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December 22, 2012


happy birthday party!!!

They are wonderful. So glad you got here. Happy five years to the Thirteens.

Ohhh! Happy Happy Birthday to Caroline and Edward!

Yay!!! Happy Birthday, Caroline and Edward!

Happy birthday! <3

What a beautiful rainbow and reindeer! Happy birthday to both!

Five? The Thirteens are 5? I feel so OLD.

Happy Birthday you crazy fun kids!

Congrats on a successful birthday AND for letting go of the clothing issue.

My mom controlled what I wore until I was in high school and made my life a living hell about it. I can still vividly see all the battles over clothes at home and in stores, and yes, there was screaming. And the battle over money for clothes continued (a related, but separate issue) until I got a job at 15.

I'm 43 years old and your post just brought it all back in an instant.

It is not worth ONE second of your time to tell her what to wear (excepting weather-appropriate outerwear for health and safety, of course)and it will save you both decades of pain and suffering.

I should add that not all the screaming was mine and I was not trying to wear anything Goth, punk, obscene, black, weird, or edgy.

I wanted to wear plain, preppy clothes like polo shirts and crew neck sweaters. My mom wanted me to wear the clothes she had wanted to wear when she was a child but could't because they were too poor (lace, peter pan collars, embroidery, etc.)

Happy Birthday to them both!

I try very hard not to get into clothes battles, but will admit to expressing opinions about clashing patterns. But faced with rainbow desires, what can you do but back down?

My daughter was, and still is, adamant about how she wants to dress. From the age of three. I learned not to make it a battle- I didn't buy anything I wasn't willing to let her wear. We negotiated when it came to "occasions" where there are certain expectations, like weddings, or funerals. Now, at just about 14 (!) she has a fabulous sense of style - far better than mine - and innate self confidence. So glad I let that battle go!

Happy Birthday, twinks!

So adorable.

My 9 year old dressed recently in striped leggings, (differently) striped shirt, striped socks, crazy patterned shoes and even striped fish earrings. When I tried to gently suggest that perhaps all those different stripes didn't quite coordinate she looked me straight in the eye and said "they're MY clothes and MY style, and they make me happy." Ok, point taken, and I must admit, the look has grown on me (and besides, I figure no one would ever think for even one second that her mother dressed her that way).

Happy birthday Edward and Caroline!

Oh goodness, the battles you will save yourself. This summer my eight year old matched Madras shorts with a plaid dress shirt and a striped tie. I took deep breaths. And then I took pictures.

Prepare yourself for the "I want it shaved on the sides and long in the back" choices next.

Happy Birthday, Caroline & Edward! You make me smile on very gloomy days!

I'm not sure I could have let her go in that outfit. My two sons have never done anything like that, I guess because boys just don't have the clothes options that girls have.

Anyway, congratulations on being able to let it go! I'm sure it will make life easier in the next 10-15 years!

Happy Birthday Caroline & Edward!

I too decided the clothing fight wasn't worth the headache. I do, however, call my daughter Punky Brewster on a regular basis because of the outfits she puts together!

I think Caroline looked great!

When my daughter was small she dressed herself. Her outfit one day was horizontal rainbow striped tights, a diagonal rainbow striped dress, and a polka-dotted rainbow sweater. Her flawless logic was that they matched because they "all had purple."

I've never picked their outfits, and it works really well. I do make weather suggestions, which they comply with without arguing (maybe because they otherwise have their own choice?). My son is funny because he invariably picks whatever shirt is on top in his drawer, so I have been known to put a shirt on the top when I want him to wear it. He has no idea, though. lol

My daughter insists on dressing like a boy. Pink is gross, and ruffles? NOT ACCEPTABLE. I've learned to just go with it. Even when people compliment me on my handsome son. She smiles at them and says, "I'm a girl!" I finally realized that if it doesn't bother her, it shouldn't bother me. That was a long road, though. :)

Happy birthday to Edward and Caroline! They are both absolutely gorgeous.

