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March 15, 2013


OWWWWW!! Hope you feel better really soon. Patrick will be perfect for Australian kids (although many of us parents do prefer matching head counts at the start and end of the day) but will just need to adapt his activity program from snow to sand. He's a resourceful kid, I'm sure he'll be right on it :)

Both my 7 YO and 5 YO boys currently love Wreck it Ralph and the Avengers (the former being a Disney cartoon movie and the latter a live-action Marvel flick). We really liked Iron Man 1 & 2 as well.

Some others in our repertoire include the Jurassic Parks (with III being the favorite of the three), the first Men In Black (the later ones are too PG-132 & R for them), and the Pirates of the Caribbean series (which received a so-so reception not because of the scare factor, but because or the boredom factor). The Fifth Element seemed to hold their attention as did the recent The Amazing Spiderman.

How about the Night at the Museum set (I and II)? They are often requested and well liked by my guys.

The Simpsons Movie is a huge hit and requested at least twice a month (we do movies on all non-school nights).

I can't remember if you've introduced Patrick to Zoolander? I haven't shown it to my kids as they wouldn't find it interesting, but I'm wondering if Patrick might like it with his penchant for sewing and fashion sense?

That's it from our list of movies. I'd love to hear which ones you liked as well!

That right there is the exact reason I never wear heels. Very uncoordinated under the best if circumstances, and heels on tile is pretty much as bad as it gets. Holy crap! I would like to know how any kind of crack in your cranium in considered insignificant?! But I guess, silver lining and all, a few days to lounge, nap, read, watch TV, not so bad...

Patrick is awesome and he could coordinate activities for my kids any day. Seems much more to their liking than what I normally come up with. Even with the teddy graham death scenes.

As for movie suggestions, I would only say Austin Powers is too much for 10 if he would actually GET the innuendo. Does that make sense? If you are worried about it for him, then I would say it probably is a problem. What about Money Pit, or some good old Monty Python stuff? Ten is a tough age for movies. They understand enough to make things uncomfortable, and aren't old enough to be OK with them seeing/hearing it necessarily.

Have they watched the Star Wars movies?

Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, The Princess Bride. We've been watching the old Sean Connery James Bond movies our kids 9 & 12.

i adore strictly ballroom. i actually rented it last week (on amazon) and realized anew what a gem it is.

you've seen muriel's wedding, right?

would Patrick like Best in Show?

also, feel better! a good friend had an awful concussion at the end of the year. get lots of sleep!

Oh no! I hope you recover quickly. Yikes.

My gut sense is that YES Austen Powers is too suggestive for a 10-year old. Since you asked.

Fellow klutz and concussion survivor here, although mine involved ice skates but no skull fracture, although the ER doc was genuinely surprised by that. It will take you a while to get over it, and don't be surprised if things are slow, muddy even, in your brain for several months. It is definitely a good excuse for a lot of down time. I recommend much lounging on the couch while being entertained by Patrick especially. Caroline can practice laying artfully and delicately next to you, looking delicate and slightly peaked, and Edward can give you your daily dose of sweetness, and maybe bring you cold drinks or rub your feet. ;)

As for movies, what about vintage Herbie? Escape to Witch Mountain? I wholeheartedly second The Princess Bride. What about Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away? Those are anime movies but are both sweet and clever. I suspect Patrick would really like them. Hang in there, feel better!

I'm gonna go retro and suggest the original Pink Panther, plus old Marx Brothers movies. Some of them drag for modern viewers (Night at the Opera, ugh) but my brother and I spent hours memorizing and quoting back Duck Soup and Monkey Business.

Based on this post I got Strictly Ballroom and... good gravy! It's brilliant! The perfect antidote to Babel, which I just watched, and happens to be tragically boring. Thanks for the tip.

Goonies and Back to The Future were a big hit with my boys. We also watch The Wizard of Oz last week. I wanted them to see it before we went to see the new Oz movie. They enjoyed both!

Back to the Future! It's still totally awesome. And yeah, my kids really liked Goonies, too.

One of my favorite classics from the 80s was Labyrinth (NOT to be confused with Pan's Labyrinth, which was recent and absolutely positively not for children). It's also awesome and stands the test of time.

