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November 12, 2013


Glad to know I am not the only one with twins in my bed! I have to be in the middle,, while being on one side for the alarm clock .

The night before I left for a 3 day weekend we had a huge bedtime struggle with our three year old. (its been going on a while, thanks to a series of fearsome nightmares awhile back.) My husband, at the end of it, commented that he would get her back on track while I was gone. Really? I couldn't decide whether to be smug or disappointed when I got home and found out he'd done no such thing, Now that I seem to have cracked the code a few days later, I'm going with smug.


Earned smug is the best smug.

Brilliant descriptions.
Great post - thanks!

The Boy Scouts in my hometown used to have a big venison chili fundraiser every year. People flocked to it, partly because it was the Boy Scouts, but mostly because that venison chili was just so danged good! If you're looking for ways to use up a couple hundred pounds of deer, I recommend giving chili a whirl. ;O)

I have been forwarding every post you write to my husband... I've said it before, but he wants to know what you do to get a kid as awesome as Patrick. He said yesterday (after reading the "Wolfie" post) that Patrick was his favorite kid ever... after ours, of course. It was a little strange that he felt the need to qualify it but who can blame him, really.

Thank God I'm not the only one who says "long-sleeve t-shirt."
You wouldn't believe the number of weird looks I get when I use that phrase, along with the response of "T-shirts don't have long-sleeves." Come on people!

Oh, the paragraph about not being touched and sleeping in a dark room.

With my oldest daughter, I would rock her and she would scream and scream until I finally put her in the crib for a break from the screaming and closed the door. Startling, instant silence caused me to throw open the door to check on her. She was sound asleep. This happened for weeks and my sleep deprived brain thought she was just exhausted from crying and happened to fall asleep.

That was until I realized she was pushing with all her might against the arm of the rocker with her arms up leaning toward her crib. She was less than six months old and leaning to the crib with all her might.

Once I started feeding her and plunking her in the crib awake, she started sleeping TWELVE to FIFTEEN hours a night (and if you think I wasn't rustling around in her room checking for signs of life and calling googling "baby too sleepy" and calling the ped, you would be mistaken. She was making up for all the time I spent keeping her awake aggravating her in a soothing manner).

So, I was mystified when my second daughter wanted to be rocked to sleep and regularly rested her head on my shoulder and relaxed as soon as I picked her up.

I have to admit to a certain curiosity: if Steve and the kids have been eating deer while you have been chiding him about it, what have you been eating? Do you make something separate for yourself? And are you going to start eating the deer too, now that you've had this epiphany? Or do you just not find venison to your taste?

I've never had any ethical issues with hunting or fishing for food, but the fact remains that I just don't really like the taste and texture of venison, at least in the dishes I've tried so far.

No no. The ethical thing is completely sensible - it's all about the animal's experience of dying. And living. (That's where the weighing up gets tricky - but not impossible and I'm with you.) (It's my job to have opinions about these kinds of things.)

Isn't it funny how the same children behave so differently depending upon the parent? Huh. We have many examples of this at our house. My biggest challenge is when I don't especially agree with his approach (Example: so, you just tell her to go take a nap, but you don't check that she IS napping?)only to realize that gee, that seems to be working quite well.....
This is especially interesting to me due to the fact that he is the stay-at-home parent - and I am bound and determined to keep my oar out of his parenting while I work (I wouldn't welcome his input if I were the one at home...)- that is the deal - right?

I totally understand about the cognitive dissonance of eating anything with a face, but then still feeling oddly guilty about anyone shooting an animal. Ethically, I have no problem with it, but watching Bambi too much as a child has probably embedded that guilt complex somehow. All in all, it's very evolved of you to realize that your logic was flawed. Kudos to you for that.

My daughter would eat bacon until it spilled out of her ears. :)

The other day I was telling a co-worker a story about how my son crawled into our bed in the middle of the night and kept waking me with his infernal squirminess and wackadoo sleep positions, and she stared me down and said, "I guess you learned your lesson. Stop letting him into your bed." When I said, yes, but he only has a few more years of wanting to be in our bed, and I'll take the snuggliness while I can get it, she responded with "Well, there's your problem" and then turned to another co-worker and said something about how some people breast feed until their children are five and how weird and wrong that is, making a not-so-subtle connection that allowing my kid to sleep with us was the same level of horror, in her opinion. I made a mental note that she was not the proper audience for my stories. So glad to hear of your kids-in-a-bed woes. Thank you!

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