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February 26, 2013


Mercy. I adore your family.

Oh, God. Dying of laughter here. Whatever-age-year-olds seem to be the BEST. (I can't remember. Are they six? Five?)

So glad I checked before getting down to work (at, oh, 10:30 at night). Just the diversion I needed! Thank you!

I LOVE this post! No ridiculous groups for me either. Ha! [*JAZZ HANDS*]

It feels good to laugh.

I very rarely laugh out loud over something I read, but this has me cracking up. And I keep re-reading it and laughing some more. My favorite post ever!

I love the arm story! Haaa!

By the way, the now defunct Scrambled gave me a lot of mileage per post in its short lifetime. I still cook recipes from it--in fact I'm cooking the couscous cakes tomorrow night. So basically this is a clumsy hint that, if you were looking for other stuff to do with your copious spare time, you know...I would LOVE if you resurrected it.

Oh, that is a joke every secular parent could love.

Ohmygosh ... the belly laugh I got from the arm story might have been worth the week's wait! (Or maybe I'm just being ridiculous here.... ;o)

Ha ha! I'm one of the third of the imaginary population who belong to no ridiculous group at all - unless my nutty family counts as a ridiculous group. Although, apparently not as we are all a figment of someone's imagination;)

Ha! From the mouths of babes...

And you have described my early mornings almost perfectly, dead arm rigamarole and all, except in my case the little person is incessantly whispering and/or singing to herself and intermittently inquiring as to whether or not it is time for brek-test yet?

Love when you hit publish! Thanks.

This post was certainly worth the wait!
I enjoyed it tremendously.

Cried laughing.

A genuine laugh out loud moment! Just what I needed to cheer up a gloomy day.

laugh out loud funny... thank you.

Love the arm story! I laughed so much that I had to read it to my teen and I couldn't make it through it without cracking up all over again. He also appreciated it.

That is just too much! Love it.

Oh, Caroline is a hoot! I'm very fond of my rediculous group, but I can sympathize being married to "That Guy." My husband has strong feelings about the Age To Have Children. He managed to offend the parents of C1's playmate by suggesting having children beyond a certain age was irresponsible. (I believe a 64 year old actor had just died of cancer, leaving a 4 year old daughter.) I was mortified when we had dinner at his grad school prof's house and I mentioned my 50 year old father was retiring, and the prof replied that he was over 50 and had a 3 year old. Luckily, that time DH kept his mouth shut until the car ride home.

I love your posts!! The arm story was hilarious, as are Edward's excuses. My youngest used to sneak in our bedroom, so we started locking the door. Then, for a week or two, he would politely and persistently knock in the middle of the night. Now, if he wakes anyone up at night, he loses TV time the next day. I know, it punishes me, too. But I get to sleep in my bed all night!!

I think Edward might end up as a lawyer. Or perhaps an excellent salesman.

I long ago surrendered: the combination of a husband that alternates between coming in late from hockey and then showering in our ensuite, and getting up at 5 am to get ready for work, added to the delight of my kids when I steal into their comfier-than-my bed means I wake up with the kids in one of their beds most mornings.

Truthfully, morning cuddles with my sleepy wee ones is one of the highlights of my day.

So...any comments from Patrick about the Child's Guide to Imaginary New Zealand?

I adhere to multiple ridiculous, but not in religious terms. More importantly, WHY'RE THERE BOOKS ABOUT IMAGINARY PLACES? *executes perfect jazz hands*

You make me happy (you being collective, for the entirety of your family.)

I loved the arm story! I haven't laughed so hard at something I've read for a while...

Tee hee! Omigosh, what a lovely start to the day.

I always look for a new blog post for you, because I know I'll be entertained!

I tried emailing you, but don't know if the email address was still current; is Patrick still collecting license plates, or has he moved on to greater things? We got new plates in Mississippi this year, so I have one I could send to a new home.

I'm in tears ovah here. Ha!

Laughing so hard at the arm story lmfao


I *always* love your posts, Julia; but I don't always laugh out loud. Today? Definitely I laughed out loud!

Edward may turn out to be your smartest kid yet! He's certainly my favorite rightthisverymoment!

I only found your blog a couple months ago via a link to a very old post (pre-twinks). I've been reading forward from that point for a few weeks now and thoroughly thorougly enjoying both your posts and the comments.

I'm up to where your twins are one, and it is SO cool to periodically skip over to your current entry and see how your kids' personalities from 4 years ago manifest themselves now. Edward is as careful as ever! Caroline still plows ahead - this time in her reading! Patrick has an even more awesome sense of humor!

My daughters, ages 7 and 12, were 13 months and 15 months when they joined my family, so I missed their early years. It was great to experience babyhood vicariously through C&E. I love how you capture the small 'insignificant' moments that cumulatively form a life.

>> I'm still sleeping ovuh here! << LMAO!

Starting my day with such a wonderful post :) with a smile on my face

Love it!
BTW, we put one of those doorknob thingies on our bedroom door so kiddo can't just come into our room.
Then we had to install a cat arch in the door so the cat could still sleep on our bed if the door were closed.
It's not perfect but it works more often than not.

As joy as always.

Um, make that a joy as always.

Oh! Pam reminds me I could also send a MS plate if you are still wanting some.

So freaking cute. My almost 4 yr old's reason for coming to our bed: "I wanted to sleep with someone real."

Oh, I can identify, from the husband who badgers people about their Ridiculousness to being crowded out of my own bed, but in my case it's a 75-pound dog, not a child. But mostly I just love the way you tell it.

Speaking of Jazz Hands... Brian Switek (@Laelaps) tweeted at 1:11am - 1 Mar 13:

Caution: Icy conditions cause jazz hands (seen today Zion National Park) http://t.co/B2Nt1CNhN8 (https://twitter.com/Laelaps/status/307372396359335936)

I tried to comment the other day from my phone, but it didn't take. Essentially - I have done that thing with the arm. Really freaked my husband and me out.

Also, your ad right now is for Wasteland, which I guess is a clothing store. It looks like someone took Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and combined it with the punk rock movement. Somehow, not what I imagine you wearing....

Love it! I do belong to a ridiculous group, still love it! And the arm... too funny.

Why is it I can see my Kitty using the X box excuse in years to come! Edward has wonderful ingenuity in his justifications; perhaps there is a future in politics for him!

You are the greatest. And so are your children. I love reading this blog which makes me feel that there are mothers out there thinking, laughing and still making puns to their children, whether they get it or not.

This really is the most beautifully written blog. I'm so glad that you blog so much - sometimes it just saves my life. Or if not my life, gives me a kind of literary siesta from whatever is here, in front of me right now.

Love this. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing stories about your disturbed sleep and numb arm in a way that brings joy! I hope that your circulation is now back :-) And I too am part of a ridiculous group but still laughed.

I love it! I imagine that Edward is going to start bringing an eyeshade and earplugs.


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Hmm ... not sure about being the next comment after 'ole Jeclochewly, but here' goes nothin'.

So, everything after "Steve has vowed that one of his new conversational gambits will be to ask people if they adhere to any particular ridiculous" is absolutely, thigh-slappingly hysterical!

Favs? "Where am I?" and the image of you beating the crap out of Steve's arm.

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