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December 27, 2012


Ah yes, I think the term "fluff" is generally known more because of the "fluffer". That's a job title in the porn industry.

I've only heard "fluff" as a cutesy word for fart.

Nevermind, I forgot fluffers. They keep the men primed and ready for porn shoots. I always used Fluffer as my bowling name as a teenager.

A quick dip of your hands into straight chlorox will get rid of the dye but have soapy water ready to wash off the bleach so your skin doesn't burn! Hmm, fluff--learn something new everyday !!

shampoo will help strip the dye on your hands - leftover tip from my textile/art class.

The online slang dictionary has both (to) fluff and fluffer. Unless you're going in a cinematographic direction, I'm guessing Steve would prefer fluffing.

I'm guessing fluff is more English, whereas fluffer...more California?!

What kind of linguistic sense does it fail to make?

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. You might try lemon juice on your hands- I know it gets rid of sharpie (ask my four year old how I know).

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the posts over the past couple of months. You have been ON FIRE and it's always a highlight of my day to visit the blog.
You're the best!
Happy New Year -

I went back, read the line...and expressed undue mirth. That was really funny.

My ex-brother-in-law had a band called Fluffer's Union. So yeah, that was my first thought when I read that line yesterday, and LO I DID LAUGH AND LAUGH!

I also would like you to know how much I've been enjoying your regular posting the last few months. It's been a joy!

I only wish I had the hotness to be a fluffer!

Agree with the bleach and shampoo suggestions, but another thing that will speed the removal of residue is hand cream and hand washing, repeated. I don't know if it helps float it out of skin, or helps exfoliate, but it always helps me get color contamination out faster. I might even try wearing vaseline and socks on them to bed since you have a party coming up. Or you could go with a sparkly blue mani and tell people you're impersonating Monster High's Laguna Blue.

Ha ha reminds me of when I told my husband that the car tires were making a "fapping" noise. I really had no idea...

When you "fluff" something it gets bigger right?......

I wish I was able to like comments lmfao....I would try lemon juice and salt scrub for the hand issue...should get rid of it.

I think the "Fluffer" thing is actually an urban legend.

When I was 18 I worked at an e-commerce porn company (with all my clothes on, at a desk, thankyouverymuch). Fluffers are not urban legends.

I sniggered heartily at that line on your last post.

Toothpaste will take that off. Not kidding one bit. Three days before my wedding (maybe four) one of my leather gloves ended up in the washing machine. When I found it I was mortified because my fiance had given the gloves to me and I felt horrible I hadn't take care of them. So I put it on to see if it would still fit. (this is why I know that OJ is guilty even though the glove didn't fit. Leather gloves shrink when they get wet)

I stretched it out and kept it on to dry a bit more so as not to shrink back up. When I took it off, my hand was blue as blue. Stained! We tried everything. I was crying about my manicure that I was getting the next day. Crying that I would be blue handed (this was not the blue I inteded for my wedding).

Then my fiance (husband for 22 years now) remembered that toothpaste will often times work on tough stains so we got out a tube and lo and behold like magic my skin turned white again.

It's not so much "fluff" as it is "fluff UP". Okay, stopping now. :D

Also, it makes about as much linguistic sense as the "blow" in that other euphemistic vulgarism. Really stopping now.

You know, somedays I like the comments section almost as much as the posts. You have some very funny readers!

My husband is great at fluffing up our Christmas tree (fake), and I like to announce this in stores during the holidays just to see him freak out and get embarrassed.

I love the two conversations here involve fluffi g and getting troublesome stains off your hands. Hmmmmmmm. :)

When I got married my sister was in charge of keeping my train straight. My mom called her the fluffer because we are from small town Iowa and we were referring to the act of fluffing up my train having NOOOO idea there was an alternate meaning. Imagine my surprise to learn of the porn term several years later.

Glad to hear that Steve and Edward are better.

I must admit the other meaning for "fluffing" crossed my mind yesterday, insert small chuckle here, as I read your post.


Glad everyone's better (so far!)

Oh my! Yay for good health, Steve is hilarious, and happy natal anniversary to the twinkles!!

I remember learning the term fluffer some years ago and I still find it hilarious... It's like a totally gross occupation and yet sounds so adorable!

Apparently I live under a (non-porn) bed. Fluffer? The things I learn...

I'm a yarn dyer, and I buy Nitrile exam gloves at Costco at 400 gloves a shot. (The box claims "Latex-type Performance" - hahahaha!) They are fabulous, and I'd be happy to share some with you.

Haven't read the comments but you can buy gloves like we use in the salon at any Walmart, Target, Sally's Beauty Supply, Fred's Dollar Store (I don't know if you have Fred's there) or Dollar General. (again, don't know if you have a DG). The ones at Walmart or Sally's are the best but a bit pricier (50 for like $8) and they don't come in "sizes" at anyplace but Sally's or a real beauty supply store. Still, if you put rubber bands around the wrists, they work perfectly and the color won't bleed at all!

Glad to hear that Steve and sweet EddyBear are better.

PS if the comments on how to get the dye off hands doesn't work, go to the dyes and detergents section of Walmart/Target and look for "dye remover". They actually make it. If you have a Sally's Beauty Supply (as I recommended before) or any beauty supply that will sell you stuff without a cosmetology license, ask them for color remover that takes color stains off the face/ears/hands etc. That's what we use when doing colors and we get it on the clients face/neck/ears and our hands.

I can't comment on the fluffer thing bc apparently I'm SO country and live so far south that I've never even heard of anything like it. lol And I'm not a prude, by ANY stretch of the imagination. In fact, I'm probably the complete opposite!LOL

Anyhoo, good luck!

To fluff? Boy, doesn't that leave a mental image of all those folks over at Vivid..

"Bring on the fluffier to fluff!"

I'm sure that's exactly what they say. :P

Hey, does that faint aura of geekishness go well with the fraying temples and sexy librarian glasses?

Who am I kidding. Of course it does.

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