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What is it about toddlers and lettuce? Claire wants to like it, but every time, she takes a lick and says "No, I don't want that!"

My 19-month-old is still baffled by lettuce, and my oldest won't touch anything green, but this sounds delicious to me.

This looks delicious and incredibly easy to make. I love your 30 minutes or less collection. Thanks!

I came to garbanzo beans as an adult, and I haven't looked back! I love the idea of using them this way, instead of a meat.

(PS. Ever roasted them? I do for snacks - SO addictive, plus you can tailor the coating to your tastes! Great for cocktail parties.)

yum! Love chickpeas and I need to break out of my hummus rut. Will try this soon!

i made this last night. It was so easy and the chick peas really fill you up. I'm making it again on thursday!

I added the pan roasted garbanzo beans to my usual ground turkey pitas last night. They were delicious and addictive. I will be using these nutty little beans in numerous applications for a long time to come. Thanks for such a great idea!!

Have you ever heard of Penzey's spices?

They have a blend called, charmingly enough, Pasta Sprinkle. I'll bet it would be a lovely addition to this already lovely recipe.

I just made this for lunch, and it was fantastic! It's always such a delight when something so simple tastes so good. Thank you!

I made this last night. I felt all connected with the internet universe.


you should check out the ginger marinated chick pea recipe from Moosewood. they keep forever and if you add them with the pickled onions (also keep forever in fridge) to romaine, it is the best quick salad ever.

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