Minty Limey Goodness


Minty Limey Goodness

12 oz can limeade
1/2 c fresh mint leaves, loosely packed
9 oz vodka
4 1/2 c ice cubes

Put into a blender and blend.

Notes: I cannot convey to you how good this is other than to say that everyone we have ever served it to has come back to us, usually weeks later, smacking their lips and asking how we made that lime-mint thing. Our blender cannot hold all of the ice cubes all at once so we add about half, blend, then add more ice, blend... you get the idea. The desired consistency is fairly thick.

We got this from Bon Appetit magazine years ago but their original recipe had silly quantities - what on earth were we supposed to do with the rest of an open, half-empty can of limeade? So we changed it. If you don't feel up to downing over a cup of vodka in one sitting this keeps for a few days in the freezer. Pour it into two (very important, otherwise it will leak) Ziploc bags .

My friend Noelle made it with gin. I think that might be pretty good too.

Serves nine (I suppose.)