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November 05, 2013


I'm sorry, Julia.

Oh no. I am sorry re: Patrick's migraine possibilities in particular. And having spent the last roughly 5 days with an is-he-sick-or-isn't-he (yes! no! why won't he stop bouncing around?! oh poor soul he is drooping!) son, I feel for your circumstances with Edward. I hope he is fully recovered by tomorrow and that the one effect of his illness is a focused amnesia that causes him to forget anything he perceived as a benefit to being sick and getting to go to-the-nurse's-office-and-home.

yet even with your bad day you came up with "his keep warm crockpot temperature" and that makes me happy. Incidentally, I run low so even when SICK my temp is like 99, no one ever thinks I'm sick (well, health professionals who are unable to think outside the box).

Max just started cyproheptadine for migraines. Dismayed at my 8 year old having to be on migraine prevention, but he was having them 4 to 5 days a week with auras and the whole shebang. Apparently next choice up for kids is amitriptyline, so I'm happy he's responded to the cypro. Boo all around.

I was so hoping that Patrick's diagnosis wouldn't include migraines; when you described what happened in the hotel room it was my first thought because my (now 12-yr-old) daughter got her first migraine at age 11. I feel responsible as I'm certain she gets them from me, and they are horrible and debilitating and frightening for everyone. She has rescue medication now and I hope if this diagnosis is confirmed, Patrick finds something that works for him. Migraines in children are awful, and my thoughts are with you all.

I'm sorry you had a crummy day.

I wish I could text you the video I made of my 2-year-old's poop explosion from today that covered the floor of my white-carpeted bathroom. Of course I did not choose to 1) carpet a bathroom, let alone 2) use white...it was there when we bought the house, silly.

I texted it to several of my friends and the subject line was: Hope you've been having a better day than me!

Boo for crummy days ... but at least the NP made what sounds like a good call on Patrick's current treatment and follow-up.

Just to throw a little assvice into the ring ... Have you had Patrick tested for allergies, specifically airborne allergens such as mold, cats, dogs, sisters, unicorn fur, whatever? I mention this because I suffered from about age 6 to 26 with AWFUL recurrent sinus infections. (I would black out when I climbed stairs, from the pressure in my sinuses. Really awful infections.) About a year after I finished my two years of allergy shots (at age 26), my allergies largely went away ... and so did the infections. Poof. Gone. I literally have not had a sinus infection in the 20+ years since I banished my allergies. And as I'm sure you know, allergies can also trigger migraines. So this is probably all wasted typing since you've probably been there done that with the allergy investigation, but I did want to mention it. (Ad nauseum! LOL! Sorry. :)

Hope Patrick and Eddybear both feel better soonest!

I am so sorry to hear Patrick may have more migraines to look forward to! Ugh migraines are just so debilitating. Here's hoping the meds knock it out this time.

So I have lots of recurring sinus infections, am post sinus surgery, and have migraines. I feel Patrick's pain. I was going to tell you though - this last visit (Friday) my ENT switched me from a nasal spray (Dymista) to an aerosol nasal thing (basically an inhaler for the nose) and I've noticed a big big difference already. My left side is always closed up and it's not right now. The medicine is called Qnasl. (Q-nasal) I don't know if it's indicated for kids or if they've already tried it on Patrick but it might help? The only problem I've encountered so far is a little burning right when I use it.

Hope your boys feel better!

the migraines and sinus are totally connected!!! seriously. keep a migraine diary on your phone or somewhere (not a headache diary -- just migraines) and I imagine they will be well connected. take care!

My boy (now 15) also started with migraines in the single-digit age range - just like his mama. You have my sympathy, for whatever it's worth. I found that yesterday's photo of baby Caroline is still good for a chuckle today...

Ah, migraines. My pets (um, children) begin those by about age eight. I've only been successful with one (1) in terms of finding a trigger, or The trigger: for him, now aged 11, it's chocolate, which he successfully avoids like the plague. For the 14 and 24yos, no luck: they are felled regularly, just like my grandmother. (I have never had migraines, thank fortune, though perhaps it all evens out with the brain tumor).

Best of luck to you and Patrick. I'm sorry. But yay on getting him in to be seen in a timely fashion, that is excellent.

Hugs. That's all.

I'm so sorry that you had bad days and now the kids are having them. I hope resolutions are found soon.

On a side note for Caroline, I was flipping through CNN's 'newly found' pics of Vivian Leigh, a favorite actress of mine - so beautiful and talented. Here is a link to one of her when she was five. When I saw it I thought "oh! it's Caroline!" (hope that is okay and not creepy).


I'm sorry. I hope you and Edward got some good couch snuggles and hope the ENT figures out some better solution for Patrick.

Sinus problems trigger migraines for me too.

I prefer nurse practitioners most of the time, they usually have a lighter patient load, typically aren't as rushed and seem to listen better.

Oh heck.

Here's a quick, temporary distraction for you...

A 92 year-old man went to the doctor to get a physical. A few days later, the doctor saw the man walking down the street with a gorgeous young lady on his arm.

At his follow up visit, the doctor talked to the man and said, “You’re really doing great, aren’t you?”

The man replied, “Just doing what you said Doc: ‘Get a hot mamma and be cheerful.’”

The doctor said, “I didn’t say that. I said you got a heart murmur. Be careful!”

I also prefer nurse practitioners. So sorry if it is indeed migraines starting, but at least he and you can be as preventive as you can.

I'm actually going back to Georgetown to be a FNP - so it's always nice to hear that the profession is well regarded. :)

As for all the sickness - bleck. Time for another vacation!!

Migraines. Crap. Having migraines myself since I was 16, I spotted the symptoms in my 9yo and got him to his neurologist post-haste. She said that more than 80% of migraines in children are related to musculoskeletal issues, and she prescribed physical therapy. After several weeks of treatment, he was virtually migraine free. His are far more rare and much easier to treat as long as he does the exercises prescribed by the physical therapist.

Oh man, I wouldn't wish migraines on anyone, let alone a child.

I hope the new NP is able to find the elusive magic bullet to keep both them and the infections at bay.

I'm so sorry. Migraines are the worst.

Sorry about your crummy day. I too hope that the ENT has some good ideas for Patrick. I've never heard about the musculoskeletal thing mentioned in a previous commment--something to check out!
Hang in there!

I am very curious how many people your blog. I have always been impressed not just with the blog (which is truly my absolute favorite) but also with the quality of the comments.
I am stunned though by the number of people who have had childhood migraines, shingles, chilblains, chronic sinus infections that laugh at antibiotics, the crystals (or clusters?) that Edward had in his eyes when he was really little.... I am wondering if this little community is actually vast, or if I better get my shingles shot right now because every third person has it.

how many people *read* your blog, that is.

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