Patrick will love "Real Genius" in a few years, but at the moment I think he's probably a little too young.

We love Shaun the Sheep too. We have watched all of them about 3 times. Also Princess Bride, The Love Bug, Tin Tin (the new movie and the Canadian series that is recent. The old ones are terrible), Phineas and Ferb, and we LOVED Wreck it Ralph. I was very surprised by that one.

I agree that Austin Powers is too suggestive, unless you want Patrick referring to shagging and all kinds of penis and boob jokes.

OMG Strictly Ballroom. I love that movie and had forgotten all about it!! Thanks for the reminder!

New steps, new steps! Love Strictly Ballroom.

Goonies, Pirates of Penzance with Kevin Cline, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, BMX Bandits, if you can get it (80s Australian movie with an hilariously coiffed Nicole Kidman). Princess Bride, definitely. Phar Lap, another Australian one about a famous e race horse. Man From Snowy River,with a fabulous cameo by Kirk Douglas. National Velvet and The Black Stallion (I was a horsey kid).

Patrick can be my au pair any time.

Flight of the Navigator was a hit with my 10 and 8. Also those National Treasure movies with that actor - Nick Cage, I think. I winced watching the movies - questionable acting and plot - but the boys loved them. My 10 also loved Super 8 - a kind of smart monster movie, recent. He also loves Downton Abbey, which works out well for his parents... Feel better.

My kids love The Goonies. And someone mentioned Monty Python. I could totally see Patrick watching The Holy Grail. And quoting it relentlessly.

Ouch that sounds like quite a clonk. As far as films go I'd second the Monty Python films and maybe if you can get them some Blackadder episodes? We watched a run of the Mighty Ducks films recently but I'm not sure if Patrick will have seen them already. Has he seen Stardust? It seems a natural progression to The Princess Bride. Good luck with the in home cinema!

A bit left field, but i would recommend Jacques Tati films. I remember watching Mon Oncle and Mr Hulot's Holiday at around age 10 and finding them really engaging. They are mostly without dialogue so the French doesn't get in the way. They are physical and visual comedies that i think Patrick might appreciate.

These are not movies but Avatar-the last airbender (series NOT movie). The legend of Korra, The new Doctor Who series. Also if he can handle it Buffy the vampire slayer. Series or movie. Most will disagree but the movie is not as bad as we say...it is just the series is so much better. Oh, Oh! Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Good luck with skull that is cracked:)

Take it easy! Know lots of people who tried to come back too quickly from their concussions and ended up sort of having to start over again on their recoveries. So. Someone should likely be reading these comments to you. The not reading and not watching TV would drive me up a wall, but better several weeks of crazy than several months!

Also, Wreck It Ralph is pretty darn brilliant. I'm not a big kids movie fan, will watch them once in theaters for the popcorn and day out and ac in the summer. But, I'd watch it again, just because it was that much fun/clever.

Dang! however, i'm sure you looked AWESOME up until and even, perhaps DURING the 'incident'.

For future use as it is probably not going to be much help a week later, look up (and procure, maybe?) Arnica Montana. It's a wonder non-drug that reduces swelling, and by default, pain and bruising. I keep a little bottle of the pellets in my purse and a larger refill bottle in my medicine 'shelf'.

Big big vote of confidence for Austin Powers - perfect film for 10-year-olds. Perfect. Also that Star Wars parody, Space Balls - but Austin P rules supreme.

And please be careful: bathrooms really are dangerous. Hope you are mending speedily.

One thing that Austin Powers has that Blackadder doesn't (though we watch Blackadder too, of course): sweetness. Despite all the potty and boob and penis humor, there is something fundamentally sweet there -- very appealing.
Just think: if the world ended tomorrow, Patrick would have never seen Austin Powers. That is very wrong.

Jewel of the Nile is so hilarious for parents and children - nothing really bad happens but loads of silliness.

Blazing Saddles (but explain that the language is NOT okay).

Groundhog Day.


Superman (w/ Christopher Reeve).

The old Batman shows.

I had a friend who broke her leg turning over in bed. Danger is everywhere.

