Deo Volente

Steve seems much better. Edward also seems much better. All in all I think we might survive to enjoy both my family's visit and New Year's Eve.

Tonight Patrick made some Christmas gifts for his cousins who arrive this weekend and his brother and sister who officially turn five tomorrow. I thought that he should make everyone bathrobes but he spent a millisecond calculating the amount of time this would take, weighed that against his desire to play Minecraft every freaking second of the day and opted to do some dyed shirts instead. I figured as long as we were pasting up dye we might as well augment our sock collection, so I got some Patrick-sized socks for him to multi-color and some Caroline and Edward-sized ditto for him to make normal (ze twins, zey sink ze funky socks are no so chic.)

The tie-dyes need to sit for a day or two but the solid colored socks swim around in a dye tub for an hour and that is sufficient to impart the nice lasting hue of your choice. So you let them soak and swish them around a lot and then you take them out and run them under first hot water and then cold water and then you wash them with special detergent - twice if you're doing reds or blacks. Oh and you remember to wear gloves, of course, because you are a grown-up and that is why you are supervising your child who otherwise can create circles around you but who might make a mess of himself or the laundry room if you were not there.

Guess what?


Dye goes right through those stupid yellow playtex gloves you buy at the grocery store. Also, I'm an idiot. Also, I haven't seen Patrick laugh that hard in a very long time. 

Maybe we should change the New Year's Eve party to costume?

"You can be one of those creatures from Avatar," Patrick suggested, helpfully.

PS Steve informed me (with what I considered to be undue mirth, by the way) that the term "to fluff" can be interpreted as a vulgar euphemism. He also reminded me that my blog is considered to be a legally binding contract and noted that he was no longer under the bed. I have yet to confirm any of this with my attorney. 

Fluff? Really? It... it doesn't even make linguistic sense.