Dinner Partied


To Do Tomorrow:

Write out wild rice, lentils and bacon recipe

Ceviche (or rather "ceviche" since I poached the scallops and shrimp) ditto

Explain the concept of ice luminarias when they do and do not look exactly like breasts


To Do In Ten Minutes:

Go to sleep (I'm migraine-y)


To Do Right Now:

Caroline styled herself today a la Rainbow



Not for the first time I am struck by how well she would have done at the French court; all sharp intrigues and elaborate hair.

She went to find Edward, who was properly appreciative.


He said, "Caroyine! Your head looks like... a rainbow racing car!" and, really, what higher praise is there? Then he smooched her and she got all giggly


and she said, "Edward, let's never fight again! Let's be best friends forever!" and he said, "OK! We'll share our toys and our food!"

Imagine my surprise when this period of detente - that I assumed would see them peacefully through high school - was shattered only an hour later in an exchange of violent booster-to-booster seat blows over whether or not it was okay for me to use the car defrost in order to see out the windshield while driving. Edward thought not.  

Speaking of Edward he is getting better at his L's when he is prompted. I mean he doesn't dance around the house declaiming the fact that the leaping yellow lizards lick yellow lollipops but when he says I yike it and I say you llllllike it? He'll try again with a lll..like. 

Except today. Today Edward said he wanted a peanut butter and jehyee sandwich.

I said, "OK. Can you say jeLL-ee?"





Edward said, "I want peanut butter and jam."