Happy Birthday Edward and Caroline! Letting them express themselves through their clothing choice is a safe way to explore who they are. Just like with Patrick and his socks, you are raising spirited children and it shows. Today Caroline felt like celebrating her special day with rainbows, good for you for letting her do just that.

I can't believe they are five. That must mean I have been reading for something like 6 or 7 years. Somehow it doesn't feel that way.
It is funny to me how my least favorite clothing item always becomes the "must-wear-every-single-day" item. Oh well. As you said, much biger fish to fry than clothes.

Haha! "I. Want. To. Be. A. Rainbow. For. My. Party." I just about died. My daughter dresses herself (she's 5) and has since she started caring about what she wore last year. She routinely "matches" clothing with the logic that "they both have pink/yellow/blue" even if they are the opposite spectrum of matching. And she hates wearing matching socks. I say, whatever, because if other people judge me on what my child is wearing, well, then, they're not worth my time. And it makes her happy to have control over at least part of her world.

They are too adorable. And Caroline will either be hell on wheels as a teenager or have figured out all the angles by then and have you both wrapped around her little finger.

I agree on the clothes thing. I don't dress my boys, I let them choose their own and have since they were about 4 and could dress themselves. Who cares what they wear?

When my sister was about 4 she would wear only one thing: pink overalls with a Bambi print. This went on for several months. My grandma made the first pair and made a 2nd so my mom could wash them. It was a pain with many tears if both pairs happened to get dirty.

She has a 2.5 year old now. I figure her time is coming since my niece has rather strong opinions.

Happy birthday to Edward and Caroline.

I have to throw clothes out to stop my son wearing them. His favourite is to wear ripped jeans to the point of really being rags and he chews his shirts so they get holes in the collars.

Have a lovely Christmas with your beautiful family!

Gosh, five! Happy birthday to Caroline and Edward!

I've been very much enjoying frequent posts. Have a Merry Christmas!
Julie Johnson

Oh wow the twinkles are 5. How delicious and adorable they are!

Looking like a rainbow for her party sounds like a GREAT plan to me! I realize she's probably doing a karate kick in the photo, but I'd like to think she's kicking up her heels, rainbow style.

I can't believe they're so OLD! Love reading you every day! Merry Christmas!

Happy birthday to Caroline and Edward! What blessings the 13s have turned out to be. :)

Glory be. The 13s are five. Oh, Julia. Still so so happy for you all that you finally got them. {{hugs}}

Also: Go Packers! :-D

The only 2 times I argued with my daughter about clothing choices was when she chose to wear thong underwear in middle school, and the day she wore two padded bras to make it look like she was on Real Housewives of Wherever, also in middle school. Middle school was a disaster from start to finish, though.

The only times I fight with my 3 year old over clothes is when she's getting her pictures taken or we're seeing someone who we don't see on a regular basis (and doesn't have kids!). The rest of the time, I really don't care. And she's been known to put together two colors that should never be put together. (And my son wore his Packer shirt yesterday. On Christmas! Wouldn't have been my first choice, but since he was dressed, I wasn't going to mess with him.)

I'm glad the party worked out. I remember trying the whole "You'll wear this!" nonsense with my oldest daughter. She has been so completely her own person that it was a short lived battle (which makes me appreciate her, um, eclectic(?) taste at 12. I never bothered with my 9 yr old. You're dressed AND you changed your underwear? Let's go.

I've gotta admit, I deliberately assert some control over my daughter's wardrobe now (at six years old), so I can maintain at least an influence when she's a teenager. I don't ask for "girly" clothes, all I insist on is "situationally appropriate". I just wrote a huge comment as to how and why, then came back and deleted it before posting.

Let's just say that growing up with a sister who was never given boundaries in the clothing department let me see some negative effects of what that lack of boundaries can do.

"I. Want. To. Look. Like. A. Rainbow. For. My. Party."

I cannot stop laughing. I rarely comment, even though I remember reading here before the twins. However that line is killing me.

Coming to the party a bit late, but Happy Birthday to 13A and 13B!

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