomach virus, except lucky me, who then spent the day calling all the guests and cancelling, and ministering to my sick parents and brother, before escaping over to another Christmas orphans house, where we made waffles with his new waffle maker and drank booze with my new booze. Not the best Xmas, but certainly not the worst. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and no sharing of the germs.

Beautiful stockings! Merry Christmas to you!

Julia the stockings are **amazing**! Merry Christmas to you all :-)

So sorry Edward is sick! My Joshua (nearly 11) is healthy for the very fist Christmas Ever. Ever. He has quite bad asthma, and is prone to upper respiratory infections and such: he has been, since infancy, ill from pretty much October through to April. Every year. But!! He's healthy right now, a blessing indeed.

I hope Edward is well very soon!

Merry Christmas to you and yours! And best wishes to Eddie Bear and feeling better.

My little one had a fever and vomiting last night too. Merry Christmas. I hope Edward feels better today.

Looks like you're all ready for the holidays. I hope you guys have fun and I wish you all the best this Christmas. Thank you for the ideas, your blog is just full of information about designs and anything related to it. Great job!

My mother cross-stitched all of our stockings. I got mine when I was about 10. My husband and now-16 year old step-daughter got theirs 9 years ago when we moved into our first house. The youngest two got theirs for their first Christmas. For some reason, the last one turned out a bit smaller than the rest:

I've heard from a lot of people that they and/or their children were sick right before Christmas this year. My daughter was coming down with something last Sat, but she seemed to shake it off as fast as it came on.

We got strep throat for Christmas (me & youngest son). So far older son & husband have escaped.

Kings Dominion, yes! The Scooby Coaster is probably still my favorite (I am still afraid of the Rebel Yell (although I did finally ride it and The Grizzly is way more rickety than it was in the 80's and it scares the hell out of me BECAUSE HELLO, IT'S A WOODEN ROLLER COASTER, but I do love it.)

I hope Edward has gotten rid of the bug (my middle girl had a 24 hour something on Friday. How does the bug know to end in 24 hours? It was almost to the minute from the time it hit her to the time she proclaimed she could leave the bed and eat something.)

I too care not what one celebrates or if one celebrates nothing during the holidays. I just want everyone to be happy.

Oh, and I meant to say that the boy pulled out the stockings and tried to put one on his head. I've had that stocking since I was three and yeah, I almost ran at him top-speed like the professional wrestler I am in my mind.

I had a migraine on Christmas Eve and spent from, oh, 5:00 pm until the wee hours of Christmas morning, writhing in pain in the bed while throwing up in my "decorated throw up bucket". A few years ago when we all got a stomach virus, we all had to have something to throw up in. We got 3 different gallon ice cream buckets and wrote our names on them. Later, when Cole was feeling better, he suggested we paint and decorate them. Because apparently if you are gonna throw up, you should do so in a decorated bucket!! I'm not sure it was even a bucket with MY name on it, but it served it's purpose well. Anyway, Christmas morning I was still puny and not able to eat. In fact, I'm still not eating that much. So I do feel for sweet EddyBear. Bless him. Maybe, if you don't have something already, one day your kids can also decorate their own "throw up buckets". Just a thought for a rainy day! AND they're easily cleaned up (or thrown out when the time comes). Hope Edward feels better soon.

The stockings are beautiful. What do you use the hooks for in the off-season? Or are they there exclusively for stocking-hanging? How come I'm the only one wondering this?

Gorgeous stockings. Way to go, Julia's mom. Command hooks, right? Do they come off easily, as advertised?

Poor Edward. I hope he recovered to enjoy his Christmas (and will read your next posts now to see).

Kings Dominion, yay! I so loved that Scooby-Doo roller coaster that I once rode it 13 times in a row.

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