Movies - We love Miyazaki, but I think Spirited Away might be a bit old for the twins. Try My Neighbor Totoro, KiKi's Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky, Porco Rosso, The Cat Returns, and someone else mentioned Howl's Moving Castle.

We love Into the West, War of the Buttons, The Secret of Roan Inish.

We ran across the old Belles of St. Trinian's which Patrick might like. (I was shown it in elementary school, which strikes me as an odd choice for a movie to show when there are no substitutes available. ) Amazon has all of them on instant video, Alistair Sims as the headmistress and her brother is terrific.

Guess I'm old fashioned. I haven't let my 12 yr old son watch most of the movies suggested. Repeating lines from Austin Powers...agh! He liked Tin Tin the movie, the Goonies. We have Netflix. He is absolutely in love with Top Gear (UK version). We have watched several episodes together. Love when they put the car knowledge to us in treks across treacherous countryside in a clunker.

Take care of that head!

Ohmigosh, I hope you feel better soon. Also, Shaun the Sheep is my official recuperation viewing; I hope you like it better than Chicken Run.

Yikes! I hope you heal quickly. (And I wholeheartedly second the above suggestion for arnica--the homeopathic pellet sort. Whoever mentioned it above is correct--it does work best when you take it immediately following a traumatic injury/bump/bruise/car accident, but I would definitely recommend trying it still, even a week later. Won't heal the fracture, of course, or make rest unnecessary, but it could really make your head more comfortable.)

Also: I'm pretty much in love with all your children. I'm completely melted by Patrick's care for his siblings--I mean, the boy made them cocoa and bowls of teddy grahams. Swoon.

I also adore Strictly Ballroom, though I agree, I think you may be pressing your luck making a ten-year-old watch it. Still, it's Patrick, so you may be onto something. Has he seen Holes? (Or better yet, read it?) Whale Rider (not funny, but beautiful and brilliant and good for everyone in the family)? Billy Elliot (serious and funny in turns)?

My husband and I love Wallace and Grommit more than our kids do - we watch it for us, not for them. Anyway. Avengers for Patrick, yes. Also maybe Three Amigos, National Treasure, The Right Stuff, Spaceballs, Galaxy Quest, or Innerspace?

Oh - and OUCH. Hope you heal quickly, that sounds pretty awful. :(

"Just think: if the world ended tomorrow, Patrick would have never seen Austin Powers. That is very wrong."

Heh. I'd have gone with the same formulation for the exact opposite conclusion -- there's always going to be time to see Austin Powers when he's a teenager, see the movies he might never see if he doesn't see them as a kid.

Of course, I figure too that kids will, in their adolescent years, push your boundaries. So, if I set my boundaries with a little leeway between the boundary and what I think they can see, that means a little rebellion gives them that thrill AND keeps them still within the bounds.

I wouldn't show my kid Austin Powers because I hate it, but that's what comes from being a teenager myself when they came out. I had my fill of the jokes being repeated over and over at the time.

If you were comfortable with Star Trek, you'd probably be comfortable with the Avengers series of movies. Iron Man 1 and Captain America are probably the best of the pre-Avengers films.

Futurama might tickle him, but the jokes take a turn for the adult when it moved to Comedy Central (post season four), so be forewarned. The new Doctor Who is great. Wreck It Ralph was amazing. I love the original 1970's Bad News Bears, but you'd have to have a Discussion about the language.

Since you mentioned the macabre, The Sixth Sense if he's in the mood for that sort of thing. Or Poltergeist. The Addams Family movies that came out in the 1990's aren't bad either.

My 7 year old daughter and I love Top Gear the UK version! If you like cars, its fun to watch, but even if you are not a big gear head, the challenges they do are fantastic too. My 4 year old likes spotting our family cars - look mommy! A ford like daddy's car! :). Feel better soon!

Movies: James Bond and ofcourse Johnny English. Men in black 1, 2, 3.

Head: yikes! Keep lounging until you feel 100% and then lounge for one more week (that week will make you crazy but do you a world of good.)

That'll teach you to wear high heels!

