Warmest Holiday Greetings From Patrick
And Also To You

Boxes Wrapped and Boxes Checked

Let's see. The tree is decorated.


This year's sledding track has been designated


and christened


with a bonus jump if you are taller than Boo-Boo Bear (Kings Dominion? anyone?)


We have made cookies for Santa* and a carrot has been selected for Santa's reindeer


We also scattered some oatmeal mixed with glitter onto the lawn just in case the reindeer need, I dunno, more roughage and bling.


The stockings** are hung by the ch. with c.


Aaaand... Edward woke up this morning with a fever that comes down to 102┬░with Tylenol. I mean, the Tylenol that he doesn't throw up. I heard a piteous mewling from his room this morning and after rushing him to the bathroom I carried him down to the couch where he's remained all day. Seriously. I have carried him to the bathroom at intervals and held water to his lips and every couple of hours I turn him like a rotisserie chicken. Do you want to know when I knew he was really sick? When Steve changed the channel from Disney to NotDisney and Edward didn't even protest. He just lay there all glassy-eyed and watched an episode of Extreme Homes.


So we have decked the halls and have one sick kid on the couch. It must truly be Christmas Eve.

*As I talked to Caroline about leaving cookies and milk for Santa, Patrick kept clearing his throat and winking at me furiously. When we were finally alone he said, "Mom! If no one eats the cookies the twins will know you-know-what. They'll know."

I said, "Gosh, Patrick I never thought of that."

He said, "It's ok. I... I will eat the cookies."

I thanked him. He nodded. Nothing like a child who will take a cookie for you, you know?

** Can you see those properly? Over the years my mom has needlepointed a stocking for each of us and they are literal works of art. When I brought the box out this year Caroline tried to put one on her foot and walk around with it and I almost had a heart attack. My mother is a loving and generous woman so I think she might forgive me if I, say, smacked her in the back of her head with a 2x4 but if I allowed one of the kids to desecrate a stocking? Not a chance.

If you celebrate today, I hope you are having a better Christmas Eve than Edward. Ackshuwee, I hope that for you whether you celebrate or not.