Let's Go For Two
Quelle Surprise

Not Like An Egg, More Like A Boulder

It is Spring Break and to keep in the spirit of things I kicked off the week by fracturing my skull. I know, I know. You're thinking, Julia, DON'T jump off the motel balcony into the pool but in the excitement of the moment...

In truth I had been at my friend's fundraiser for all of about forty minutes on Saturday when I excused myself from the table to use the bathroom. While I was in there I managed to trip (high heels/tiled floor) and crashed headfirst into the side of a pedestal sink. Blammo. If I were a bell I'd have been riiiiingiiing. Sunday I felt gross. Monday I still felt gross. Tuesday I went to the doctor who diagnosed a concussion and ordered a CT scan from which the radiologist noted a "clinically insignificant" linear fracture. 

I was, like, "Aaaaaaand?"

And nothing. That's it. Concussion. Insignificant fracture. Rest, try not to do anything (think, watch TV, read) for more than twenty minutes at a time and avoid high-risk activities because the second concussion is the killer.

"You mean high-risk activities like walking into a bathroom?" I asked.

"For you, apparently," the doctor zinged back and for a moment it was like I was talking to Dr. Future Patrick.

Speaking of Patrick, he has stepped up to fill the breach left by my languishing and Steve working and has cobbled together a fairly decent Spring Break preschool program. He is going to make some lucky international family a great summer au pair one day although I am thinking I might need to connect him with one of the more easy-going countries (say, Australia) where they won't necessarily expect all of their children to be returned at the end of the day in exactly the same condition in which they started.

He built snow forts


and then he armed the twins for snow battles


[not pictured: Caroline in a flood of tears after being hit in the head by a snowball]

He made hot chocolate and got bowls of teddy grahams for everyone


then entertained them with a teddy graham-based puppetshow


[not pictured: my face as I realized that his teddy graham narrative was macabre beyond measure or the speed with which I cut him off]

He has introduced a game in which he is the airplane and Caroline and Edward take turns being passenger but only after they correctly identify their arrival city/state or city/country

(Caroline woke me up from a mild doze on the couch and said, "Quick! What's the big city of a catrickle of Nebraska!"

"Urhhm... Omaha?"

Three minutes later she returned, flashing spite.

"Mommy! You were wrong! What's the REAL capital of Nebraska?"

Lincoln, people. It's Lincoln.


Enough said and that is it for my twenty minutes.

PS We have watched a ton of movies from the library this week and I expect we'll watch a ton more. The twins are easy with the old standbys but I finally accepted that they like Chicken Run (I don't) and got them Wallace and Grommit and Shaun the Sheep. For Patrick we've tried the new Star Trek (with the young Kirk) and Pink Panther 2 (Steve Martin.) Both were wildly popular but I am about to press my luck with Strictly Ballroom which I LOVE and haven't seen in ages. Steve and Patrick are skeptical.

Other movie recommendations for ten year olds? Do you think Austin Powers is too suggestive?