Warm Balsamic Chickpea and Romaine Salad
Almost Instant Tomato Soup

Leftover Chicken Challenge

I have:

- half a roasted chicken

- a decently full pantry

- 45 minutes

- many regrets that I did not think about asking you this morning

- ZERO inspiration

What do you do with leftover chicken?


chicken salad

chicken sandwiches

My favorite - shred it up and use it as a quick taco filling. Shred, then heat with some green chiles (I use one of the little cans) in a saucepan. Yum.

My husband loves it when I make curried chicken salad but the kids not so much.

The whole family loves chilaquiles (I have no idea if I spelled that right.) I basically layer tortilla chips, salsa verde with extra fresh cilantro, leftover chicken, corn, monterey jack (repeat until casserole dish is full) and bake until bubbly- super easy.

Chicken Crepes?

Chicken Chimichangas. Any kind of beans, any kind of cheese, any kind of salsa, some cumin, oregano, maybe green chilis. Mix in the chicken, roll up into flour tortillas, brush all over with melted butter and bake at 400 for 20-25 minutes.

Quesedilla's (or however you spell it) Or possibly a quick chicken stew/soup. Also, chicken ceasar salad wraps.

Really simple--and far less than 45 minutes.
Cut up chicken, warm up (stove top) in Campbell's cream of mushroom (or cream of chicken) soup, not diluted. Just before serving, stir in petite size frozen peas, just long enough to heat through, but not long enough to get them mushy.
Serve over toast, or not.
(And of course this is a good excuse to throw in leftovers--a bit of cooked rice, or leftover corn, or dice up that last celery stalk, or stir in a small can of chopped olives.)

Darn ... time is up.
But I always use leftover roasted chicken (from the grocery store deli) to make soup.

chop and saute onions, garlic, celery and lots of carrots (thinly sliced)

add chicken stock (if I have time I make the stock with the deli chicken carcass) plus about 1 cup of water (otherwise its too strong once the carbs cook)

Add rice immediately


simmer veggies in stock for 5-10 min before adding pasta ... continue simmering until pasta is cooked

... also tasty with frozen corn, peas, or maybe canned beans

** when I make soup there are so many additives that they poke up out of the broth

I make your chicken noodle soup! Seriously, it's really good; I've already made it twice.

I missed the deadline, but this is what I did yesterday: chopped chicken, cooked linguine, sauted veggies (red pepper, broccoli, carrots, whatever) and bottled peanut sauce. The sauce is also easily made from your pantry. Yummy!


Oops I'm way too late! I meant to post earlier...I like chicken on pizza, particularly with roasted garlic and olive oil as the "sauce". Another big hit in our house is a Greek salad topped with cold chicken and goat cheese (my son likes all the components but seperately so I usually do a make your own salad bar). We usually serve it with warmed up pita bread.

Oooh sorry I'm late on this one. Take cans of chicken broth, frozen noodles, left over chicken, add vegetables, simmer for however long and voila, chicken noodle soup/stew. Mashed potatoes if you feel like using those extra stewing minutes.

I heart Chicken Paprikash. Caramelize several onions, add shredded chicken and a goodly ammount of paprika (so that it covers everything and makes it all wonderfully red). Pour in some chicken stock, then stir in lots of sour cream to make a nice thick sauce. Serve over rice or noodles. Yum!

I know I'm too late on this one, though. Sooo... what did you do?

Darn, it's late. Well, one of our favorite places to eat is Panera. Not sure if there's one near where you live, but my personal favorite chicken sandwich there would be their Fontega chicken. I'll just copy and paste it from their website:

Smoked & pulled white meat chicken, mozzarella, tomatoes, red onions, chopped basil & chipotle mayonnaise, grilled hot on our Focaccia.

I personally don't have any of the above at home right now, except... some old red onions. The store heats up the sandwich in their panini maker. Also something I don't have. But a sandwich with the above would still be great, heated up somehow. Everything is nice, warm, and melty.

Another one that sounds good - chicken ceasar sandwich, again copying from the Panera site:

All-natural pepper-mustard chicken, Asiago, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions & our Caesar dressing, on our Three Cheese bread.

Ha. I sound like I'm advertising for them, but I'm thinking you actually have a lot of these ingredients and don't actually have to go to the cafe, unlike us un-stocked, lazy people here.

My son would never eat any of those sandwiches, but since yours seem a little more adventurous, they might be somewhat kid-friendly. If not, chicken with any kind of melted cheese (Provolone, cheddar...) and toasted breads on both sides.

