And Also To You
Deo Volente


Edward has been on the couch all day long, too feverish and lethargic to do anything but watch television and drink tiny bird sips of juice and water. At one point his raspy little voice called, "Mommy! Come feel my head!"

I went into the living room and he said, "Put your hand on my head but don't look at me. Turn your face."

I obliged.

He said, "I think we should get that" and I realized that he had lured me with the promise of a fever check only to direct my attention to a commercial for space saver bags. "That way if we have yots of bankets we can put them into the bags and vacuum them and squish it down."

Clearly he has watched a few too many hours of daytime TV. Equally clearly he was probably a little delirious - space saver bags forsooth.

I tried to ignore Steve when he started putting on extra layers of clothing this morning. I tried to ignore the fact that he developed an unwholesome pallor and started coughing. When he collapsed into bed before lunchtime I was forced to acknowledge that he, too, is sick - curse him.

After I chided him for succumbing to illness when we have houseguests arriving in two days and are hosting a New Year's Eve party, I brought him tea and juice. Then I consoled him with the fact that at least he isn't mission critical. In fact I am pretty sure he can be replaced by a ferret.

A ferret I will call Bueller.

PS The fire station is called Everday Heroes Something by KidKraft and I am very impressed with it. It is very sturdy and wooden, came with lots of nicely made little furniture pieces and required four screws and two minutes to completely assemble. 

PPS The stocking hooks are temporary, courtesy of the brilliant 3M command strips that I use for more or less everything. 

PPPS I wonder if I could use Edward's space saver bags on Steve? Stick him in, squish him down, tuck him under the bed and then fluff him up again once he's well.