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May 28, 2013


WOOO! First comment!

Glad you are alive and BETTER and not alive and worse, which is what the less medicated among us feared.

Good luck with those activities. Makes me tired to read it.

Come back soon, ya hear?

Oh my GOD I JUST now hopped over to your blog to see if maybe hopefully please you had made a new post (yay and thank you), but my point is.... I had just been combing through our Parks and Rec options for the summer. Let's just say I've decided to wait to register for anything until I have not had a couple glasses of wine, and you've saved my family from couple months of hell-paced activities. They thank you.

I'm very glad you're well!

Weeeellll.... that's good to know about Prozac. Have been scared, personally, about gaining weight on an SSRI -- "they" don't seem to know whether to implicate serotonin or if it is just a matter of having more of an appetite.
What does matter is that you feel great!
And have you no time, for shame (just teasing), to indulge in kite-flying with your adored ones in the grate state of Minnesota?

Sigh. Not a long post, but still a good post. Hope to see pics of the kids in all their various activities. Glad the P is working for you. And, WTG! 11 pounds! Whoot!

Hehe initially I read #8 as dRiving lesson for Patrick.

You're back!! You're back and you're better!

Your activities schedule looks like ours did this year. It was awful. My big aha moment was when my son asked if we could do something minor (bake cookies or something) and I had to tick down my mental calendar and agree to make cookies with him on Thursday. The Thursday that was twelve days away at the time.

Needless to say, we're dialing wayyyyyyyy back this year.

Ditto on the driving lessons - I was all "say WHAT?! Oh. Oh, I see."
Also, I guess some of us should shift their internal Hippogriff soundtrack from "Julia" to "Baby You Can Drive My Car."
Very glad you're well. Impressed by your eleven-pound drop: I spent yesterday morning in the harsh light of changing rooms, trying on dresses for Eldest's graduation festivities. Note to self: shift dresses with nary a boob and a growing butt is NOT a good look. My Fitness App, you say? Hmm...

Excellent! And glad everyone is intact. :)

OMG - I love Laura too! She is so encouraging - which is helpful in week 5 when she all of a sudden makes you run for 20 minutes straight!

So glad all is well!

Glad to see your post in my reader! And glad you feel good -- that is awesome.

I went through our book and used all the pretty colored sticky things to note this and that and those things and also yes, yes, these! But then I remembered: I hate driving to things midweek, I hate driving to two different things for two different, or, even the same, kid midweek, and we're broke. They'll probably just have to make a summer of the pool, library, and backyard. The idea of all that you and your kids will be doing makes me wish mine could but then it also makes me stagger in drunken OH HELL NAW.

But, I'm glad your head is being nice to you again.

Missed you, but glad you're feeling better! Now get back on the bloggy horse--doesn't sound like you have anything else to do. :)

So so so happy that you're doing okay!!!!!! Thank you so much for the update!

Yeah, exercise. Isn't it annoying how much better it makes one feel?! (Because: sweating? Seriously, who needs it).

I'm glad you're feeling better. I think my brain broke reading about all of those extracurriculars, so I've nothing useful to add on that score ....

as always - love reading your words... and isn't it a pain that healthier living makes you feel... healthier. Stupid science.

Hello! Good to see you!

We saw Garrison Keillor last weekend here in DC, and he bemoaned the unseasonal snow you all received as we huddled under blankets during an unseasonal 50-degree Memorial Day weekend. I thought of you.

Whoa nelly! Adventurous April.
Glad to see you back posting!

You have been missed!

I am so happy you are back. I tried entertaining myself with nonsensical theories about your silence (e.g. Patrick marched off through the woods flying a mismatched sock flag to go bow hunting with the twins-- Edward in pjs and Caroline in a tutu-- and you were so mad at Steve for losing track of them all that you drank half a bottle of vodka, bit Steve on the ankle, and were sent down to Mexico to dry out with your hot ex-boyfriend...) Point is, I have been reading this blog for a very long time and I know it's only an imaginary friendship, but I have gotten rather attached!

Very glad that it was just a whole bunch of Julia-isms that kept you away for so long. HA! How much have you spent in gas schlepping those kids all over the place? Hee, hee!

So glad you're back and that all is well, except for your schedule.

Yay! So glad to see you back. Though I'm dying to know -- are there missing footnotes that were supposed to go with the asterisks in the third-from-last paragraph?

A new post!! All is forgiven.

Welcome back and sorry for the stalking. What Anne said about the imaginary friendship thing. Delighted you are taking fabulous care of yourself, scheduling hell aside.

Yay. Glad all is well. ;)

Your three-kid activity schedule is about the same as my three-kid activity schedule except for the Saturday action. Thank goodness for audiobooks to entertain us in the car, right?

I am glad to hear about your progress in the last month -- kudos to you!

JU LI A! JU LI A! JU LI A! (chanted like the monolithic hoardes at a sporting event, stamping their feets on the metal bleachers)

YAY! SO GLAD to have Julia demonstrably safe and sound. I do hope you find a way to make the Summer Program tolerable. Yikes.

Kate, Fan of Julia

Haha. Wow. Always great to see you, of course, and from the update it sounds like all is going well! Plus, you have reminded me I need to sign my son up for fall soccer, thanks!

Ha! By the way, I would routinely fall asleep in the middle of reading to my kids! I'm glad I'm not the only one, but on the other hand, I am not taking any meds. :(

Glad you are feeling better!

Wait! Wait! You have nothing on Friday! What will the children do with a day unplanned? I was worrying about the prolonged silence and your concussion. Glad you're back and we can take the schedule as a warning that there may be lots of other long lapses this summer.

THANK GOD YOU WROTE!! Girlfriend we miss you when you go AWOL.

Aagggghhh .... asterisks that lead to nowhere! Why? Why why why?

Glad you are so well and thanks for updating us.

I have dosed off many times while reading to kids. Especially when the book has rhymes you know by heart. So, you let the eyes rest and chant along, flipping through the pages. Then you are awoken to the sound of your own voice as you realize that a bunch of obscure nonsense was recited for some time. You look at your child who seems quite intrigued by the fascinating variation in the story...
I have also dosed off in front of a PC monitor.
The scariest is - I am ashamed to admit behind the wheel... Not often, though.

Hooray! Hello :-) and good luck with that schedule.

Well done on your remodelling!! Sorry about the overscheduling...its what we do for some strange reason!!

Go, Julia! Remodeling is awesome. :) You inspire me!

A month headache-free is like a new brain, freshly laundered. So very very glad to hear it. What've you been reading lately?


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