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December 03, 2013


Julia I almost never comment because I usually have nothing much to add to the conversation but I just wanted to say that I love these dear little stories SO much and that I have been reading your blog religiously since 2005 (!) and thank you for keeping it up so nicely, especially lately. It's the coziest blog I know.

I read that fertility doctors are going to try to cut down on the number of twin births. And I thought of your two, and that idea just seemed so wrong.

@jill, i know, but i also remember that caroline almost died in utero. it's the twin deaths fertility doctors actually want to cut down on, but no one likes to put it so bluntly. (on that happy note...sorry to bring this up.)

Stories like these are why, when we separated our twins into their own rooms, we gave one a trundle bed and the other a bunkbed, so they could have "sister sleepovers" whenever they wanted, and privacy whenever they wanted also. They are 11 years old now, and it still warms my heart to check on them after bedtime and see that they are having a sleepover with each other!

Oh that girl. Yes, compromises do not often leave both sides feeling warm and fuzzy, do they?!

Re: ivf and transferring more than one .... Yes, it is possible for a woman to carry twins full term with no problems whatsoever for herself or either baby. It's possible and does and can happen. But the fact is, a twin pregnancy is more fraught than a singleton: that was true historically, and is still true today.

Even so, I, personally, would prefer not to have the decision legislated out of the parents hands. And I say that having had multiple miscarriages, and having lost one twin at twenty weeks' gestation. For me, if i were in a position to be doing ivf (which, I am not at present), I would still choose to take the risk of transferring two, knowing the odds. I'd hate to not be allowed that choice ....

Caroline is clearly ready to fill a Congressional seat.

We bought small, inexpensive mattresses from IKEA that we keep under or beside our girls bed and when they want to have a sleep over, it's very convenient to do so.

SarahB - LOL. Exactly.

Stocking stuffer recommendations: a sleep mask for Caroline (probably a glamorous one, maybe the kind with fluttery closed eyelashes drawn on), and a booklight for Edward.

Also, I adore your twin stories. Also your Patrick stories, of course.

EXACTLY my definition of compromise on most days!

Now I'm picturing you and steve like the squirrels at the end of ice age 3. Your bushy tail is lovely!

What SarahB said...

Has she been to the bottom of the well and was blessed with gems coming out of her mouth whenever she speaks? ;)

This one and her reason to prefer villain characters are both priceless.

I love Caroline.

Your "unverifiable princess" reminds me that Caroline might like Once Upon a Mattress. The queen is a villain with a good song, so she'll enjoy that, but also the princess is anything but bland (especially as played by Tracey Ullman in the TV movie).

FWIW, my close-in-age night time slumber-partiers are 8 and 9 and still just share a bed, one head pointed each way, when they want to be together.

My kids' school is currently implementing a leadership program based on Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and have learned about making situations Win-Win (Covey says Win-Win or No Deal) instead of compromising. It's quite delightful, actually, as it is teaching them to think about the other person's needs, too. I had my doubts at first about the whole thing, but after a little reading (the original 7 Habits Book, which I had never encountered in the wild) , I highly recommend this stuff for kids.

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