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Grilled Salmon with Basil Cucumber Cream


Grilled Salmon with Basil Cucumber Cream

1/3 c orange juice
1/3 c soy sauce
1/3 cup water (or white wine, if you have some open - a dry one)

1 lb salmon fillet, intact and about one inch at its thickest

5 large basil leaves
1 c loosely packed baby spinach, stems removed
1/3 c sour cream
1 t dijon mustard 1/2 c finely diced cucumber, seeds removed

Combine orange juice, soy sauce and water in a shallow baking pan. Add salmon, skin side up. Marinate for as long as you can (up to three hours - two hours would be nice but ten minutes is ok too.) Heat grill to medium high. Grill salmon skin side down for 5-6 minutes. Flip and grill for another 2 minutes.

Meanwhile, place spinach and basil in bowl of mini food processor (or chop it yourself, very very fine) and pulse for a few seconds. Add sour cream and mustard, pulse until just blended. Stir in cucumber. Salt and pepper to taste.   

Notes: There is something overwhelmingly 80s about this, isn't there? I almost spelled it Creme. But I had the salmon and half a cucumber and I went from there.

I think it is marginally easier to grill one piece of fish than multiple smaller pieces and (as with beef) Steve prefers salmon rarer than I do. So a big fillet that is thick on one end and thin on the other works fine for us. By the time my end is cooked the way I like it his is perfect for him. If you run a less Jack Sprat household then you can either tuck the skinny end underneath or cut smaller fillets and cook accordingly. Or just buy equal sized pieces I guess.

Everyone ate all of this with the exception of Caroline who thought the salmon was weird and who subsequently ate only a few bites. Also I noticed that the tips of Patrick's asparagus were traded to Steve for some reason. But apart from that... .


I absolutely cannot wait to try this. Thank you!

This looks really great except for the whole fish part. Maybe it would be good with chicken as well...

That is some NICE food photography there, missy.

Would broiling would work out pretty much the same as grilling? Thanks.

I should have mentioned that I pull the skin off before serving. It peels right off with tongs and I let the cats have a little bit of skin with their dinner.

And thanks Julia! I thought that picture looked kinda nice myself. Pure luck I assure you.

Jen, do you object to salmon in general or is it the fact that I used a whole fillet? Because those little ones would be fine too.

Finally, yes, you can absolutely use an oven. I think rather than broil I would roast on high heat. Say 450 degrees for about 15 minutes (check it after 10) skin side down.

Now I have a salmon recipe that sounds easy enough to do (for some reason, the ones I find are 500 steps). Thank you.

I'm not sure if you are taking requests, but I'd love to have the tomato sauce/gravy recipe, please ;)

Who cares about the 80s, they were good.
Um, pasta/marinara whatever sauce you promised many to post?

Sounds excellent. I promise to try this soon.

Another recipe for salmon that I use:
Simple Salmon
1. drizzle a large salmon fillet (I suppose about the same size as in your recipe) with olive oil and lemon juice.
2. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours.
3. Microwave (yes, that's right) for 8-10 minutes.

Hey! I make something similar. Only I poach the salmon. And I use dill and cucumber in the sauce instead of the basil and spinach. And we call the sauce primordial ooze. My kids LOVE poached salmon with primordial ooze!

We grill salmon a lot - having lived in Seattle where it is practically a rule that you eat copper river sockeye all of July & Aug. The sauce looks great - will try! We grill the asparagus, too - just oil it and put it right on the grate ... coarse salt ... mmmm. Fantastic photo!

This looks lovely, I'll have to try it. The only variation I'd do is I prefer to oven my salmon to cut down on the fishy smell through the house. about 20 mins at 180*C usually does it.

I do this very same recipe very often as we love it. In the winter we poach instead of grill. This is a famfav!

OK, I tried this last night and it was good! Love the marinade. I think for the sauce, I might try lemon juice instead of mustard next time (and yes, there will be a next time...)

hahaha oh. Chuckling at your asparagus comment - I love asparagus, but I only eat the stalks. My dad, however, only eats the tips. Worked out splendidly for many years. My husband is a fan of this system as well, which sometimes makes holiday asparagus eating difficult, but... oh well.

Tried this last night. Huge hit. Took out the spinach (we don't like it too much around here outside of a salad) and it still tasted awesome. Definitely on my regular list. THANK YOU :)

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