Yeah, I'm big on sandwiches. My husband makes fun of me for that. I turn anything into a sandwich with bread and cheese.

chicken and sweetcorn soup

Chicken, onions, sweet chilli sauce, avocado, grated carrot, youghurt, wrapped in a soft tortilla.

Chicken pot pie:
saute onions, garlic, celery, whatever you have until tender in cast iron dutch oven
add chicken, veggies (leftover, frozen or fresh)
make up a quick gravy from either the leftover pan drippings from the day before, or stock
dump it over the ingredients and stir. add spices/salt/pepper as desired/on hand.

Depending on how the cupboard is I either: 1) make drop biscuits, throw them on top of the mixture in the dutch oven and throw in the oven or
2) line a pie pan with pie crust, dump in ingredients, cover with second pie crust and put in the oven.
never a bite left over

chicken risotto
chicken pie- make the filling with shredded chicken, whatever veggies are around (I am allergic to mushrooms but these would work well), I make a white sauce with butter, flour and milk. Then I use a double crust but one would be just as good, brush the top with beaten egg and put it in the oven until browned. quicker than it sounds.
I love the sound of all the mexican-y things.
Please post what you did end up doing.

I use it to make Russian potato salad, which, being Russian, has to involve meat. A well stocked pantry should hold the necessary potatoes, carrots, onion, pickles, and peas to make it work. Behold:


easiest leftover chicken ever:
Serve cooked bow tie or similarly shaped pasta with 1 can of tomato sauce warmed with 1 log of goat cheese and shredded cooked chicken.
Creamy goodness that seems nothing like the roasted chicken you made your kids eat yesterday.

I don't know, but I'm glad you posted this because our 30 chickens are going to the butcher tomorrow. I'm so excited to eat them and try these ideas out.

Too late for this leftover chicken but one thing that I like is Mexican Chicken Crap (for want of a different name). Shred the chicken, dump in a can of black bean (or red beans), add some salsa and heat it up. You can stuff it into tortillas or serve it over rice or just eat it as a casserole. Could add some veggies (saute some onion and/or green pepper) or whatever you have laying around. Takes about 20 minutes and is tasty. Also cleans out your refrigerator.

Oh, yeah! Cheese! Throw cheese on top of the Mexican Chicken Crap. Cheese makes everything better.

Serve with pasta (olive oil/garlic/parm/any vegetable you have) or on top of an entree salad.

white chicken chili - all you need is some beans, some spices, and you're set...

Chicken Enchiladas.

Julia, I think you might like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, he isn't on bbc so I don't think you will have come across him. Here are http://www.channel4.com/food/recipes/chefs/hugh-fearnley-whittingstall/hugh-s-leftover-chicken-croquettes-recipe_p_1.html
chicken croquettes oh yum.

His thing is meat and animal welfare, so lots of lovely recipes for home butchery etc.

depending on the weather:
chicken pot pie (with a biscuit dough crust)
chicken noodle soup
chicken caesar salad

Creamed chicken, possibly baked in an acorn squash

Chicken Fiesta

1 - 2 cups cooked chicken, diced or shredded
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup salsa
1 dozen corn tortillas, 1/2" dice
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Mix all ingredients except for the cheese. Pour into greased 9x13 pan. Top with cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

I just made Rosie_Kate's chicken paprikash and got two thumbs up! I didn't actually have leftover chicken so sauteed two chicken breasts in a pan, took them out and chopped and then in the same pan did three small sliced onions then tons of paprika, a bit of white wine to deglaze, some salt and a cup or so of sour cream. Served over bow tie pasta and/or spaghetti squash (good with both). Thanks!

My MIL made something similar to the chicken fiesta above, but it was all cream of mushroom, and salsa verde, and sour cream mixed in to the soup mixture. I found that by adding lemon juice to creamy things that are to taste of sour cream, I can add WAY less sour cream, and still get that nice creaminess, and tartness. Too much is a bad thing, but add, stir taste is not too much of a sacrifice to make for my family.

I can eat just about anything on pasta with olive oil, sweated garlic, reduced broth, and deglazed with booze of some sort (anything from brandy, whisky, wine, beer, enriched with a pat of butter, and sprinkled with parmesan. Personally I'd be sweating the garlic with mushrooms that I caramelized, but... not all of us are blessed with Slavic devotion to mushrooms.

