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December 30, 2012


So happy for your happy moment. Have a great night.

I think we've all been there. Sometimes, we have to force ourselves to appreciate and enjoy the moment. Raising a glass to you and yours!

Of course you deserve the good times - as we all do - and it is wonderful that you appreciate them. As for the picture, it looks to me like Caroline is an angel, or perhaps a princess, and Edward is worshipping at her feet. Or since it's Christmas, perhaps she is a combination of an angel and Mary, while Edward is Joseph, the shepherds and the Magi allrolled into one? Whatever was really going on, it's clear who is in charge.

Now I want to know what the Australians did! (If it involved lots of alcohol and copious amounts of naughtiness, then, well. Yes. Australians.)

Ha. For me, there was a guy named Pierre. OMG! Only in insanely belated retrospect does it occur to me that that name is clearly fake. No way was his name actually Pierre. Other mistakes as well, of course. But I'm glad we both (all) get to move on and appreciate the good moments instead.

Some of the books have been organized by colour which speaks to the attempt to stave off the chaos, but Caroline stands in front of them, defying all attempts at order. She holds a star aloft in her left hand, summoning and focusing feminine energies, with which she will enchant and ensnare her audience. The faceless boy is the faceless horde who will line up to fall at her feet. The game is on, but no players are on the field because nothing can detract from Caroline in her moment of glory. And yet the empty bowl waits yearning under the inexorable hands of time ticking ten minutes past the dinner hour, the attention wanders. She smiles at you, mischievous and coy. Maybe she'll let you get away, this time.

Congrats on your good moment. I wish you many more in 2013.

Oh, fun. I love a task. Ok -- here goes:

1. Caroline is wearing purple, which symbolizes royal majesty/sovereignty/justice. That, combined with her elevated stature in the picture, indicates her elevation over the household.

2. Her head is surrounded by the color orange. Orange symbolizes worthy ambition. As the orange is decorating book spines and surrounding her head where the brain resides, it is logical to assume that her ambition is in the direction of education/intelligence. This is further suggested as she stands higher than Fox (on the television).

3. One and Two combined would indicate that Caroline is smart enough to take over the whole goddamned world.

The Priestess. No, wait, The Star. If there ever was a tarot image photo, this is it.

Also, Lindsey and Megan are right too!

Wishing you and your family all the joy you feel tonight well into 2013 and beyond.

Re the football part, HTTR!! Makes a very good night even more special, yes?

Jesus, I wish I had been one of those Australians.

We're quite a fun lot...but I guess you already know that.


Behind the princess, to the left, a photograph of the married couple, and their ancestors, can be seen. It is the union of this married couple that has brought forth all that we see in the painting. Central of course is the ruling princess, who points up toward heaven with her wand and finger, yet simultaneously pointing down with her other hand. The duality of her personality -- and forthcoming reign -- is further evidenced in her strong stand, yet tentative expression -- note the bit lip and far-off expression. We know her rule shall nevertheless be firm given her elevated position and the diminutive size of her public, represented by the faceless child. She brings vast knowledge, represented by the books behind her, to her reign, but also a personal flair, as we can see from her pointed toe. The theme of caution and abandonment thereof can be seen throughout the painting -- the orange color of the books and clock, the child safety device on the cabinet are all contradicted by dangerous nature of the football game and of the position of the princess herself on the top of a cabinet. The question posed by the painting is whether the sky-colored subject beneath the princess will submit to her reign, or be lifted by his tie-dyed shirt to rise and overthrow the princess.
That or is it a cute picture!

Hey, I live in Cleveland, what's wrong with Cleveland?

HA! Just kidding, I know exactly what things are wrong with Cleveland.

It doesn't matter what happened in your past. It brought you here, to today, where you write what I consider to be the best blog on the Internet. Thank you for the frequent posts. Each one is a delight. Happy New Year to you and yours.

there was a brave cumber, creativity, the new nephew, and American football, and laughters filled the house...cheers!

climber, that's what happens when one had too much wine.

Taking a moment to recognize good times is an excellent idea, no matter what preceded them. Thanks for not banning we Australians - among whom you seem to have a significant readership, judging by how the first comments on many posts come from Aussies who see your new posts come up in our late afternoon time.

I have no interpretation, but like how the twinkles are providing a renaissance-themed alternative entertainment to the football on the left.

You always have to watch out for the Australians. Several of my bad decisions have involved them, too, although so have several very right ones. There was that Brazilian, though, and in retrospect....no.

I think we may need to hear what the Aussies did - if only so we can drink to it! Hope you and the family have a great New Year!

