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Green Bean, Corn and Tomato Salad

1 cube Dorot frozen garlic (I get it at Trader Joes) or 1 clove garlic, pounded to paste
1/2 t salt
2 T white wine vinegar
1/3 c olive oil

3 c corn (cut off 4-5 ears, blanched or 2 15oz cans, drained)
1.5 lb green beans, halved and then blanched
2 pt cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 small red onion, sliced very thinly
1/2 c fresh basil, coarsely chopped

In a small bowl (or jar. I use a jelly jar for vinaigrette because I can put the lid on and then shake it) put garlic, salt and vinegar. Let it sit for fifteen minutes. Then add olive oil and whisk together (or, you know, shake it.)

Put sliced red onion in a bowl of ice water and let it soak for at least five minutes. This removes much of the raw onion's sharpness and keeps it crisp.

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. If you are using fresh corn, add kernels to water and blanch for one minute. Scoop out and place in a large bowl. Add 2 T salt to the water and return to boil. Add green beans and blanch for three minutes. Remove from water and spread out the beans to cool.

Stir corn and green beans together. Then add red onion, tomatoes and basil. Drizzle with vinaigrette and toss to coat everything thoroughly with dressing. Finish with black pepper.

Serves 8

Notes: Fine Cooking (again with the Fine Cooking - I'm a fan) ran a spread on summer salads a few years ago (issue 72, June/July 2005) that included something similar. I liked the vegetable combination but I thought the original recipe was too heavy on the vinegar basil and onion, which conspired to overwhelm the more delicate corn and green bean flavors. So I altered the ratios.

Green beans are perfect right now. I intended to make this with fresh corn but I must have arrived at the grocery between stock times and the corn had been picked over to the point that there was nothing worth buying. So... ho ho ho Green Giant. Properly done, however, this is made fresh out of the garden with just a hint of dressing. I serve it a lot when we have company in the summer (you can double, triple, quadruple it... no problem) and it is delicious. The only caveat is not to make it too far in advance because it gets limp after an hour. It most definitely does not keep overnight.


You know when it's great summer corn, you can blanch it still on the cob, if it's very fresh, and not lose nutrients and that nice corny taste to the water.

You should have Fine Living ads on your website, you sing their praises quite well. I'm impressed with the recipes....

This is one of my favorite combinations of vegetables to throw together in the summer...sometimes it's heavy on the corn....sometimes it's heavy on the beans. Once in awhile I'll throw in some chopped and quickly sauteed cabbage which adds a nice sweetness as well....

I like that Dorot frozen garlic as well! My husband says he can tell the difference when I use that instead of fresh garlic (nonsense). I started putting a dash of garlic powder in many recipes along with the Dorot. Now he can't tell the difference. He has to ask if I've used it instead of telling me that I did.

Have you tried the TJ's cornbread mix - it makes great muffins that my 3+ yo and 1+ yo love for breakfast.

I love this one! (Actually I love all your recipes, especially those made with toddlers in mind.)

I've had a version that also includes new potatoes as well. Super yum!

I can't believe I didn't know that trick about soaking onions! So glad you shared it.

Love the site. Keep posting recipes. But please don't let it keep you from your original blog. It is far and away my favorite read!

I have an 8 year old who is putting on weight at an alarming rate, partially I think, due to a dwindling list of foods he will eat. He is getting more suspicious of vegetables and will Seriously Evaluate any mixed food which might have smuggled vegetables included. So, I am looking for ways to get more veg into the kid on the down-low. The best idea I had was to puree a can of mixed veg and add it to tomato sauce. He didn't suspect a thing. Any other ideas?


It's... beautiful! What an enticing picture. If I wasn't overdue for a grocery trip I would make that for breakfast, it looks so good.

Oh, and thanks for the onion tip!! We are onion-suspicious in this house. We want them NEAR the food we eat without getting a big bite of them.

This looks awesome. I'm having a dinner party soon and might make this. Yum. What meat do you usually serve with it? I'm vegetarian so it's hard for me to imagine what goes with what sometimes....

Last night I used our perfect green beans in a salad nicoise, my current favorite. I blanch the beans and steam red potatoes and cauliflower. Hard boil eggs, quarter tomatoes from the garden, and lay everything out in rows on a platter -- so it looks all orderly. Then toss on some herbs and/or olives, dress with a vinaigrette and yum.

My one year old can (and does) eat it and the left over potatoes and other veggies can feed her tomorrow, too.

I haven't made your chicken/corn/coconut milk soup in a while, but it is a staple in our family in cooler weather. Do your kids eat it?

I made this last night and it was delicious--the onions soaked in cold water really made it great. I served it with Pioneer Woman's crispy yogurt chicken and thought it was a good pairing. Very summery!

Bless you! I think you just saved my butt for the lunch I am serving tomorrow. Just hoping Whole Foods has the garlic too.

I have a cook book I bought from PBS a number of years ago called "Cooking from Quilt Country" full of Amish and Mennonite farm recipes. They have a green been dish with lightly boiled green beens, peanuts browned in butter with a hint of pepper and nutmeg. Yum! I made it with almonds instead of peanuts because the SuperTarget I was at didn't have peanuts that weren't dry roasted. The almonds were very yummy!

Can't wait to try this one. My 3 year old loves green beans and corn...

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