I think somewhere around here I mentioned making chicken salad rolls, and the process, plus the veggie salad. That's still my kids favorite chicken recipe, but my kids are freakishly weird. Must be all the ethnic food cravings I used to get when pregnant.

Sometimes I like faux chicken stroganoff if I happen to have enough juices or gravy. Two approaches: mix leftover gravy (which I usually make half drippings, half boxed broth, reduced by 1/3) or leftover drippings with cream of something (mushroom is ideal) with caramelized mushrooms, and some lemon juice and sour cream.

Otherwise, leftover gravy or drippings, mixed with straight sour cream and aforementioned mushrooms.

Either version goes on egg noodles. Either version makes me VERY happy on cold, rainy nights.

Barbecued chicken pizza with smoked gouda, yellow peppers, red onions, mozz.

Chicken pot pie with puff pastry. (In single pie plate or cute little ramekins.

Or, My Orzo/Chicken one pot of love. Sweat garlic and shallots or sweet onion in olive oil, add cup of dry orzo, toast the orzo, throw in 2.5 cups of chicken stock. Salt, pepper, simmer on low boil/bubble. 1/2 way to done, add chopped chicken and frozen snap peas. It's done when the orzo is cooked and soaked up all the stock. Fresh parsley just before serving. I've also tossed in jarred roasted red peppers with this too.

chicken, can of mexican style tomatoes, can of green chilis, can of corn, can of black beans (drained and washed), cheese, black olives, and sour cream if you want. Simmer chicken, tomatoes and chilis together for as long as you can (longer tastest better, but at least for a minimum of 30 mintutes). Garnish with corn, black beans, shredded cheese, black olives and sour cream. Serve with tortillas, chips or over rice.

Too late she cried... But soup - usually Mexican Tortilla.

My kid named it chicken lemon rice soup. The internet (and Greek people) named it Avglolemono soup. Easy and tasty and fast!

Last night I pretended I was on Chopped. Contestant, you have leftover chicken and the paltry ingredients available in the pantry. Your time starts NOW. (But I didn't limit myself to 30 minutes because timing myself cooking takes all the fun out of it.)

Bowtie pasta. Sauteed mushrooms, onions and garlic (the sacred trinity in my house). Shredded chicken. Chopped artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives and sun-dried tomatoes. Dill, black pepper and cayenne pepper flakes. And the surprise ingredient: a few squirts of Ranch dressing.

It was excellent! I would have lost points on the plating and appearance, but hey, when it tastes that good, who cares?

I think it pretty funny that there is an add running next to your leftover chicken challenge which appears to imply we shouldn't be eating animals.

Rose_Kate's chicken paprikash is delicious!

Pantry Quesadillas:

Rinse and drain a can of black beans. Also drain a can of diced tomatoes and a can of niblets (or use some frozen corn). In a bowl, mix the beans, tomatoes and corn together.

Shred some cheddar.

Heat some olive oil in a big saute pan.

On one half of a big tortilla, place some cheese. Add some of the bean/tom/corn mixture. Maybe add some salsa on top? Maybe some more cheese on top?

Fold over the tortilla and carefully place it in your saute pan. When bottom side is golden, gently flip it over.

Cooked rice in bottom of 9x9 pan
Cubed chicken on top
Grated cheese over the chicken
Mix 1 cup cream, 2 tbsp mango chutney, 2 tbsp curry, 2 pouches TJ's concentrated chicken broth - pour over dish.
Bake for 15-20 min in 400 oven.

Club sandwiches - chicken, toast, bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayo, salt 'n peppah!

Also, chicken nachoes are yummy and quick if you've got salsa, chips, cheese and peppers lying around. Even better with tomatoes, cilantro, sour cream, and canned low-fat refried beans.

I know I'm like a decade late now for the chicken challenge, but the other day I made chicken tetrazzini with a rotisserie chicken from the store. And I still see this post (my box shows the latest 3 posts).

Chicken Tetrazzini!

Obviously I'm totally late on this, and I didn't take the time to read other's comments so this could be a repeat, but I like to take a good barbeque sauce and some jalapenos and make pulled chicken sandwishes from leftover chicken.
Yum - and as a bonus, you can freeze individula size portions for a good month - pull them out when you're in need of a quick sandwich!

Hungry people still seem to be looking at this post, so for what its worth, here's a great Chicken and Rice Pilaf recipe I inherited from my grandmother:


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