A Very Good Day
Warmest Holiday Greetings From Patrick


Two pictures from yesterday:


Mournful, the Grey-Eyed Reindeer and his sister, YouWillNoticeMeDespiteMyLackOfSequins who can somehow find the lens from thirty yards away


This picture reminds me of another photo I took of her several years ago


Caroline Jane Hippogriff, Not Pitying The Fool Since 2007

Speaking of Caroline, she and I had our first (and last) battle over clothing today. I thought the stripes on stripes ensemble that she had selected for their karate birthday party was not quite... quite and she thought I should go, well, let's say that she thought that I should go jump into a lake. 

Using words like lumps of ice she dropped each one very carefully, "I. Want. To. Look. Like. A. Rainbow. For. My. Party. "


And she did.

You know what? I am never arguing with her about clothing again. Ever. I bought it. She can choose it from there. I am actually embarrassed that I was even fleetingly caught up in my own 'I will dress her like my doll' moment.

Today they had their karate birthday party and it was terrific. I worried that it would not be universally enjoyable but they arranged for three young instructors to run the party and it was tremendously fun. 


Edward running to kick a bolster with Caroline chatting (almost en pointe) in the background.

And ultimately, there is this:


(No, she is not taller. However she has much longer legs and she is standing on her toes.)