I'm A Keeper
Four Day Weekend? REALLY?

The Word Judgmentally Makes Me Nervous Too

I'm sorry but it is true. At the parties that I have attended for the ten-and-unders gifts arrived covered in giftwrap, nestled in tissue paper, and stuffed into bags. All three. Look, I'm not advocating for this method. I'm not saying it is right. I'm just telling you how it is. I'm pretty sure for adult gifts we just do the tissue and bag (at least, I did on Friday with the wine and the book) but out here in this specific wedge of Minnesota we go all out to celebrate the natal day of a child. I'm surprised the bag itself is not then placed inside the trunk of a tree felled just for the occasion.

My new plan though (once I work through my existing bag stash, naturally - shouldn't be long since I am already back to 2003) is to follow Stephanie's idea and buy some of these charming (reusable!) lunch totes and gift 'em. Aren't those cute? Or... oh for cute as I can say now that I am a Minnesotan.

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify this: wrap, nestle, stuff.

I also wanted to thank Heidi for her kindness in pointing out that I have been writing "lead" for "led" since... I'm not sure if it has been since forever but certainly for the past several weeks. I do remember looking at it critically after typing it a few times ago and thinking, "Is that right? Maybe I should look it up" but then my inner editor said, "Nonsense. It looks grate" so I left it at that.

True story: when I was in third grade I was confused as to whether the word is spelled "their" or "thier" so I wrote it both ways. My third grade teacher never corrected it so I decided that either spelling was acceptable (like color and colour) and it was not until college that someone pointed and laughed. Oh! And speaking of pointing and laughing (at me. in college) I was in a seminar my senior year when I said something something was the epitome of something but I pronounced it eh-pih-tome.

My professor actually stopped the class and said, "Did you just say eh-pih-tome?" and I said, "Um, yes?"

And he said, "Eh-pih-toh-mee! Eh-pih-toh-mee! Christ! Aren't you a senior? And are they letting you graduate with an English degree?" 

I said, "Yep."

And he said, "Who's your advisor?"

And I said, "You are, actually."

He paused and said, "You do brilliant work."

I thanked him.   

I just read that over and it sounded kind of harsh but really it was all very jolly and amusing.

Speaking of misspelled words: Patrick blocks on 'friend' (he always puts the e before the i - it's cute) and I cannot spell 'occasionally' without having to look it up every single time. Something about the c's and s's and n's and l's always makes me want to double them up all wrong. I suppose we all have certain word enemies, no?