Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

Fernanda Pasta


I went to visit my friend Fernanda several years ago and she made a version of this pasta. When I later mentioned how much I liked it she was embarrassed and said, "Really? I didn't make you an actual dinner?"

I now make this about once a week. First, I like it. Second, I almost always have everything I need on hand and I can go from oh hell what's for dinner to eating in twenty minutes. Third, I start by combining the pasta, tuna, and black olives and then pull out portion for Patrick who is suspicious of basil and feta and ALL FLAVOR... anyway. It lends itself well to adaptation. Recently I started adding the toasted garlic and when tomatoes are in season (and I have an afternoon to kill) I like to roast them and throw them as well.

Fernanda Pasta

16 oz box farfalle

2 cans tuna in olive oil, drained and flaked

4 oz package crumbled feta (my grocery sells a black pepper feta we like)

toasted garlic in 1/4 c olive oil

1/4 c fresh basil, slivered

2 T red onion, finely minced

1/2 c kalamata olives, chopped

3 c slow-roasted tomatoes

Make sure to add salt (I use about 2 T) to the pasta water. While the farfalle is cooking, start the toasted garlic. Cook pasta al dente, drain and toss with about 1 T of olive oil. Let cool slightly and then (provided you do not have a seven year old who needs customization) add feta, red onion, basil, tuna, toasted garlic with oil and olives. Top individual servings with coarsely chopped roasted tomatoes and ground pepper. I find this to be salty enough as it is (and I like salt) so be sure to taste before adding any more. 


Sounds like a version of can't-be-stuffed pasta I make, but mine has tinned tomatoes (the one with added basil and extra tomato paste) with bacon. Am loving the new blog!

I'm so happy you've starting a food blog! I tried quite a few of the recipes you had posted before and thought they were great, especially the fish/potato dish and pancakes.

This looks awesome. I'm really excited about the new blog! I have a horrible time figuring out what to fix for dinner.

Oooh! I think this is my new favorite food blog!

Can't wait to try this pasta! And I think the roasted tomatoes are an excellent idea. I was looking for jarred sundried tomatoes for pasta, but the price on that tiny little jar is waaaay out of my budget. This looks even better!

I will echo the comments above and tell you how excited I am to see another blog coming from the land of Hippogriffs!!!! Thanks for the practical recipes.

Julia, you posted this on your other blog awhile ago (years? ago) and I also make it often. LOVE it! I add fresh tomatoes and capers. So quick!

PS - can you repost your apple pancake recipe? I lost my printed copy and couldn't find it on your blog. Something about uninvited houseguests??? I googled a similar recipe and made it, and although good, wasn't as good as yours!

PS - love your blogs, have been reading you since the parents blog days, oh...1999? Holy crap, that's a long time

Julia+food blog? Two of my favorite things together! This is like 15 kinds of awesome! I can't wait to read more and try the recipes!

Love the recipe sharing. I must concur- the hour before dinner is enough to make me want to scream sometimes!

What I really want to know is how one cooks with a toddler under foot. I end up grilling a protein and veggies just about every day- I can get the marinade going during nap time, then fire up the grill when the hubby gets home. Boring.

Julia, I'm so excited about the food blog! I clicked over this morning and have already been to the grocery store to make this pasta... romas are in the oven right now!

Robbie, I think the pancake recipe you're looking for was from a different Julia, whose blog was called The Naked Ovary (if I'm remembering right). I've got it somewhere (and it's really, really good). However, I cannot think about breakfast food right now... I can only think about eating an entire pan of those roasted tomatoes. All by myself.

Delicous, I made a modified version of this last night. I substituted a bunch of chard for the basil (I wilted it before I stirred it in with the pasta) and used a whole large onion instead of 2 T. With the purple from the onion, olives, and purple-ish red bits on the chard it was quite colorful. I think kale or spinach would have been good instead of chard as well.

I don't get home from work anywhere near early enough to roast tomatoes, so I'll have to try that as a weekend project sometime.

we are eating this right now (with added roasted eggplant, since we had to use it up) and OMG it is FABULOUS! thanks so much!

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