I definitely second a previous mention of the old Pink Panther movies and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I am also questioning whether to let my kids watch Austin Powers (and Ferris Bueller), as they love the clips they've seen, but I agree, my 11-year-old would understand too much - and quote it back at me.

One other option, if you're looking to share some of the comedy of your youth with them, would be to find DVD compilations of Saturday Night Live, if they exist. We don't have access to Netflix or similar options, living out of the U.S., so I don't know if they do exist. My kids love to watch the few skits I can track down on youtube. We just finished watching some Dieter/Sprockets skits as well as a few Hans and Franz ones. SNL in the 80's was comic genius!

Not a movie, but I recommend Doctor Who on BBC America. You can netflix it. I recommend starting with 2005, but all are fabulous. My nine year old loves the show; although she is occasionally hesitant about going upstairs in the dark now. Oops.

Girl, I feel you. This summer I broke my elbow walking in my front yard. I ended up having to have surgery. So embarrassing.
Your best bet is to make up a good story. I told everyone that I did it snowboarding on Mt. Everest.

Please take it easy and follow the advice about rest. At this moment at my house, the 10-year-old granddaughter is introducing her 4-year-old brother to Errol Flynn and Robin Hood. It's going pretty well, although she was under the impression that the Normans came from Norway. However, he doesn't know Norway or Normandy so he doesn't care. Maybe your people would like Robin Hood.

My 9 year old son LOVES the movie Holes. That is his suggestion. Feel better!

Austin Powers is a family fav here and all my children have watched it long before they were 10. Not a one of them runs around trying to shag people.;)

I hope you are feeling better soon. I can picture myself doing the same thing. Perhaps I'll buy some flats before going to that wedding next weekend...

Sorry about your noggin. Oy!

Seconding the Miyazaki recommendation. Spirited Away is absolutely amazing--maybe a little scary for 5-year-olds, but probably OK for Patrick, I think. Castle in the Sky shocked me by being kind of shoot-em-up-ish, which isn't my idea of appropriate viewing for a five-year-old, yet my five-year-old girl love it. My neighbor Totoro and Kiki's delivery service are fabulous!

Have you guys seen the ones where the mother and daughter switch bodies? Freaky Friday - either the Jodie Foster or the Lindsey Lohan? Also, my now 10 year old was 5, she was a big fan of the one with the twins who got their parents back together - both the Lohan and the original. Also the Princess Diaries. Herbie (old and new) were good also. I think we went through a spate of wacky Disney movies from the late 60s around that time. ET might be good if they haven't seen it yet. It's a little dark and stormy, but good.

School of Rock.

The whole family laughed every minute watching Airplane! My girls are 3, 3, 6 and 9 and don't even understand English. The jokes are not all appropriate but just funny. It made me think of Top Secret and Naked Gun of course. Personally I am saving Zoolander and Best in show for later. The Charlie Chaplin movies are good at all age. Never-ending story? I remember good suggestions from Patrick's whole class invitation that resulted in some of them watching Ghost buster.

I love Strictly Ballroom, too. How about It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World? Or Airplane!

To Sarah (about 8 comments above): the Normans DID come from Norway - it's just that something like 600 years elapsed from the time the Vikings came to what is now France and when their descendants the Normans invaded England.

Would add to the above suggestions the following: The Neverending Story (all three of them although the first one is the best) possibly a bit sad in parts for the twins, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (Australian computer generated anime, Patrick would probably also enjoy the Lord of the Rings epic trilogy, (as an aside I reckon he could read The Hobbit too, my sons both read it at about his age, the LOTG followed when they were a bit older as it is substantially longer) and finally, Hocus Pocus with Bette Midler.

PS. All of the new series of Doctor Who are brilliant and as they come in TV episodes can be dipped in and out of.

Can't help with the movie suggestions as mine are still only 4 and 7 and it's hard to imagine letting them watch some of the suggestions that have been put forth. (Though I'm sure they're perfectly reasonable, it's just hard to imagine my kids being that grown up. I'm so not ready for it!)

I did, however, want to say that Patrick is an amazing big brother, and that I'm sorry you cracked your skull! I never did trust heels, and now I feel fully justified in my paranoia.

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