Quelle Surprise
Me Grim

Name Something That Comes In A Jar Besides Jelly... Jelly!

I had a big stack of mail to deal with today, included amongst was a form from my health insurance company asking tactfully if there was anyone we needed to sue for negligently letting me concuss myself. I filled it out (what: hit head; why: high heels comma oafish) and then looked around for the pre-addressed, metered envelope that had been included with their letter. I couldn't find it. I finished writing checks and licking envelopes (I'm old school) and then I went through the stack to make sure I had a stamp on everything: mortgage, credit, phone, credit, Caroline missive, electric company, pre-addressed metered health insurance... huh. I held the envelope up to the light to see what was inside it and discovered that I had responded to my insurer's request for additional information concerning my claim towards expenses related to a head injury by

sending them the April payment for our auto insurance.

I am almost sorry I caught my error because I suspect that someone in the claims department would have been amused.

Moving on. Most important! I am in an NCAA suicide bracket and I'm in knots over who to pick for tonight. The deal is that you pick one team to win per day and then you cannot pick that team again in the tournament. The only team I cannot take today is Indiana.

Who do you think? Syracuse? Wichita State? Ohio State? I just need someone who is going to win. Please advise.