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November 04, 2013


Last season after a final test trial something... Anyway Twilight Sparkle was pronounced a princess and became an alicorn meaning she has wings and a horn. She will one day reign over somewhere like cadence etc.

It seemed a bit rushed but oh well. What will really blow your mind is the movie Equestria Girls. Humanoid ponies. It is actually not too bad, but yeah, I just keep thinking of furries.

Your kids crack me up. Thank you for sharing!

She is right!

We just rewatched the new version of Les Miserables... Seems to me the "good" character (Jean Valjean) has some good back story for why he's good, but I will admit it would go above my own children's (ages 8, 6, 4) heads. :)

Great re-use of a fantastic picture :-) I'm glad you are back to feeling up to posting.

A little Tolstoy! Twisted Tolstoy, but nevertheless...

Nightmare Moon is pretty awesome-looking. But she becomes good in perhaps the second episode, so... Does that make her less interesting? (And yes, Twilight Sparkle becomes a princess at the end of the third season.) My 1st-grade boy secretly loves My Little Pony. I admit, it's much higher quality than some kid shows.

I was about to type in something about Tolstoy, but I see that Beth beat me to it. It's a pretty erudite group of commenters you have. Love the use of the baby picture.

No fair, Beth, *I* was going to say Tolstoy.

My oldest daughter read "Othello" in 10th grade and became enamored of Iago. "He's so much more INTERESTING," she says.

She's not wrong. Neither is Caroline.

My older daughter got hit hard with the Pinkalicious Princessness starting around the time she turned 3, but as much as she loved dressing up like a princess, she always surprised me by wanting to take on the witch/wicked stepmother role in princess games. We got the book of Abiyoyo and when we acted that out, she didn't want to be the boy, she wanted to be the giant himself. So much more fun to get to boss her little sister as the stepmother or menace the town as the monster.

Oh, and an actress friend pointed out, "Anyone can be an ingenue. It's the character roles that are the most interesting."


I see I'm not the only one who caught echos of Tolstoy!

Y'know, I have to agree with her on that. It's the same reason why books end at Happy Ever After, because you can only take so much before it gets syrupy.

When she's a couple of years older, she is going to love anything by Diana Wynne Jones (British YA/kids fantasy author). She and Patrick might like The Dark is Rising series, too.

Yup, totally came on to comment about Tolstoy.

Tell Caroline to read Paradise Lost. Satan is by far the most interesting character in that too.

please bring her to dc to see your old haunts and so that i may finally meet her.

Indeed, ask her about happy families versus unhappy families.

The literary reference reminds me: Have you read anything good lately outside of your books on tape with Patrick?

Whoa, that's a pretty profound observation. If Damages is revisited in the far future, Caroline would make an excellent Patty Hewes - complicated, scheming and versatile.

Very literarily profound! Let's hope she channels this into superb art (a little Guillermo del Toro, maybe?)

With her flair for the dramatic (not to mention those marvelous eyebrows which she has been using to good effect since babyhood) I'm seeing her playing all the evil parts in school shows, and making them layered and multidimensional. No cardboard villains for her.

When she does, please post descriptions of her as Ursula in Little Mermaid, Fastrada in Pippin, The Witch in Into the Woods, Mme. Thenardier in Les Miz (which our high school is currently rehearsing) and perhaps eventually, Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd.

I think the musical Wicked recently ended its run in the cities, but when it comes back around, you should definitely take her. Or, you know, if you ever do a girls' trip with her to Broadway. Good v. Evil in a very delicious and twisted way. (They recommend no kids under 6 but my 5-year-old loved it and there seemed to be a fair number of kids her age in attendance.)

Clearly your daughter is right. Also Nancy: I totally agree with comments re Paradise Lost (the weediest character being Adam, no question)...

Oh the fun you and Steve are going to have when Caroline starts dating.

Paradise Lost, exactly. I couldn't remember who took Milton to task for making Satan so superbly interesting, and in my vain attempts at googling, I came across the claim that Milton made Satan heroic and appealing "so that we may see how seductive evil is and learn to be more vigilant in resisting its appeal."

Tell that to Caroline.

EEK! I thought the recent arrival of the Toys R Us mailer was our own private curse here in northern Iceland (yes, mega chain stores have taken over the world - they put our local toy store out of business in two months flat), but it would make sense that they are torturing everyone in the U.S. as well. My younger son has marked every single thing in it that he wants - in some cases, entire pages - "you know, for my Christmas list." Yeah. Good to know you are sharing in my agony.

Oh, my. Well, you have either an actress, a novelist, or a politician in the making. (All of them prefer the "interesting" evil characters!) Good luck, as they say, with that.

(And oh my, she had devastating eyebrows even as a babe, didn't she? LOL!)

I have a friend who went to Disneyworld recently and bought her arriving-soon infant a t-shirt with a picture of Maleficent and the words, "Maleficent is cordially invited to my party." (What she REALLY wanted was a Maleficent maternity t-shirt, but no luck there.)

My younger daughter Kiera is a big fan of villainesses. She particularly adored the graphic novel "Rapunzel's Revenge," in part for the fantastic villainess -- you might try that book on Caroline. (There's a companion graphic novel, "Calamity Jack," which is also a lot of fun.)

(Kiera, at three or four, dressed as a princess for Halloween but accessorized with sparkly red devil horns for a "Wicked Princess" costume. So you know, the princess thing and the villainess thing are totally NOT mutually exclusive.)

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