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Minty Limey Goodness


Minty Limey Goodness

12 oz can limeade
1/2 c fresh mint leaves, loosely packed
9 oz vodka
4 1/2 c ice cubes

Put into a blender and blend.

Notes: I cannot convey to you how good this is other than to say that everyone we have ever served it to has come back to us, usually weeks later, smacking their lips and asking how we made that lime-mint thing. Our blender cannot hold all of the ice cubes all at once so we add about half, blend, then add more ice, blend... you get the idea. The desired consistency is fairly thick.

We got this from Bon Appetit magazine years ago but their original recipe had silly quantities - what on earth were we supposed to do with the rest of an open, half-empty can of limeade? So we changed it. If you don't feel up to downing over a cup of vodka in one sitting this keeps for a few days in the freezer. Pour it into two (very important, otherwise it will leak) Ziploc bags .

My friend Noelle made it with gin. I think that might be pretty good too.

Serves nine (I suppose.)


Can you recommend a good blender?

I had two bad experiences and I keep postponing buying the third. We are having a summer with no smoothies :(

Oh yum. I love all minty cocktails can totally see this one making the rounds at the next party.

Not much of a drinker myself, but I know someone who is. Vodka, huh? Are you going to watch Mad Men? It's great. There's a ton of drinking on that show. I wrote a little about the show here:

This sounds tasty ... speaking of Mad Men, I highly recommend it. Of course, I caught it online so I didn't have to pay for it (the Canadian channel that showed it still has all the episodes up from the first two seasons)

Pretty please, could you check your feed button? It doesn't let me...well, do what I expect, which is to add the blog to my Google Reader list. Instead it brings up a Web page that has lots of weird code-like text on it.

Good heaven but that looks delightful. Just back from a somewhat sticky farmers' market and can tell it's going to be hot today. I'm picturing sitting in the kids' pool sipping this....

Blender rec-

I had the $120 Kitchen Aid one- it didn't chop ice well and had to be dismantled into 300 parts to be cleaned. Bought the $30 Osterizer Classic from Target and it is a dream.

I had to check what blender we have. It is made by Krup and we got it ten years ago for our wedding. It works beautifully. However, when I googled it to see if it was still around I found that Krup is now selling $150 one that a) looks nothing like ours; and b) is $150. For a blender. No no no.

I think I would go with mothergoose's Osterizer.

Hey Julia - This sounds wonderful...kind of like a frozen mojito?? I'm glad you started your food blog could probably type the classifieds and I'd be happy about that as well =)


We just made this tonight. OMG! THANK YOU!!

WOW! Very tasty. Had it last night (it was either that or the limoncello that's very nearly almost ready). Sadly, we drank it all. Why didn't you warn me? :)

sounds tasty....! I'm in Canada and never heard of limeade, what is it? Is it fizzy like sprite or a juice like lemonade?

Thank you mothergoose and Julia. I'm off to Target tomorrow morning :-)

Jane-Marie -

Limeade is a frozen juice concentrate. The only one I have ever seen is made by Minutemaid (which is owned by Coca-Cola and therefore is probably available on Mars) but it certainly doesn't HAVE to be that one if you find another. I just sat here and tried to decide how it would taste if you made it with a lemonade concentrate instead and I just don't know. Would it be too sweet? I will have to try it, I guess, and report back.

Yum! I'm having a party next weekend and was set to make punch until I saw this. Looks like we'll finally get some use out of our margarita maker!

I'm not sure where Jane-Marie is from in Canada, but I live in Ontario and we definitely have limeade. Just so you Americans don't get the idea that in addition to being socialists, Canadians don't like lime-based beverages.

Anyway, I am going to make this with rum and keep my fingers crossed that it is a close approximation of the minty-limey frozen mojito delicious thing that we had in Vegas.


Looks great. I gave up on a blender that could handle ice cubes. Instead I bought one of those hand-crank ice crusher thingies, so I pre-grind ice for this sort of thing and then add it to the blender.

I shall have to try this recipe. It sounds heavenly.

RE you mean to pour the total quantity into two separate Ziplocs? Or to double bag it (one bag inside the other)? Not that we couldn't make a serious dent in this ourselves, but maybe we shouldn't try. On a weeknight, at least.

Hah - first time I have ever seen a recipe that wanted me to halve an ice cube.

These look wonderful, am looking forward to testing them.

Now, that is too funny, because we made something verrrrry much like these (and a virgin copy, too) for my son's 2nd birthday party on Saturday. And I didn't see this post until this morning! We did rum instead of vodka, though, to make them more like mojitos, and they had club soda in them as well. Very yummy, and without all the nasty mint stuck in your teeth that you usually get from mojitos!

Oh these were so good. I'm thankful I made a half-batch because I seriously think the two of us could have downed the "serves 9" version. My husband says you should change the name to "Mint Julia(s)".

Oops -- blenders. We were gifted a really good immersion blender and now we use it for *everything* while our old blender gathers dust. It worked fine for this recipe. But, I think the good ones are expensive, and the cheap ones don't do much.

We make this with rum - lime mint daiquiris! YUM!

this recipe makes me wish i hadn't expelled my one mint plant from my garden last summer, but it was threatening to take over the lawn as well as the vegetables. i'll have to add mint to my grocery list. btw, are you taking all these food pictures yourself? they look, so, GOOD. you've got the makings of a cookbook going on here...

Double bag! One bag inside the other. Otherwise it will leak.

I made these tonight and they were heavenly...I put the leftovers in a ziplock container and that worked well too, instead of the double-bagging.

I actually had to go back for just one more, after the leftovers had been in the freezer for about two hours and I daresay it was even better then than when just out of the blender - more slushy, I guess, for lack of a better term. Thanks, again, Julia, for the recipe!!!

Hmm! I have never had the frozen limeade from a can, but we drink Newman's Own (from the cooler section next to the orange juice and all that) all the time. I wonder if it would work with that...?

I served them last night at our weekly Friday night cocktail party. Each blender-full served four. Because we are lushes, evidently. They were a huge hit and my Vita-mix blender that cost MORE THAN OUR HOUSE IN THE NAPA VALLEY didn't blink an eye at the ice. Whipped it up in less than a minute.

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