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Oh how I love me some fried rice. I usually add a chopped chile or two for good measure with the garlic. OH and a trick I learned, because I always over crowd my pan, leading to soggy rice when I add in the egg at the end: cook the egg first, remove from the pan, chop up, cook every thing else and then add back in the egg when you add your soy/sesame oil/fish sauce/seasoning of choice. I am against soggy fried rice.

Another thing I like to add is lots and lots of Thai basil.

This sounds good. I've been looking for a good fried rice recipe since it's one of my husband's favorite foods. Will have to try making this one weekend.

We actually cook the egg first in a scorching hot pan, wait until it gets puffy, and almost done all the way through (maybe a little wet egg on the top) and then throw in the rice and cooked veggies on top of that egg. When you stir it around you break up the egg, and we've really enjoyed the texture of the egg when doing it this way.

Hooray! My kids will eat this. They llluuuurrrrrvve rice. And look at all the sneaky protein and veggies! Thanks for this one. :)

That's some fancy fried rice! :)

A trick i learned to keep the rice from getting soggy as I cook it: add the rice to the onions, mix well, and then let it sit in the hot pan, until you hear it sizzle. Don't stir. Flip it, let it sit some more. This heats it up without mashing the rice grains and releasing starch.

We love fried rice around here. One thing I do to make it even easier: thaw frozen pea and carrot mixed veggies and add at the end. Veggies with no work on my part. :) Chopped water chestnuts would be tasty, too, and chopped baby corn.

Ok after much trial and error I am passing along a few secrets on making great fried rice.

I noticed you added no spices other than ginger and garlic. I also use rosemary and fresh basil.

ALWAYS cook the rice the day before or at least several hours before you make the fried rice. Spread it out and allow the steam to evaporate. Otherwise when you add the soy sauce to it it is already moist and only becomes way softer.

Another secret I learned was that when you use thin soy sauce it takes a ton to properly flavor the rice, thus making it too soft. I shop at a local asian grocer and I buy the thick soy sauce and thickened oyster sauce. I mix them together 50/50 before adding it to the rice. It gives it tons of flavor.

Sometimes I boil a whole chicken also and debone it and make a big container for the family who loves to snack on it.

Oh and I forgot to add, I also use green onions.

Last comment I swear... the quality of rice you use matters also. I prefer Basmati or Jasmine.

This is my go to meal for leftovers! I always stir in a few tablespoons of Hoisin sauce into mine near the end.

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