Happy Anniversary, Julia and Steve! Fourteen years, right?

The judgement center of the human brain is not fully formed til we're 26. You were not capable of making better decisions.

That's why everyone between 14 and 22 are idiots--they're hormones are changing every day and making them crazy without any discernment or good judgement available to them.

I've completely forgiven myself for the year I was 19. All of it.

Like Lindsey, my eye was drawn to the color of the books, although I think the predominance of orange must mean that many of them are Penguins?

I have an "organize by color" bookshelf child myself.

As for the picture, it only shows how relaxed you were that night. :)

I too made many bad decisions in my younger years. But here is the thing: they led me here, and here is good. If I went back and undid even a single one of them, what if I never got here, with my kids and a husband that every day makes me think how lucky I was to meet him? What if I met him on the same day, at the same time, but hadn't gone through all the crap that made me ready to meet him, appreciate him, and welcome him into my life?

So yeah, I have to appreciate the role the bad decisions had in making me me, even if I regret the rather egregious effects on the people who were on the short end of those sticks, y'know?

Ya can't go back and fix. Ya don't know what will come down the pike. This moment is what we've got. Glad you have near and dear ones close to you at the end of the year!

So many symbols, football, a clock, an empty bowl, a fairy waving her wand in midair, and her adoring supplicant...

All symbolism = As. It. Should. Be.


worth it.

To paraphrase Douglas Adams ... You may not have done what you thought you should do, but you have ended up where you were supposed to be.

Happy New Year!

Your happiness makes me happy. :) Happy new year to all the Hippogriffs!

Happy New Year! Yeah...the gratefulness that somehow despite yourself, you have ended up here...and now...it's amazing when you have a moment to step back and let yourself live that moment.

I second (third) the notion that we must have specifics about the Australians!

As to the symbolism: Caroline is clearly some sort of deity who bestows blessings on unsuspecting families. She has existed before all of you and will exist long after you (though her form may be somewhat changed -- still lovely of course!)...she bestows her good upon those who read, who love football and food, who wait and hope and dream. She bestows and is, herself, part of the fulfillment of the waiting. There's magic in that room...from her...and from all of you:)

Happy new year to you and yours. Thank you for writing, Julia. xxx

My feelings about past decisions is this - I wouldn't be in this good place today if I had not made those bad decisions. And I'm in a wonderful place today.

Yay for family, wine and football. Yay for being in a perfect place if just for this moment.

Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family.

Happy Anniversary to you and Steve! You were a very beautiful bride!

I spit on the grave of my twenties.

(H.L. Mencken, I think.)

Life's much better now. I'm glad it's better for you, too. Let's everyone work on letting the past be past. All of those cells have been replaced, and now we're brand new.

Happy 2013!

Ha, I have Australians in my past too! Perhaps that is their actual raison d'ĂȘtre? I used to play the 'what if' game but then I had my daughter and can't do it anymore because any little change could have resulted in her not being here. It's kind of nice to just let go I have to say.

As an Australian, I apologise profusely on their behalf. Please don't hold it against us, we're not all wild! Some of us could think of nothing better than curling up with a glass of red and a good book. :-)

You deserve nothing less. We all do. Happy New Year to a lovely family.

I, too, have intriguing stories of Australians in my past. Just imagine all those Australians telling wild stories about the Americans they met back in their teens and twenties!

Symbolism? Sometimes the thing itself is sufficient. Caroline rules!!!

Unfortunately, all the mistakes I have made have all been local. (I'm a big 30 miles from my birthplace.) There are times when I really wish my husband and I could move somewhere that has people that didn't know the teenager or 20s me.

Oh, yes. If I could get my hands on my 20-something self I would shake her so hard my teeth would still be rattling.

Yay for enjoying good moments.

So um are we ever getting the story of the first marriage?

I'm Australian and I can barely trust myself, so I know what you mean...

I have the same sort of things that I look back on - but with more a sense of "Oh well, what can you do?". In retrospect though riding pillion with the French guy hopped up on LSD driving the motorbike that NYE was probably quite stupid.

I have a handful of years in which I made outrageously poor decisions with alarming frequency. (No Aussies in my past, but I did also once break into a swimming pool.) And now my life is so ridiculously full of joy (that doesn't result in anguish later), peace, and very little law breaking. It's sometimes hard for me to grasp that all that I have done in life was all done by just one me. Just the one! And sometimes I too now focus on letting the joyous calm that is so often my life now soak in as deeply as it possibly can.

welcome to the club.. for me it was 1999 + Australians... yeah, some dubious decisions were made

love the photo!

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