The babies are here!


I have two new children, no internet access, 500 stitches in my, um, well anyway but I wanted to check in and say hi and thank you for the good wishes and oh WOW, I have two new children.

Caroline Jane and Edward Drake are here and in general good health and high spirits. Caroline was 4lb 2oz and is still in the NICU (well "special care nursery" - nothing critical and she is their only patient) regulating her body temperature and gaining weight. Edward was 5lb 15oz and other than some jaundice (which worked out beautifully as it bought him a night in the nursery as well) he is fine. They are both remarkably hairy, hers is black and his is a medium brown. Eyes newborn color. Both cute, of course, particularly if one is partial to babies or monkeys or baby monkeys. 

I am camping at the hospital with him as a border. No internet but I will check in as I can. I hope to be home with them both by this weekend but we'll see. Jumbo birth story post going up soon at REDBOOK, so check the sidebar for that if you like. My mother tells me that if you click from that handy widget that Julie made me it will take you right to the post without making you watch Citizen Kane first. Not sure if that is true, but why would my mom lie?