Name Something That Comes In A Jar Besides Jelly... Jelly!
Or When Summer's In The Meadow

Me Grim

It was just like a House Hunters International episode. Steve and I were strolling along the beach, holding hands, and then we came to an abrupt stop. 

I said, awkwardly, "So I guess we need to make a decision about schools for next year."

Steve robotically intoned, "Yes. Yes we do."

I said, "So I guess we need to eliminate one."

Steve jerked spasmodically to indicate his concurrence.

I inhaled deeply through my nose before rushing on, "The Mandarin immersion school would be great and I am sure Caroline would love it even after Edward has run away to join the xbox circus but the building is practically in China and it could take us an hour to get there in snowy traffic. I think we should cross that one off the list."

Steve gazed into space, seemingly oblivious to the fact that there was a film crew six feet away.

I continued, "That leaves the French immersion school - which did accept Caroline by the by - and the local'ish school that Patrick went to - it's a tough choice. On the one hand I want to both challenge and satisfy Caroline, which might not be so easy in a traditional setting; on the other hand, you know, Edward; and on the third hand French school and Patrick's school (for next year at any rate) start at the exact same time, fifteen miles apart, with no bussing available for either. It's a pickle. So. Are we ready to make our decision?"

Steve nodded.

I squealed, "L'ecole francais!" at the same moment Steve said, "This is stupid. They should go to the place near us."

He's right, of course. Even if I could figure out the logistics without fairy dust, Steve's assertion that Edward would be deeply unhappy in an immersion program is no doubt correct. And although we will need to find ways to challenge Caroline and languages are most emphatically her thing... hwhh. It would have been a nice fit for her and I wish that I could have made it work. On the plus side she can always do some Concordia language camps until she is old enough to join the foreign legion and if Steve later makes a fuss about traditional camps and her need to learn archery or how to skin a bear I can just stab him in the eye with an eclair.

In other news there is no other news. I have/had another eight-days-and-counting migraine. Every afternoon around two it starts to feel like I'm in a flashback sequence - all weird light and wavy lines and a single tingly nerve that runs down my left cheek - until I take an imitrex and sometimes a couple of aleve and fall asleep on the couch. If I am lucky I wake up after a few hours feeling groggy but painfree. On my luckiest day ever Patrick pried my eyes open around 5 and said, "Do you want me to make dinner since you're unconscious?" and when I grunted at him he trotted off to boil water for pasta. He even made a salad and called everyone to the table including Steve.

From my selpuchre on the couch I heard him say, "Caroline I only gave you a tiny bit of salad but I added lots of nice crunchy peppers and you have to eat it."

[Listening to Patrick cajole the twins into eating things ("Edward! Pretend it's alive and trying to get away from you!") is sweet and utterly, utterly hypocritical. Patrick still uses a different utensil for every food item on his plate and I don't mean he only uses his oyster fork for oysters. If we have trout, salad, and rice he requests three forks. And if I were to combine foods he will eat into one delicious superfood like, say, a trout rice salad? Forget it.]

Anyway, migraines this month are sapping my will to live and certainly my ability to function. I saw my primary today and he gave me metha-something-prednisone which I took last year under identical circumstances and it helped to break the headache cycle. We talked about my migraine journal (only obvious triggers: hormones and stress) and came up with a prophylatic drug plan for future months and we agreed that it might help to change anxiety meds. I have always gotten the occasional migraine (like one every few years since adolescence with more during pregnancy) but the major clusters of daily headaches is new in the year+ since I started Celexa. It might be coincidental but it is worth a try. I guess. I don't know. I am anxious (ha! god) about changing something that has to date made me feel so stable and normal.


Patrick and I are still, slowly, very very slowly, listening to Ender's Game. Patrick likes it. I HATE it. I hate it so much. It is a well-written book, obviously smart, eerily prescient in some ways, creepy in his occasional descriptions of young male bodies (just saying, it's kinda obvious) and so goddamned depressing that I have started listening to the all-time stupidest regency romance writer (Laurens. she was a free download from the library and she is so awful I want to throw myself into Georgette Heyer's grave and beg her forgiveness for even listening) as soon as Patrick gets out of the car. We have two discs left and I fear it will only get worse. I am  counting the days until we can start a new series and speaking of which have any of you read or listened to the Lighthouse Trilogy? I cannot figure out if it is Patrick appropriate.

Has anyone every used priceline's Name Your Own Price for airline tickets? I have used it often for hotels (and love it) but I am wondering if you wind up on a 6:01 am flight with a million hour layover on the other side of the country before your 11:48 pm connection.

PS It snowed today. Real snow. I know we live in Minnesota and I know the winters are harsh here and cold and frozen and much too long but really? SNOW? AGAIN?

When I checked in for my appointment today I asked how the receptionist was doing and she just shrugged her head toward the window. I said, "Ah. Yeah. That."

"I'm trying not to take it personally," she said.