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PS Shingles

Let's see... shingles shingles SHINGLES! Shingles Shingles shingles shingles. shingles. I think that covers it. On Saturday Steve and I saw Silver Linings Playbook (liked it) and went out to dinner (finally tried pork belly - I... I don't get it. it's like overcooked incredibly fatty pork. big deal) Other than that, you know, shingles.

Acshuwee, all hail anti-virals! From your comments (and I am deeply sorry for your past suffering) it is obvious that I got off easy. Some itching, some tenderness, a brief period of hideousness but now I am almost past it. So what was that? Ten days from beginning to end? Not bad.

[I am interrupting with a new math question for you. Patrick has just stomped into my space with steam coming out of his ears over another one of these blasted online quizzes:

Find the value of a such that the points (4,a) and (8, 3a) lie on a line with slope m=1/3

Please help before Patrick beats his computer to death with his algebra book]

Speaking of Patrick, he has been skiing once a week since Christmas and it's doing all sorts of good things for his self-confidence and social skills (and yeah his skiing but self-confidence! social skills!) On Saturday Patrick - the same Patrick who was unable to tell me the name of a single child in his first grade class - breezily informed me that he had spent the entire day riding the lifts with a girl named Grace who is ten years old, in the fourth grade and lives across the river. He is also on a first-name basis with most of the ski instructors so he greets and is greeted by an assortment of adults as we traverse the ski school. I asked him the other week what he found to discuss with the sixty year old instructor with whom he was paired all day and he said, "Small talk."

Whew. It's like and then, one day, in his own time, Patrick made small talk.

On the other side of the spectrum... I'm sure Caroline called to tell you this already or maybe you heard it from the Target cashier(s) in whom she confided or perhaps you got her tweet but SHE LOST A TOOTH.


Huh. Wrong picture. You can't tell in this one, can you?


There. Gap visible although, just between you and me

[I'm tempted to write "you and I" because for some reason I make that mistake often when I  talk to my mother and every single time she corrects me. So I start over again, "Well, just between you and me... " and then I stop. "What?" she asks and I have to admit that I have forgotten what I was going to say. Grammarians no doubt have a special place in heaven but what price gossip?]

Fortunately I have a visual prompt this time so, just between you and me, I think people look ridiculous when they start to lose teeth and even goofier when they grow newer big ones. To be fair in this case, though, I think Caroline looks less silly than scary. There is a touch of the kudlak about Caroline.

Edward, bless him, grew new teeth before his bottom two fell out so although he resembled a shark for a week or two he now looks like a toothpaste model - all toothy. See? You cannot even tell that he lost the middle two baby teeth a month or so ago.


Eh. A few more of Edward because I just think he is so pretty.




Caroline talks about leaving Minnesota a lot.

"When I am a teenager I am going*... " she begins and then usually finishes by naming the country to which she will move... Australia, Brazil, France.

"You can come with me Eddybear," she adds.

But Edward says, "Ohhhh no. Uh uh. No way. I am going to stay here and die."

I am pretty sure he means he is going to stay here until he dies and I am equally sure that by "here" he doesn't just mean Minnesota he means here, in our house, on the couch.

Frankly, I'm ok with that.

*The other day she said, "When I am a teenager I am going" and finished with "to move in with my boyfriend" and from some far reaching corner of the house came the anguished "nooooooooooooooo" of her father. 

She said "What was THAT?" and I told her it was a yeti in the woods.

"Oh," she said. 

PS 2/3. Patrick got 2/3 but his online quiz rejected it. Twice. So he tried 0.6 and then 0.666 and then 0.66666666666666 which is when he came and shouted at me. Like I have anything to do with it.