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April 28, 2013


What color is the chipmunk's nose? Chip has a nose like a chocolate chip, Dale has a nose like a day-old cherry... As always, your children are highly entertaining.

Oh my goodness, this is so hilarious! I was feeling a bit down (recovering from broken nose and deviated septum surgery due to one of my 18-month-olds), but you have just made me laugh out loud. And then wince. Because of the nose. But it was worth it. I can just see Caroline - "are robins.... delicious?" Made my day!

I adore your children :-) especially how ridiculous they can be!

This is brilliant.

Crying with laughter!!!! Ummmm....good luck?

Love her mettle!

Now I am wondering if robins are, in fact, delicious.

If one googles "robins" with "delicious" one gets a lot of links about woman named Robin with various delicious "delights", but no info about actual esculent birds.

This post made my entire week. :-) Thank you!

As a Robin myself, we are most definitely delicious ;).

I adore your children. It's so much more fun when you just get to enjoy the lines, and the discipline part is someone else's problem.

*strangled snort!*

Caroline has a future as Dorothy Parker. ;o)

@Heather: thanks for the new word. You inspired me to do another Google search (rotkehlchen essbar), and sadly, it turns out that not only are they esculent, they are indeed delicious. The Spiegel article I found (about the hunting and eating of millions of songbirds in Italy) says "Robins are so small that they are eaten whole - including the bones of legs and wings and the head. Only the beak is left." Apparently you need at least three or four per person but for gourmands, eating ten at a time is also not unheard of.
So: tell Caroline that there is to be no funny business with the robins or we'll tell Jonathan Franzen where she lives.

Caroline is my soul sister.

Your children are hilarious. That is all.

I'm going to be laughing all day over the delicious robins question. Ha! :)

If I ever have a daughter, I hope she's exactly like Caroline :-)

You make the very best kids.

Considering that I just did a half marathon that felt like a thousand miles, I will say that Caroline got that one right!

Wow. I am imagining Caroline as a teenager. It's going to be an interesting ride!

Ha! Last weekend I ran my first race, and the night before, my 5 year old came into my room and asked, "Mommy? Are you sure you want to run in a race?" I said, "Yes, honey, I'm actually very excited about it. Why?" In a worried voice, "It's just that, I'm a little scared you might..." (This is where I started to panic, thinking she'd been watching the news and was about to say she was scared I might get blown up...) But - "I'm just a little scared you might... FAIL." This is the worst case scenario for my little overachiever, and she couldn't bear the thought of me getting out there and then failing! I must say, I ran a much better time than I'd expected to after that pep talk!

Also - are robins delicious??? Love!

"That's called failure."

This. Yes. Second place is the first loser.

So Caroline doesn't have a future career as a life coach or a therapist, hm?


I love it. Was Edward's approach to "not pajamas" accepted, or declined, by the authorities (i.e. you)?

Many years ago I was traveling in a very rural part of the only-recently-former Soviet Union and I had the occasion to order something from a Russian (or possibly Ukranian?) menu from Russian/Ukranian individuals who spoke no language in common with any I speak or can guesstimate. I went with something I could identify (even in Russian/Ukranian Cyrillic!) as involving "bird" and ended up with a hot, tasty, clear-broth sort of soup in cooked and served in an unglazed clay tureen that contained, among other things, tiny bones with meat on them. Approximately robin sized.

Perhaps later in spring you'll have the occasion to revive the /scrambled blog and can update us!

Too funny. We had a similar incident with dove's in our yard. They were all excited that they were building a nest and then I look over and Maggie is balanced on the top of a slide throwing an acorn the size of a golf ball at the nest.

I asked her why she did that, her reply, "I was trying to feed it."

And as a testament to how stupid doves are, they still made their nest there.

So. Damn. Funny!

"So are robins... delicious?"

Oh my GOD, what a card! Love her!

Re PJs: Edward is a real life Ramona Quimby!

Also, didn't Patrick or Edward want to eat something . . . unusual in the past? I can't think of what Caroline's question about the robins is reminding me of.

I think her answer to "can you keep a secret?" shows a great deal of self knowledge and self control. That or she's quite aware of your tricks and is uninterested.

Kindergarten already?? How is that even possible?

Spitting water all over the keyboard, that was hysterical!

I dread the day that "here be hippogriffs" goes dark. I love love love your writing style, and your children make for some great material. Keep writing! Write a book! Write two!

"So are robins... delicious?"

Steve the Hunter must be so proud.

Can Caroline keep a secret? HA! (Well, you asked...)

I love reading the comments, and come back several times to catch up. So far, @Heather is in the lead re: googling "robin" and "delicious".

Hope your noggin is all better.

I could just eat her up. She might look just like your husband, but her wit is ALL Julia.

I literally fell of my bed laughing at your last sentence.... OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! Thatll teach me not to think I can 'quickly check if you have a post up and read its deliciousness while perched on the side of my bed!! Thank you very much!!

I am a Caroline fan! What a gal!

I'm back in 2012, slowly reading up to the present on your blog. I'm savoring the trip, reading the comments to delay coming to the end. I may have to go back to your Redbook REDBOOK? archives after this.

I enjoy all the commenters as much as your blog. They (you) are such a group of funny, wise, wicked-smart and compassionate people!

Thanks to all who recommended The Graveyard Book, which I just finished listening to yesterday and To Say Nothing of the Dog, which I convinced my book group to read with me last month.

Anyway, since I can't comment on the 2012 posts I thought I'd drop into 2013 for a moment. Now it's back to find out what decision you made for C&E's kindergarten. I feel like I'm time travelling :-)

My own 5 year old Caroline recently requested a rub on tattoo on her forehead at some event her daddy took her to. I hated it. but really, what can you do? Their 5 year old smiles are just too cute.

Just wanted to say that I hope you're feeling ok!

ok..it is may.. we need a post.. just sayin' what everyone else is thinking. i sacrifice myself that way a lot...

Caroline always cracks me up..I just love hearing what she has to say! Got to say I love the honesty in "Can You Keep A Secret?" ..."No!" Makes me smile everytime I think of it! of

I don't think I'm the only one who can't wait for November again and who hopes everything is OK.

Hi Julia - I see you have not written since April, was just wondering if you and the family were ok... Not sure if you live near were the storm was but I hope your all ok

Dear Julia. Hope everything is ok. Slightly worried. Have a lovely weekend.

Joining in with the others that hope everything is okay . . we haven't heard from you in a while.

I've kept checking your blog to see if there's anything new. Today, I was desperate enough to check if there's anything in the comments. Now I am worried too...

Wherefore art thou, Julia? How I long for the delicious wit of your written words.


Some of us have been reading you since this blog began and we really aren't going into withdrawal. Lay it on us, rain or shine...

Hope you and your beautiful family are ok. Could you put a note in the comments? I think we would all be reassured just to know that everything is fine.

Yes, Julia. We're not paranoid - we just miss you - and will be easily placated with just a few words.

Half of what I say is meaningless
But I say it just to reach you,
Julia, please post!!

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